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  1. @G.r.a.s.s Yes, forgot to mention that too. She acts so high and mighty when she's with the CP, from the very first meeting. I mean, I don't expect her to grovel or anything, but show a little respect toward the CP! And I don't think ending up with her is going to be a happy ending for the CP when he learns that she's the spy who's been giving information to the SC. @may Robinson Yes, I also thought her very rude. If she had been able to handle the situation, HR wouldn't have stepped in in the first place. To me, it feels like she always acts like she's better than everyone else, and what really throws me off is that, given she's the SC's spy, she doesn't ever feel guilty or remorseful, even a little. I mean, she's been working with these people for months, how can she not feel guilty or remorseful about betraying them? @kangminjae I, too, have been waiting for her to redeem herself, but then she went and spied for the SC again! I was pretty sure she would not spy for him after she developed feelings for the CP, but she went and did it again. That, for me, was the last straw. On a different note, I looked it up, and the CP was allowed to have concubines, because kings and CPs needed to have as many children as possible (on account of the fact that the mortality rate of children was very high back then, and one of their chief jobs was to procreate as many heirs as possible). Of course, there are cases where there were too many brothers and they fought amongst themselves for the throne, but more usually the king only had one or two sons and sometimes none at all. In RHGHR, the current king is the son of a palace maid so I'm guessing the old king before the last one (the dethroned king who's the current king's brother) only had two sons, one with the legitimate queen (the queen dowager) and the other with the maid. The scandal with Sahui I think is that the CP spent the night with a historian, an officer chosen and appointed by the government. Or it could be that they spent the night together before getting officially hitched.
  2. Hi. Just wanted to ask a question out of curiosity. For those of you who like Sahui, why do you like her? Most of the Korean fans of the show including me just hate her and wish her gone, because: 1. She acts like the victim even though she's the one who chose to stand on the SC's side. She made the choice to be his spy, and now she acts like she had no choices. 2. She has no sense of dignity as a historian, and has no scruples about revealing the contents of the Sachaek (which is very different from HR, who was inprisoned for not revealing the contents of an empty Sachaek). 3. She is hitting on a married man (albeit one who's married against his will, but still... we wouldn't feel so bad about that if the Crown Princess had not made an appearance, but she did and made it too real for us). 4. She criticizes Officer Seong for threatening the CP, when she's doing so much worse by spying for the SC. I mean, she's the one who caused Dowon's identity to be known to the SC, which caused the whole episode of his wedding, and she's the one crying because she feels like she doesn't have a choice in the matter? Come on! 5. She hates her father and looks on him with contempt, yet enjoys all the comforts he provides her with his ill-gotten gains. If she feels so strongly about it, she could just leave or something. 6. She could have gotten out of marrying Dowon in any way, but she chose to compromise the CP. Doesn't she understand that she's hurting the CP by doing so? How can she only think of herself? I thought everyone else would feel the same way about her, but I've come across people who support her, so I was curious about why.
  3. I think in this HR was, for the first time in her life, not practical or realistic, because I don't think you can be those things when you fall in love. For YR, it was love at first sight, he liked her from the first (though she dissed him and made him mad right away, you see him at first staring at her while everyone else is moving around and in the Swoon video he said he fell for her at the very first moment), but for HR it was different. It was like a softly falling rain that eventually soaks you to the skin before you even realize it's raining (sorry, that's wordy, it's a Korean expression, can't think of an English equilvalent), so she didn't realize she was falling in love with him until she was in love with him, and when she realized it, she was already in too deep, and she did the impractical thing and accepted him because she loved him too, without thinking of the consequences or the future. But when the announcement that YR was to be married was made, it hit her like a ton of bricks, and she woke up from this dream, this fairytale she was living in, and became her practical and realistic self once again. She realized that, in order for them to be together, one of them would have to give up his or her true self; either she would have to live as a princess, cooped up and not even allowed to step out of the house, or he would have to give up being a prince, he, a naive boy who has never lived outside the palace walls and who doesn't really know how harsh the real world can be. Besides, based on what her brother said, she knows what it's like to live on the run, how difficult a life it is. So she has to be the adult here (she's 26 and he's 20, but that's Korean age, so he's only 18 right now and too young and too romantic and too in love to be realistic). Sorry, this reply got longer than expected, it's just that I've seen people bashing HR as being heartless and unfeeling when she's clearly hurting just as much as YR, and I feel bad for her. Hopefully we'll see more of her feelings in the next episode.
  4. Hey guys. Just dropped by and saw the comment above, and wanted to clarify that HR is NOT YR's sister. HR is the daughter of the doctor who used to lead Seoraewon, a place of learning Western (or foreign) things. I think the old king (YR's father) was very open-minded and accepting of such things, and that's why the present king and SC rose up in rebellion against him, Korea being a very conservative country at the time and such goings-on being frowned upon. When the old king was killed, so were HR's father and the Western doctor and probably most of the people in Seoraewon (except Jae Gyeong, who probably betrayed them to save HR because she's his teacher's daughter, and Mohwa). I believe the why and how of the death of the old king and HR's father and the coup will be made more clear later, along with the clarification of who HR and YR are. So, in a word, HR's father and YR's father were friends, and not related at all. PS. Wasn't the preview mind-blowing? It looks like next week's episodes are going to be really really interesting.
  5. @cantbreathe This is my personal opinion, but for me, a truly happy ending for this show would be for the king and SC to die, for the crown prince to become king since he's been preparing for it his whole life, to have children with his charming wife (with whom he wouldn't have a problem anymore because her father's dead and the only reason he doesn't want to have kids with her now is that he doesn't want to make the SC more powerful than he already is by making him the grandfather of the future king), and be happy, and for YR and HR to leave together to travel around the world. When they were on the beach, YR and HR talked about the places they wanted to see and stuff, and I thought that it was a foreshadowing of what the future holds for them: both of them free as a bird, going where the wind takes them, with no obligations but to each other. If YR became king, he would either have to make HR queen which would make her miserable, which in turn would make him miserable, or break up with her, which would make both of them miserable. She's too free a spirit to be cooped up in the palace like the crown princess is now, and I can't imagine her living like that the rest of her life. I actually picture the ending as being something like this: the CP, now made king, returns to his room and finds a book, which is the lastest book by Maehwa and tells of a love story between a female historian and a prince, who met, fell in love, survived a coup and ended up leaving together to travel the world. Then we see a scene with them together on a boat or something, on their way to Dokdo to see the Korean seals, and bickering the whole while, but happy as can be.
  6. @bebebisous33 Things will become clearer next week, but it looks like the queen dowager made a deal with the king to raise Dowon as his son in return for her not questioning his kingship when he killed the old king and became king himself. The fact that SC does not know that Dowon is the old king's son makes it look like it was a secret deal between just the two of them. And she couldn't have possibly educated Dowon on becoming a king without alerting the present king and putting him in danger. Not being taught how to be a king really doesn't matter if you are of the rightful line and you have the highest claim to be the king. And the queen dowager is only pretending to like the crown prince (as can be surmised by the way her attitude toward him changed when he at first refused to call Dowon back to the palace in the smallpox episode). In the character descriptions of the show's website, her description was changed because the first one gave too much away, but I saw it and it said she only cares for Dowon because he's the only one of her blood. After all, the crown prince is the son of the man who killed her son, and the one who stands in the way of Dowon becoming king. Another reason it looks like she's trying to make Dowon king is that she refuses to let him leave the palace, even though he's clearly miserable there. It was the custom of the time that when princes reached a certain age, they left the palace and lived in their own homes, but she's refusing to let him leave, saying it's his rightful home. I don't know how things will turn out, but I do think there will be a coup, or at the least, the attempt of one.
  7. Hi, guys. Just a passing Korean SSK fan to tell you some stuff that we Korean fans of the show have learned or surmised or guessed. Putting them in under spoiler just in case you don't want to know. One last thing about next week's preview: What Min is doing is a form of protest, Ji Bu Sang So, which means protesting something with an axe in your bosom, to show that you're prepared to die for what you're protesting. That's why he's wearing all white and dishevelled, he's protesting HR's imprisonment, probably because he's the one who told her to listen in on the conversation at all costs. Fun fact, there's actually a historical record of a historian who eavesdropped on the king because he felt it his duty to record the meeting, and he was caught and exiled to a remote place as punishment. A lot of the things happening on the show are actually based on real history. The writer of the show has been preparing this show for years, and researched quite a lot, it seems. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the show.
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