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  1. @ryotatao9495 Regarding RyoTao using similiar brands and our suspicion that her necklace was given by Ryota, in this clip which was from two weeks ago one of the reporters asked him at 0:35 what he would usually do to "pick up" girls. He was laughing shyly before answering that he would give her presents. He likes the feeling of giving someone presents. Credit: PlayIN Btw, another Japanese couple has tied the knot and they are Kubota Masataka (31) and Mizukawa Asami (36). The two of them worked together in a drama in 2017 and started dating the same year. Congratulations to the couple!
  2. @ryotatao9495 Now when you say that, it is true that Tao doesn't wear short skirts or shorts often. I thought her look reminded me of Setoka in those pictures too. I like these new pictures of RyoTao Credit: Ryota's weibo and 彡与胡说 フレンド October issue 2019 Q2: Kaede likes Hinana then what type of girls do Katayose-san like? Ryota: Eh!? (*laughs*) What is my type...I like people who smell good. The nice scent isn't the kind you get by spraying perfume but a natural nice scent. Can I put it like this? (*shy*) Q3: In what way should a girl approach you to make you feel happy? Ryota: It is not the kind where you unconsciously confess your feelings. If you tell me directly through words I would be very happy. I hope we could both face each other directly and communicate. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4416520098386247 Credit: 片寄涼太应援博
  3. Tao at a recent JRA event. A fan has made "a research" of her accessories. The ring on her little finger is from Star Jewelry, the one on her middle finger from Gucci and the necklace as we already know is from Tiffany&Co. Credit: 土屋太鳳烘焙坊
  4. Ryota's interview with Vogue Taiwan. He mentioned here again that he likes girls wearing long dresses. He thinks this kind of style looks very feminine. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4413424047895097#&gid=1&pid=6 Credit: 片寄凉太应援博
  5. @ryotatao9495 Wow. Ryota's fans are really dedicated and rich . It is nice to see that he is loved by many fans. Ah, so the 29th of August was TaoRyu's celebration of them dating for 2 years and 1 month? It is weird date to celebrate though. Like you said, shouldn't it have been on the 29th of July instead?
  6. @bk2001 Hi! Nice to know that you noticed it too and that you don't think it is a coincidence either . I also checked if it could be Ryusei's birthday since I knew he is a virgo too like Ryota but Ryusei's birthday is in September. Hehe. I agree. Finding and solving these codes and hints is fun.
  7. Tao marked the calender wih a heart and a rose on the 29th of August. I don't know why and what she means but "concidentally" that day is Ryota's birthday.
  8. Tao's picture at the photo exhibition "Pure Actress" in Macau. So pretty! Credit: 橘橘橘橘橘小鳗
  9. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the MVs and pictures of Tao! Haha, yes, Tao is getting better at taking selfies. She and Aya recently went to eat yakiniku together. I like how close the Cheer Dan members are.
  10. @liemmeciau Yes, I think Tao looks the best without bangs. @ryotatao9495 I don't think Kento is Tao's type either. He doesn't really eat much (according to Tao) while she is someone who enjoys food. Yes, her ideal boyfriend criteria match Ryota. Thank you for sharing the comparison picture! RyoTao really take similar pictures. Tao looks so beautiful here.
  11. @cwkwkhp2 Hi! Nice to see you here again. I'm good. How are you? Thank you for sharing the making-of. They are so talented. @justananimelover Hi! Of course I remember you. Glad to see you back! @harukasetoka Hi. Yes, long time no see. Hope you have been well. So Tao has already started filming for the Netflix drama? Then it means she is filming two dramas at the same time? It is tough. Ryota's latest IG post. The way he posts Japanese first and then Chinese afterwards to remind people about a special date reminds me of the way Tao usually do.
  12. @liemmeciau Thank you for sharing Tao's characters look in the manga. I also hope she can keep her current hairstyle. She seems to have grown out her hair and bangs recently so it would be a pity to cut it. It seems like although Tao and Ryota meet privately they won't disclose that through picture or text. They seem cautious about that.
  13. @ryotatao9495 Yes, I saw the announcement just now. I was hoping it wasn't true due to their previous rumours and also because some of his fans were being mean again. Hm, I really hope Tao will be able to shine in this drama and not be a character who is "just there". With Sony and Stardust accepting this job, it further proves that Tao and Kento are just friends.
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