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  1. @ryotatao9495 I'm not too familiar with LDH artists other than Ryota but it is good to hear that Naoto seems like a nice guy. @liemmeciau Hi! Long time no see. I'm fine. How are you? I didn't know that many LDH artists have been infected. Hopefully, they will be able to recover soon. Another couple in the Japanese entertainment circle have gotten married. Actor Seto Koji (31) and Yamamoto Mizuki (29) have worked together twice, in 2016 and 2019 and in October last year it was reported that they were dating but their companies said that they haven't heard about that and
  2. Hi @setokaonii Thank you for sharing the clips! It really brings back good memories whenever I listen to Sora. Aw, Ryota mentioning Anikoma is cute. I believe the production still remains special in his heart. Yes, I think Tao sounded really good there. I would like to listen to her singing the full version too. The netizens are quite accurate with their discoveries. I saw on Tao's IG that she has worked with Naoto of JSoul Brothers/EXILE in a movie. The movie will be out in November.
  3. Tao's dad. He seems shy. Everyone in the family has appeared on her IG except him :p.
  4. @ryotatao9495 You are welcome! Yes, it is good to have supportive parents. Btw, I saw a fan made a screencapture of Tao replying to Ryota on IG. They both just posted emojis but it was cute anyway that they interacted openly.
  5. I just read the translation to Tao's post on Mother's day. She said that she only meets her mother occasionally. So the theory of her moving out seems to be true. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4504189290779577
  6. @setokaonii Hi! Nice to see you again. Yes, we all have to stay safe. I'm working at the hospital and have seen how everyone are fighting hard to overcome this pandemic together. This song and MV really shows this kind of spirit. @ryotatao9495 Yes, when Tao appeared it was Ryota's turn to sing. I was glad to see that Tao and Reina were the only female co-stars of Ryota's who were in the MV. Some people over at Weibo are glad to see RyoTao collaborate again.
  7. Tao mentioned GENERATIONS' new song on her latest entry.New commercial for Rubin Rosa https://www.instagram.com/p/CBhiTTXluXJ/?igshid=12wmafwzkdw9y
  8. Thank you for sharing this! Aw, this is a long-awaited content of RyoTao! So sweet of her to show her support to Ryota and Generations! Here are stills that some fans made on IG @ryotatao9495 Long time no see. I hope you are well I also miss the hints that they gave us before.
  9. Family pictures. It is the first time I have seen Tao's mom. Tao looks like her.
  10. Name: 片寄涼太 (かたよせ りょうた) Name (romaji): Katayose Ryota Profession: Singer, Dancer, Actor Birthdate: 1994-Aug-29 (age 26) Birthplace: Osaka, Japan Height: 183 cm Star sign: Virgo Blood type: AB Family: Parents Talent agency: LDH Name: 土屋太鳳 (つちや たお) Name (romaji): Tsuchiya Tao Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1995-Feb-03 (age 25) Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 155 cm Star sign: Aquarius Blood type: O Family: Parents, elder sister Tsuchiya Honoka (土屋炎伽) and younger brother/actor Tsuchiya Shinba (土屋神葉)
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