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  1. Congratulations to Tao for graduating from university! https://www.instagram.com/p/CMbQ--OlSpZ/?igshid=18dhfwigrew6w
  2. Happy birthday to Tao! Hope she will have a great one! @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the link! I have almost watched all of her work. "Limit" will always remain special since it was the first time I saw Tao.
  3. Name: 片寄涼太 (かたよせ りょうた) Name (romaji): Katayose Ryota Profession: Singer, Dancer, Actor Birthdate: 1994-Aug-29 (age 26) Birthplace: Osaka, Japan Height: 183 cm Star sign: Virgo Blood type: AB Family: Parents Talent agency: LDH Name: 土屋太鳳 (つちや たお) Name (romaji): Tsuchiya Tao Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1995-Feb-03 (age 26) Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 155 cm Star sign: Aquarius Blood type: O Family: Parents, elder sister Tsuchiya Honoka (土屋炎伽) and younger brother/actor Tsuchiya Shinba (土屋神葉)
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