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  1. Ryota posted this today. The 20th of May is a confession-day in Chinese-speaking countries since 520 sounds like "I love you".
  2. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the pictures! Tao looks pretty indeed. I think the Tiffany necklace has special meaning to Tao too. She has been wearing it a lot to different events. It would be sweet if the necklace is from Ryota . I'm happy too that Ryota remembers Anikoma and Tao even when he has had other projects.
  3. Here's a long interview of Ryota's during the promotion period of The Prince of Legend and the filming of 3A, should be sometimes earlier this year. He mentioned Tao and Anikoma again here. キネマ旬報NEXT Vol.24 Compared to being happy for being chosen for this project, what he got more of is the real feeling of getting recognized for his hard work all along, that's what Katayose said. "The hard work all along", what are you emphasizing at? Can you give us a more concrete example? The biggest representative thing is that I starred in the movie "Ani Ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu" in 2017. In my heart it became a huge turning point. After starring (in the project) and we started to promote it I would think "Oh, so that's how it is. That's what it should be like!" I got more confidence in the direction that I have been working hard at going all along. In short, it is the direction of this so called "when you look at him you don't see he is from LDH and neither does he have an EXILE style, that kind of person". The producer also said that to me. So I had that thought in my mind and went along with it. Later, it by chance turned out like this (Ryota means that it surprisingly was a success) so to me it can be said to have become a turning point. This result expanded his performance field that wasn't explored before and also his fans' amount. Not only within the country but also in China where Katayose's popularity increased immensely. This (Anikoma) is one of the reasons. I was very shocked but at the same time also very thankful. This really made me gain more confidence. All kind of things that happened before made "Prince of Legend" possible, that's the feeling I have right now. -------------- This time I filmed a 10-episode drama and a movie in a go, so during the filming of the drama I would often discuss with the cast about the things regarding the movie. During the process, the thought of "how should this be acted?" would appear. After we have discussed about it, it ended up with "Then let me try to write it down". I then wrote the scenario of that part of the dialogues. I don't have any experience of writing scripts so I could only try doing that by writing in my way. It turned out that Kanon (the female lead/Shirashi Sei) and Seiichiro (Shiono Akihisa, the actor with glasses) thought "This is quite good". So I represented the cast and talked to the producer which got me some time with the script writers so I could convey the thoughts of everybody to them. The producer and the script writers thought "Oh, so that's how it is? It should really be like this" and they accepted our opinions. During the time of "Ani Ni Aisaresugite Kommatemasu" because the way I said my lines and other things were like night and day between me and Tao-chan so I could only silently gaze at Tao-chan who was reading and analyzing the script deeply layer by layer." After having discussed together and then make the opinions become accepted and being the represenative of the cast to communicate with the staff, this kind of action accompanied Katayose during his road of becoming an actor and it accomplished his responsibilty as a leader. To this Katayose shyly laughed and said: "I do more or less have this kind of consciousness". https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4373391320215425 Credit: 片寄凉太应援博
  4. Tao wore the Tiffany necklace again at the JRA event today. Credit: 土屋太凤烘焙坊
  5. @ryotatao9495 Yes, the way Ryota writes remind me of Tao too sometimes. I think they are both very happy and envious of their friends.
  6. @ryotatao9495 Yes, age doesn't always reflect how mature you are. Here's the translation to Ryota's comment to Rina's announcement on IG: Congratulations! When people at the same age as me get married and get pregnant, I'm as happy as if it was myself it concerned. I got a share of your happiness!!! I hope you will be lovey-dovey till you turn old... https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4373024997703028 Credit: -雪奈yukina-
  7. @ryotatao9495 Congratulations to Rina! That's fast. They have barely dated for a half a year but as long as the feeling and the person is right then time doesn't matter. Yes, I wonder when it will be Tao's turn. A lot of Japanese actresses like Ueto Aya, Kiritani Mirei, Ueno Juri etc got married before they turned 30 so hopefully Tao will have to wait 6 years at maximum. So Ryota wrote a long comment to Rina? That's nice of him. Did her marriage and pregnancy news trigger his urge to form a family even more?
  8. @ryotatao9495 Tao perhaps pressed wrongly and accidentally unfollowed Ryota. It is cute though how she realized that and followed him again. Either she thought of him and wondered why his updates didn't appear in her IG flow or perhaps he himself pointed that out to her @liemmeciau You are welcome! OL means Office Lady.
  9. Sorry. I got it wrong. The announcement of her new work isn't out yet. The media on the other hand caught her working a few days ago. Is she playing an OL in her new movie/drama? New cm for Asics Credit: momo_nanami + 土屋太凤烘焙坊
  10. Tao said in this post that the announcement of her new project will be released tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it! Other than that, Ryota liked this post (as he usually does with Tao's posts) but I think he will like these pictures a lot since he likes girls with beautiful hair .
  11. @liemmeciau Thank you! Btw, I just read the news about Tao's IG post where she mentioned Kento due to them reuniting two weeks ago in the food show. She said that she hasn't met him for she-doesn't-know-how-many-years. She sees him as a good "war-companion" (co-star) and also like a family member.  https://ent.sina.cn/star/jp_kr/2019-04-25/detail-ihvhiqax4983362.d.html?from=wap  So we don't need to be worried about Kento being a love-rival to Ryota anymore . 
  12. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for the information about the manga and also sharing Ryota's new IG account for his new role! I just saw that kissasian has uploaded Kasane with English subtitles so I'll watch it again. I miss RyoTao too. It has been a while since Tao took on a new project. I'm curious of what it is.
  13. @ryotatao9495 @liemmeciau You are welcome Tao just posted this on IG. She mentioned something about an announcement of some project. I wonder what it will be? Movie or drama? Btw, she looks pretty here.
  14. @ryotatao9495 @liemmeciau I'm glad to hear that you liked Kasane. I liked the story and the performances there, especially Tao's. It has been a while since she played such a dark character. As for the second part, I don't think it is possible I have heard a lot of positive comments about the manga so if you liked the movie I think you will enjoy the manga too.
  15. @liemmeciau I'm sorry. I don't know why Ryota was crying either. I'll see if there's a translation to this somewhere. @ryotatao9495 Here's the link the download site of Kasane with Chinese subtitles. https://weibo.cn/sinaurl/blocked10d7b873?luicode=10000011&lfid=2304135943772281_-_WEIBO_SECOND_PROFILE_WEIBO&u=http%3A%2F%2Fzhuixinfan.com%2Fviewfilm-1006.html
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