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  1. This pics still makes me so happy, God has a wonderful plan for them . I mean, no one ever expect this pair. KSH's manager was accompanied him when filming Petitzel pudding CF with Yeaji in 2014 Fast forward to 2020, KSH's manager was accompanied Yeaji filming inner flora CF. I know Mr Ryu is one of the management team in their agency, so its normal for him to assist the actress. But i still feel heartwarming to know KSH asked one of people he trust the most to protect Yeaji I saw from twitter and checked Goldmedalist website by myself, only KSH & Yeaji who did close eyes pose for their agency website photoshoot cr: boredadvocates on twitter
  2. @NizzaW @Private10 welcome to this thread btw i love the way Soohyun & Yeaji speaking mandarin to advertise their products
  3. Kim Soo-hyun X Seo Ye-ji's management company Goldmedalist, signed a business agreement with Gangnam Law Firm Actor Kim Soo-hyun's management company Gold Medalist has signed a business agreement with Gangnam, a law firm that is emerging as a powerhouse in the field of entertainment law.On the morning of the 18th, attorney Seung-Woo Ko, who is in charge of related affairs, said, “The contents of the business agreement concluded with the gold medalist are the management of all activities of the affiliated artist, protection of intellectual property rights, countermeasures such as defamation and insults, and assistance in business related to China. He said, "We will do our best to communicate with the company continuously so that there are no restrictions on artists' activities."Currently, the gold medalists include Hallyu stars Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji, and Kim Sae-ron, who are the protagonists of the drama ``Psycho, but it's okay,'' which is a huge box office in Asia. source I see that GM is really working hard to protect their artists I love that the article's headline is "Kim Soohyun×Seo Yeaji's company Gold Medalist" YAASSS theyre the parents
  4. @firebabe Hi! Welcome to this thread Did you remember the youtube link of this part?? "I saw in youtube that SYJ was pointed out by the host for calling Taec Oppa and then saying that he's just a year older than KSH."
  5. Sweet comment from user unsub on Youtube (i think he's one of SYJ fanboys) "Being a guy, if I were Kim Soo Hyun, I'd easily would shoot my shot at her and go for it. They'd be a power couple for sure. Not only are they visually attractive, but they have pretty good chemistry on screen and off. Their BTS and interviews clearly shows that the two enjoy having fun with each other, and how in sync they are in comparison to other partners. Rather than simply just joking around like with former on screen partners, they have shown to flirt or seemingly get nervous near each other. I know that they're both actors and are supposed to be professionals, but fame and money shouldn't be a substitute for happiness. I haven't shipped an on screen pair before, and it shouldn't be on the world or the fans to dictate what they should be though. All I'm saying is what I personally would do this situation, being a guy as Kim Soo Hyun. If there were any hints of a happier life with even an on screen partner similar to Seo, I'd would definitely compromise for it. I know dating isn't as common or preferred in South Korea, but these two might be one of the few that can break the norm with their level of maturity and professionalism."
  6. from Kimchieseo twitter Good evening guys!! So I dm Petitzel few weeks ago and suggested it would be great if they got SKH and SYJ as their endorsers again. This is their response The way the company will go broke trying to get 2020 seo yeji alone, then you want the king of CF himself kim soo hyun too, please pity them, we won't be mad if they can't afford them
  7. @park2park thanks for sharing your thoughts. GM reps are on the phone 24/7 shutting down anything that could lead to hyunji exploitation lol I think it is to their advantage that both actors are of the same agency, easier to manage unwanted articles. I'm thankful there's no d-word that came out after the drama. SH is very popular and has many possessive fans. I can't imagine Yeaji being harrased by those freaks. And they will just deny it for sure But I am waiting for the M-word tho. Just a friendly reminder that carrying her like this was Kim Soo hyun's idea. YJ hands slide tho btw SH doesn't need to state the obvious that YJ is beautiful so he compliments her acting and voice instead. He has a strong admiration the way his compliments her a lot, and i can't blame him, because YJ is already has a lot of good qualities, smart, pretty, humble, funny, lovable, etc. He trully admires and respects her as an actress
  8. @boredadvocates @Paula2019 Yes, they both agreed they've been a close friends before filming (and yes we never got to see another interview of just both of them) I was intrigued by this cosmopolitan interview noticed Yeaji's honest answer and Soohyun's media training answer. He makes people to believe that this was the first time they've met with each other. But with their casual and comfortable interaction in press conference, interviews, jenga games and the drama BTS, we realized they've known each other for a long time. How Yeaji's drop formalities and use banmal with KSH, i read that you dont drop formalities unless you're super close but it made me think Hongki is the same age as Yeaji and he calls Soohyun Hyung and hes also one of his closest friends. How was it like working with each other on set? Seo Ye Ji: “I would say that from my very first day, he has been very considerate of me so I feel like our chemistry started off and continues to be quite good, and I would think that I would even go as far as to say that he is probably the best partner that I’ve had.” Kim Soo Hyun: “At the very beginning, as one tends to be around people you meet for the first time, there was a sense of awkwardness and difficulty between the two of us. But as we began to really transform ourselves into Gang Tae and Mun Yeong, we had to spend a lot of time together, and I feel like we have quite a comfortable chemistry between us now, so I hope you can enjoy our chemistry as well.”
  9. @Meinehappiness I'm also curious with the timeline. According this article on 22 august 2019, Seo yeaji decided to not renewing her contract with her previous agency before the exclusive contract expires. That one month after KSH discharged from Military service in July 2019. Yeaji become a free agent from august 2019 until she joined KSH new agency in Dec 2019 I still can't believe that this pairing is really happening. It all started from that news of Soohyun leaving Key East and establishing a new start up agency with his cousin, to Seo Yeji joining that same company and his new drama. Their relationship timeline will forever be mystery
  10. @Paula2019 i'm not playing a game online but maybe i'll try to download the application to see Yeaji video Btw according to this article Mir 4 also drew attention from users and the industry by featuring actress Seo Yea Ji, who played Go Moonyoung in the recently ended hit drama #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay In addition, with the overall slump in game stocks on the 11th, WeMade closed at 38,000 won, up 7.80% (2,750 won) from the previous day, immediately after the release of the pre-booking news for the game. Goldmedalist has the King of CF, now they are creating the Queen of CF. Hail the King and now the Queen, indeed!! Woww!! [NEW] 200911 — Seo Yea Ji x CHANEL for Harper’s Bazaar
  11. @TiNaDo Thanks for sharing. Sometimes i forget KSH is so rich. He seems down to earth and humble The fact that his agency, goldmedalist is produced PBIO, i'm not surprise if he invested his money to this project. Tbh, i'm really looking forward for Yeaji next project with goldmedalist as her agency. Maybe GM will make another drama with Yeaji as a main lead. I'm just so happy she is in the same agency as KSH
  12. He could just hold her hand but Soohyun wouldnt just stop there right This was definitely not how Moon Kang Tae smiles Cr: dulceyongie @Paula2019 Right?? I swear this ep 16 catch me scene wasn't MY and GT anymore, it was Soohyun and Yeaji
  13. So it wasn’t in the script when kangtae hugged and cried in front of munyeong and sangtae. it’s all adlib. kim soohyun king of adlib. knowing that their hug were adlibs for this scene makes me super giddy. look at how after yeaji slides her arms inside his coat, she buries her face in his neck Cr: hyunjicare on twitter
  14. On Screen : Moon Yong : "See you again" Gang Tae : "I don't think so" In Reality : KSH to SYJ : "Hello I am waiting for you" cr: owner
  15. @N Bina @bannaba09 @Paula2019 if a yeaji cf or a soohyun cf alone could make us wild, imagine if theyre in ONE CF together we’ll break the internet! I'm hyperventilating ya'll it's not a drill. I dont think we would survive Btw Park Gyu Young new interview: She said about #SeoYeaJi ( Ko Moon-young) who appeared as the female protagonist, “She was so beautiful that it was impossible to distinguish whether it was a doll or a person. It was nice that Yeji took care of me.” Park Gyu-young said that he received a lot of help from Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ju-heon. In the drama, I have a crush on #KimSooHyun , who helped me a lot in expressing that feeling. When I took my shot, they acted in front of me so that I could catch my emotions. cr: annyaeong1 Article
  16. @Meinehappiness hi! Welcome to this thread. I hope you'll post more often. Yes people talked about this cartier gold ring on twitter . It seems that ring is her fave! I hope it from someone special but Yeji loves wearing jewellery, Maybe she bought that gold ring by herself She bought a gold necklace for her staff as a gifts after filming PBIO. Btw what a good morning for me! [NEW] — Seo Yea Ji has been selected as the new muse for French luxury brand Chloé Source New Hana Bank CF with Soohyun Chloé and Hana bank updating almost at the same time like married couple. LOL
  17. SooHyun for Samsung Galaxy S5 (2014) and YeaJi for Samsung Galaxy S4 (2013) People linked by destiny will always find each other cr: owner @ Samsung you know what to do
  18. I think KSH & IU have always been friends. JYN praised Seo Yeji & #KimSooHyun — The two of them not only have great looks but they also have no fault w/ their attitude or behavior. — #KimSooHyun’s positive energy empowers actors and staff around him. And when he acts, he changes. I think I know why he became a top star. cred: soohyunks on twitter another translation: "Whenever I saw #KimSooHyun and #SeoYeaJi, my family members said, 'How can they be so handsome and pretty?'" #JangYoungNam praised them, saying, "Not only are they handsome and good-looking, but they also had no fault in their attitude or behavior."
  19. #Repost soohyunssi.21688 on instagram • • • • • • Kim soo hyun and Moonyoung singing the same song even the same specific part/verse Watching that scene from ep9 when moonyoung sang (I don't even know the title ) I thought I heard it somewhere then I remembered that vid of soohyun_k216 I kept/saved from when i stalked chikako_ksh account years ago ... glad to share it now with MoonYoung/Yeji singing along swipe for the duet !!!
  20. One of the best things about It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was the amazing chemistry between lead actors Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji. Perhaps their romance was so convincing because they almost kissed six years ago. Netflix‘s It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was the first time Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji starred opposite each other in a K-Drama, but they were dripping with chemistry from the first episode. Even when Moon Kang Tae and Ko Mun Yeong were at odds with each other, the pair always had the most believable romantic tension. And while kisses in dramas can sometimes be awkward, this couple’s smooches were unwaveringly passionate. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay wasn’t the first time Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji were embroiled in a romance. In fact, the pair almost kissed six years ago, back in 2014! What many fans of the drama don’t know is that these two actors starred in a commercial film for Petitzel pudding long before they came together this year. Kim Soo Hyun was a regular model for the sweet dessert brand, and in one CF, Seo Ye Ji joined him as his romantic opposite. Kim Soo Hyun was a regular model for the sweet dessert brand, and in one CF, Seo Ye Ji joined him as his romantic opposite.The ad featured both actors in business attire sitting on a park bench. After Kim Soo Hyun asked, “Does a kiss taste like a pudding, or does a pudding taste like a kiss?“, the two leaned in tantalizingly close… But unlike on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, the pair didn’t actually kiss. Instead, Kim Soo Hyun fed Seo Ye Ji a spoon of pudding—cute! Even in this 30-second CF, the two already had awesome chemistry. No wonder Kang Tae and Mun Yeong had such a convincing romance on screen! Koreaboo article
  21. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Yea Ji's agency, GOLDMEDALIST, said, "After #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay the number of gifts from overseas fans has increased significantly. Since the end of the show, there have been more global brand inquiries than before". Cr: Annyeongkpop1 on twitter
  22. March 26, 2020 Coffee Bardo wrote about their experience on the blog. They said Kim Soohyun and Seo Yeji also went to greet them and took picture together in front of the food truck Both of them are so cool and gorgeous. Source Cr: Itsokaytolove on twitter Soohyun and Yeji visited the truck together. Mind to share the photo you guys took in front of the food truck 
  23. @Katherine Villarreal hi! If you want to know more about the wonderful Seo Yea Ji, please take a time to read this 2017 interview with her: @Yeasoo Yes the script book is available
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