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  1. @Private10 i love the way Hyunji coordinate their schedule, like after PBIO they just doing CFs. Their upcoming drama will start filming in 2021. Glad they have a quality time together
  2. comments from Hyunji shipper on twitter: "He was awed by her beauty, surprised by her eloquence in the interview, her potrayal of Moonyoung gave him goosebumps,he’s impressed and energized by her talent, found her voice attractive,copied her every chance he got.Basically he had high praises for Seo yeaji since day 1" "Soohyun and his way of praising Yeaji. He wouldn't just say "she's beautiful" but he elaborates her 'beauty' thoroughly. He sees 'her.' He recognizes her charms. He makes sure they're seen and appreciated this time. He highlighted her charms and surely voi
  3. im getting giddy from thinking about Soohyun's reaction when yeaji honored his character during her award speech. the fact that he easily gets flustered. Also Look at him putting on that moon gang tae hashtag!! yes yes moon gang tae shii all honor to you! He is claiming that he is the "uri moon gang tae ssi"
  4. On the list: PDnim Q. If you were to compliment the two's chemistry? Park Shinwoo: "The best couple who know how to match each other's step." Jungse oppa (He said at Baeksang KSH & SYJ having their own dressing rooms but then they were together in the same waiting room) Saeron (sent a foodtruck with KSH & SYJ banner to IOTNBO set, they both took a pic in front of Saeron's foodtruck but never posting it on GM account ) Lee joongi "She was standing together with Kim Soohyun and i was watching enviously" stray kids members
  5. The next witness after Lee Jun Ki who saw Kim Soo Hyun&Seo Yea Ji standing side by side in backstage AAA 2020 now Stray Kids members who also attended the event also saw them together,they were being startstruck seeing their visual in close they said they also fan of the drama The tea is spilled https://www.instagram.com/p/CINZZmtp_7_/?igshid=xv9564ggkr83 The way Bangchan stunned at their gorgeous visual : "Both of them (kim soo Hyun and seo yea ji) so gorgeous last night" How does it feel to see kim soohyun (and seo yeaji) up clo
  6. Thank you ladies for the updates Hahahha very true. They can't win either way. No interaction ha we know what the Heck you guys are doing with interaction we also know what you guys are doing so hahahaha. I am proud of KSH though. He wants the spotlight to be on her and her work and talent rather than them as an item in any sort of way. So I understand. Had they arrived together and walked the red carpet together articles would have spent time scrutinise every nuance of their interactions and really not what awards she bagged. The fact that LJG ca
  7. Wow thanks for sharing dear: Aries and Aquarius work well together because they're both highly independent signs. They can do their own thing without either partner questioning their love or loyalty. According to Monahan, they also complement each other. "Where Aries can be volatile and expressive, fixed Aquarius tends to be steady and unwavering," she says. "Aquarius will be unperturbed by Aries’ occasional outbursts of indignation, impatience, and frustration. Their even temper and calmness will also have a soothing and healing effect on the ram." Above all, Aries will apprec
  8. @HopeHyunjiisreal hi ladies @N Bina @Babybear @Private10@Cinder9966 @seoqtyeaji @szne09 Yes, Mr Ryu is very protective with Yeaji as Soohyun's woman. I Iove the way Soohyun treat his woman. He's making sure she is safe. I think people seeing his manager around her is a declaration of whom she's with. In this gifs, he took back Yeaji's ticket at the beginning of the video, you can see, he carried Yeaji's Sbux americano and her ticket (he gave her ticket when queue for passport checks) One of KSH's longtime fans told me: "Mr Ryu is longtime manager and a frie
  9. @HyunJi_AU Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I'm sure gonna check it later! Now i'm reading this story https://archiveofourown.org/works/27152356/chapters/66309700 Awww so many great Hyunji fics in there
  10. "Kim Soohyun and Seo Yeji of #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay received the second most majority votes for 'The Best Couple in a Drama of 2020'. The survey was conducted among more than 200 broadcast industry workers to celebrate the 16th anniversary of JoyNews24." Congrats to our fave couple! With super limited content and promotion they ranked 2nd!
  11. We stan the supportive couple Soohyun was wearing Yeaji's brand ambassador product Yeaji was wearing Soohyun's brand ambassador product
  12. @boredadvocates @Private10 hi ladies, yes the article is still exist, i just checked Naver. I think its because GM can't denied this quotes: "김수현 반했던 그녀" "The girl who makes Kim Soohyun fall in love." Its sounds a confirmation but, i don't know why GM allowed it. but i'm more concern with the content of that article because the author (a woman) objectified Yeaji's body part. as we know, Yeaji and Soohyun sharing managers. Looking forward for them to officially announce yet what he’s doing is practically announcing to the world who his girl is cr a
  13. But everything about Yeaji screams exclusive? Her dress, her styling and even her van? Soohyun isn't playing From head to toes, She's worth thousands of dollars. Soohyun is something else . I think he just set the bar too high for me of how a man loving his woman should be
  14. I am so happy to see a stunning photo of Seo Yea Ji, holding an award that she deserves to have. Look at GM's feeds the photos of Soo Hyun look like he's watching Seo Yea Ji's photo
  15. Seo Yeaji departs for Busan via a domestic flight at Gimpo International Airport in Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, to attend the 29th Buil Film Awards at the Busan BEXCO Auditorium on Oct. 21 afternoon. Manager Ryu is super attentive to her. KSH is something else when it comes to protecting his woman and since manager ryu is close to soohyun, he knows how important yeaji is to soohyun The placement of Yeaji's cartier ring “In love, in a committed relationship”
  16. Kim Soohyun and Seo Yeji is confirmed to attend '2020 AAA' [NEWS] #SeoYeaJi will attend the 2020 Asia Artist Awards along with Kim Soo Hyun on November 25, 2020. "Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Yea Ji, who showed fantastic chemistry with their unique visuals and stable acting, will also attend 2020 AAA" Source
  17. @kkwengsoyy Hi! Yes the library scene! He likes to rubbing her hands and it wasn't scripted. I miss them too! Well i can really feel that hyunji are in relationship. the way they hide most of hyunji intimate bts is already a hint plus the lack of post-pbio content . I'm just waiting for the announcement either d-word, or m-word
  18. When the camera are zooming out, when his hand is grabbing her hand then he use his thumb caressing her hands you can see her white nails below his hands. Now I am thinking when he touch her hands he likes caressing her hands and he did a lot with her cred: rnjojoanna he just casually take her hand like that... It had already becomes his habit now When she's not looking vs When she's looking cr: superyeji
  19. Soohyun as Moon Gang tae: Also Soohyun in real life asked Yeaji to joined his new agency to always be close with her and protect her
  20. @park2park Thanks dear for an insightful explaination about the sunbae and hoobae dynamics in speech. Outside the set filming, she used language too. like on radio now (during breaktime they argued) and cosmo interview when he amazed with her public speaking skill, she just mouthing "wae?" to him. at 00:50 when he asked her if she wants to answer why moonyoung and her are like 50%, she said nope and Soohyun simply moved on. Adding from the twitter thread: "Also he's a hallyu star. everyone in the industry respect him so much and no one dared to speak banmal to hi
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