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  1. #Theory of Love 21:25 Thai Time According to Lazy subber it can be watched here: She is not subbing so don't ask...lol https://www.adintrend.tv/hd/ch0
  2. If you remember... ( Novel Spoiler) Earth was a little more than a walk-on in LBC so this is good. There's that scene in the trailer where Earth is talking to Third and the other three guys are jus standing there..
  3. Without a doubt ! Their trailer has over 400K views already in less than 24 hours...so I expect it will hit a million by next week Saturday !
  4. I think it's the same director as HCTM ( he did all the My Skyy's) so yeah he understands the concept of adaptation which really means he has a lot of latitude. I read the book and there were places it bogged down so hopefully he skips over them...LOL One can not live on fluff alone...sometimes you need something to chew ! LOL I think it's going to be fun...
  5. it's good...I like they re-visioned the setting everything is light and airy compared to the original trailer released months ago. We know that Gun can act...now it's time for Off to be stretched. It should be good.
  6. That could be quite funny to say the least ! I think a HCTM2 is in order ( to finish the novel of course ). Ohm and Singto are under the gmmtv house so it's possible - they do have a nice connection and flow. LOL...although that seems to be the norm in a lot of Thai instrumentation . Not sure sometimes if its the actual instrument ( non western ) or just too much top. Not every vocalist can have BTS's flawless falsetto, so I think they use the instruments in lieu of...there are times I think, could ya add a bass line riff to that ? LOL I listen to quite a bit of Korean, Chinese and Thai performers ( including Kpop). However, I do give credit where credit is due - it seems of late that there is a trend for ML's to do OST covers; actors expanding their repertoire and since gmm has music division - why not !
  7. I was impressed with the ending..because it says a lot to stay on pitch ....I wish they would drop the register...his voice would really open up I think that was Karma. Payback for how he acted with Thun....LOL. I'm thinking only Ngoon...but they certainly left enough for a season 2...there is still the rest of the book to do.
  8. Ah ok...yeah the on court convo was angsty...and necessary to move the story forward emotional conflict always works ! I also think the reason we didn't see more non-playing was the use of more than one camera...they could make the edits so it appeared they played well although their shooting form told you they didn't have a clue..lol I also think what made HCTM shine is that even without the subs ( like in a old-time silent movie) you could follow plot of the story - the dialogue added to a deeper understanding. Some think Sotus is the Holy Grail...others ( me ) think even with subs it wasn't clear - so there's that...raw was painful. thanks ! it's a linguistic challenge all the way around sometimes...I think it's rather elitist of me to intentionally watch a show in another language then demand subs..when I can help myself a bit...although it seems with the increase in international viewers, more BL series are aired with subs right off the starting block. I know 2moon2 too will be sub at airing. Not sure what they are going to do with Theory of Love - gmmtv is kinda slow on the uptake with subs...
  9. Well considering none of them had ever played basketball..while angsty they sorta kinda ok...along with the tight editing... I usually try to find out who the directors are - those with cinematic background and/or 3 or more series under their belts generally produce a higher quality and intelligent BL series and understand the phrase " adaptation of a novel " more than those who shoot page by page. There are perhaps 4 such directors out there in the BL Universe. HCTM director is one of them. I've learned to watch raw so I don't get caught up reading dialogue on first watch. My Mandarin is much better than my Thai only cause I watch Chinese Historical Fantasies.....but I get by. Actually,
  10. Because there was a spirit in the temple. Spirits are not banned. The temples are places where spirits could be so in the case of Mes, he wasn't out of place. Considering the spiritual and philosophical nature of Buddhism, acknowledgement of the spirit would be more the norm than exception. For me it's when the Monk started to speak about making merit for someone else ...the eye shift of the monk and the camera focus caught my attention...also his mention of Karma which considering how everything played out in the end was for all of them, Mes included - the interaction in the street scene confirmed it for me... I really respect this director - he's subtle but direct in what he wants from a scene almost demanding that the viewer pay attention to the minute details, which in this series made watching raw was wonderful.
  11. Thun realized a connection though the drawing of the bracelet and the one his mother was wearing which is how they ended up at the grave site. My comment was more in retrospect of how she managed Thun's coming out. Prior experience in the same situation ( and same man - but who knew then) LOL
  12. Yep...they always gave me that impression twice at the house and once at the temple...you'd miss it if you weren't looking ...What I don't remember was the 3rd precept for not reincarnating. I know Thun talked about Mes's red aura and mention 2 of them..the last one was an ah ha ..but it worked. I'm a member of the school of this is the most intelligent BL series that I've seen in a while...this director is seasoned and knows what he's doing. Can't wait to see Dark Blue Kiss which is shooting now with TayNew. See if his magic continues.
  13. Yes it did...but we were so deep into Thun/Mes that when we found out I thought 3 things : Wow what a brilliant twist to a story, Ah so that's why mom was especially sensitive to Thun, and ooo that's creepy - but she didn't know he had died, but knew he was gay, had gotten married etc. etc... like you said...there appeared to be cosmic forces at work. I was annoyed I get annoyed with Prai and other characters like her ( see Trapped ) who can't read the room correctly...that is, if he doesn't return affection back to you and treats you like a sister-best friend...that's prolly what you are to him move on...it would avoid that whole angst thing... but <sigh> female actors need jobs too !
  14. It's funny because Thailand was on track last year to become the first...don't know what happened...perhaps they can settle for being # 2 if another country doesn't beat them...
  15. Agreed not a fav genre of mind...I don't get this whole thing of making men into the image of a woman...lol
  16. From what I've read, MAME ( the author of the LBC Universe) owns all the rights including the names of the characters. Unless she give permission, sells the rights or makes it herself, it's prolly not going to happen. Right now she's pushing out the Thantype story so we'll see what happens after that...however there is no breath holding. Not to mention, the boys are off doing other things, will they want to come back and do a season 2 ? Just released today
  17. See now you want to make this MPREG.....there was no mention of children.
  18. the image did it for me...and if I word smith that a bit...to read..." deny" the truth... so we "must" accept it... it's even a rougher read,.. 3 days to go
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