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  1. Trust me if we knew the outcome of the last episode, we would have beat that horse to death again. If you go by the novel then there is an HE for everyone. However, the trailers show us tears and angst for TC ... so the ending at best is a crap shoot- we will be happy, sad, glad, mad, or pi*ssed. Pick one...I have high hopes ( not playing the song but you know the one) for a HE wrap up !
  2. Yes, teacher. This is all I got, P'New the director did not release previews for the last episode he wants it to be a surprise so the best we can do is speculate about the content of E14. and from LBC on fb there is this: "Two update news from Khun New #aloneww 1. We are planning to use a new Hashtag for the last episode on Friday, starting from 0:00 in BKK Timezone to midnight. I'll let you know later. 2. He's going to have the first workshop for the new series on Nov 17. Not 100% confirmed yet. By the way... It's not the 2nd season. I cannot say anything now. Just wait for the official confirmation from Khun New I'm just trying to give you guys some update about his works I've heard." and on Sunday they will air the directors cut in a theater - don't know if they will be release to the general viewing population later or not - nothing has been said. That's all I got...anybody else know more ?
  3. Yeah but we don't know what it is...and it's not season 2 ! It's actually kinda scary.... @dramaandfood could it be KKT ?
  4. Well here's the 10 hour version...it will take you far... Very. excited. with what's to....arrive.
  5. It's a combination of all three l...an expression of our deepest emotions...waiting to be set free...like the ending of LBC without KKT ! And I have a couple of special ones for Thursday ( finalists for 2M2 ) and Friday ( End of LBC). We will go out in a blaze of glory...no sadness or tears here...I ran out of sympathy last week.
  6. 'HIStory 3: Trapped' has picked their actors there will be (2) cpls. Not six or eight...20 episodes I think..
  7. And Lazy always comes through and quote myself... " until the next best ever comes along...which it usually does." With this an HIStory...I'm stoked...2M2 better step up to the plate or it will be blown out of the water in 2019. Speaking of which...nah...I'll save it for later...
  8. OK...all 4 new BL's from Gmmtv in 2019. Sorry to lazy to0 use YT...I used the list with links I found.
  9. It actually looks like KMA without the other people....just da boyz... And let us not forget HIStory 3....2019... @Kim Soo-Lee. you're right...2019 is gonna explode !! I'm waiting for confirmed pics of the actors for Trapped... one guy is hot af... if he is part of the story....
  10. Eleven minutes and Eleven seconds ( 11:11) : KKT - Episodes 1-12. THIS IS ALL WE GOT...CHERISH THIS VID... Oh there's more....it's like an explosion this morning with series intros...would you believe Ohm and Singto together in a series ? Gmmtv has leaned in really hard.
  11. And just when you thought your Friday's would be become an empty jar..... Every Friday 20.00(Thai time). Only on Line TV:
  12. Episode 13 Subbed is being served ! 1/4: tv.line.me/embed/4419155 2/4: tv.line.me/embed/4419192 3/4: tv.line.me/embed/4419299 4/4: tv.line.me/embed/4419418
  13. Not to be metaphysical however, songs are normal conversations...lyrics are words expressed from the heart, soul, and mind...so there's always something to add to the conversation. Ok damn...not even Monday and I'm going right brain...
  14. Laughing is good.... ok so what was that song suppose to mean that I used it for ? Oh yes, I do have a song for just about any occasion and feeling.... How about this...dedicated to Love By Chance.
  15. btw...the subs for 13 are done just not uploaded. It's 2AM in Thailand now so..prolly when their. morning comes. I look at that clip and wonder at end the will I'll be content. Neither happy nor sad...just content which, can be an ok place to be as long as I'm not left with a gaping wound and no band aid I'm good. I'd love to say this was the best ever...but I've had so many best ever's until the next best ever comes along...which it usually does. What I will miss with a good series is the communications and connections that you make across forums - Soompi being one of the best for that. It's been cool... I'll miss marking the moment - that is, Friday always had something to offer - to look forward to - something will fill that space eventually. I like seeing new actors. The BL industry is growing by leaps and hopefully will normalize to the extent that these actors can do more than BL or not fade into the where- are -they now- realm. (PeekBoom were just spotted today a a meet of some kind after a long while). If you don't get signed by the monolith GMMtv...your career becomes one audition after another..waiting for that big series ( with big fans) that will move you up the ladder. So, I will miss LBC and I will follow the actors and fall deeper into my next drama...( why do I have the feeling that TWM3 is deliberately slow until LBC is over ) makes sense though..LOL. Anyway...as long as... I'll happy !!
  16. Probably, it's cheap..you can do that everyone is close by..doubt will will fly the full cast to HongKong and other cites...it gets costly. I guess theBKK FM sold out in less than a minute..so they will be making the cash for sure.
  17. Well there will be at least 3 cpls....and one cpl to be named
  18. Yeah...cause I don't know if he's part of the fanmeet agenda or not...so he needs to get his own gig...not to mention he would bring fan base with him...
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