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  1. He makes me think of BDSM with no "safe word ".... on the other hand...a good actor if we despise him this much !
  2. In case you want to watch LBC live - raw 22:25 ( according to station ) you might need a VPN...I use one anyway. http://gmm25.com/live
  3. Happy Valentines Day ! July 7th ( Lunar Calendar) 520, 201314
  4. And what a nice series to be hooked on ! And like Dorothy say's as she click her red shoes..."there's no place like home" welcome back. It's the kind thing that makes you go ahhhh hummm....
  5. He's a funny guy...I hope that he doesn't get type casted....always the funny guy...lol
  6. There are some details I pay attention to and others just pass me by. I'm gonna guess 6...XD. and yes...it's already tomorrow for you guys.. oops...you're not in Thailand... ok so we still have a day to go for tomorrow to get here
  7. I think that’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Sotus. If you have ever been hazed..there is no joy to remember.
  8. I agree. It's usually white washed...there's a part of me, I admit, that hope Ae takes him out..however there is a much larger issue here.
  9. Actually I get Pete with the car in college more than I did in that celestial BL with the Bentley....this fits Pete. LOL
  10. Roll On The Floor Laughing My "A ## Off - = ROTFLMAO.....the imagery of the ski jump !! Perfection !
  11. I was hoping it was a translation error...moisturizer....shudder !!! And...really why bother for 5 seconds...LMAO I'm not sure what Pond can teach Ae...his frame of reference is very different...needless to say in that scene if Ae isn't rolling with a condom AND lube..then Pond didn't teach him much..."moisturizer still makes me shudder. I'm not sure what a good Some is ? Hubby well yeah if you marry....LOL And to tell the truth...it perhaps is a decision they both will make when the time comes...there is no set role (Yaoi Myth). Well of course, condoms are universal GB and BB...however Lube that's really for BB and Lube may be pushing the envelope... ROTFLMAO !!! Ouch ! Yeah you see it in KD's the assumption being that they will always live in the world they were raised in...Lack of knowledge doesn't make you weak...it means you just don't know. Then when you know, you move to the next level. I think that's going to be the life lessons for Pete. And Ae has some lessons to learn too - he is not absolved from learning, in fact, his lesson may be harder.
  12. This moment ...I was thinking about how some scenes were directed to tell the story and this is the scene that put Ae on notice...and he didn't even realize he had fallen down the rabbit hole...lol ( kudos to director) So very true...agreed.
  13. No question - Pete's face said volumes as he watched Ae take off his T-shirt. There was nothing innocent about that look.
  14. I consider it cannon ! I think if you've watched 20 or so drama's very few stand out like LS...and now LBC. I think part of the issue is that LBC is not a Gmmtv production. They are hosting it because MCOT dropped it. I understand that the production company is independent and partly funded by Chinese investors. So Gmm is lending it's platform along with line. I also think they are trying to see just how many international fans are around and watch BL ( subs). We could see a change down the road from all the stations. Just 4 years ago...subs were something you just didn't get. You either learned the language or learned to watch raw. Now with more international fans ..subs are becoming more important - the more people you reach the more that turn in to watch your shows on your channel. I don't think there is a big rush to sub Mint...currently airing
  15. For a moment I thought they had replaced actors...close your eyes and it was LS...too cool Lazy Subber sent a very small prezzy...
  16. The problem I have with uke and same is that for some reason a personality is attached. The uke(bottom) must be this frail effeminate flower boy, while the same (top ) is the oh so masculine manly type. I'm sure there is the BL novel template which if you write this is what you follow and what is included. There have been exceptions however they have been met with this story is " too real." not enough fluff. Perhaps it's changing... Actually the author of MT is a man. What it suffers from is pacing mostly...but yeah it's rare. With LBC the author does comment on perceptions that fans have about the characters. For Pete she said: and about Ae she said: So I guess who would know better than the author of who the character is supposed to be and how he supposed to be portrayed. I am remaining optimistic about LBC and the direction it takes and gee we've only had (1) episode... For once, the perceived " uke " is taller than the perceived " seme "..we've already broken a mold. As mentioned earlier Pete takes Ae's first kiss. Pete could break the mold again. We may be surprised to discover more activities and storylines revealed. I also trust the director ( this isn't his first rodeo)... So I am hoping for the best from this series...I like the energy and the story telling style and so far the actors are doing a wonderful job.
  17. Agreed, I think the actress was in Puppy Honey. I'm ok with that BG.
  18. yeah...Pete can't ride a bicycle or take a tram...but he's got other skills.... Loving this ! I must remember that phrase...<sigh> English is so flat sometimes...not very nuanced.. we lack je ne sais quoi in the language of love ! So Shaoye will have to school his Nong...yep I just merged to cultures in one sentence....LOL
  19. And now I know why we have appetizers... I think it's a relationship in general. The sex is secondary (well not always). I think as the relationship grows so does the natural curiosity. Let's see where Episode 2 leads us.. there's a lot of ground to cover.
  20. Perhaps, having read the novel it didn't come across as exploration in gender identity. It's a BL novel they aren't that deep. Guy meets guy, they fall in love, overcome some obstacles, (not necessarily in that order) and there is a BE or an HE. The roommate reminds me of a character from American Pie. I've know gay and str8 guys who aren't interested in porn..it's not a big deal in my opinion and clearly not enough to say who Ae is. JMHO. I will say it's one of the better executed BL dramas, the characters and the complexity are there - It has a very LS feel which I enjoy. I'm looking forward to this journey. Thanks for you thoughts on that.
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