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  1. Oh there is always something to watch. Man does not live by BL alone...Nothing like a 60 episode Chinese drama to keep you engaged until/while a good BL appears !
  2. Well, we watch BL and we are after all B's who L B's...so I say welcome. Bring it ! everyone is fabulous ! Although not everyone is a Princess or Queen ! BTW where is the Dowager Queen ? I know he's out there peeping...
  3. Of course it is...cause that's the way we roll...always fabulous !!
  4. Yes! and Yes ! Not to mention, full understanding of Goldfish !! I'll put it on my calendar for the coronation and ascension. It should be fabulous affair !!
  5. I Love Love Long time No see...and it's special because it's one of the few well done Korean BL's.
  6. Season 2 is sweet this scene was adorable As you wish Princess...just remember, you will have to be a Queen sooner or later...Old Princesse's are sad...LMAO... You know I looked at the end of S1 and immediately it said, Season 2 soon...season 2 was 36 episodes...so LS was a total of 48 episodes -that's the only way to get the full story in. Hey honey ! and that comes with a finger snap and head swivel...and I don't do that just for anyone... You did good...20 more and you are in the tops 4%... Did we just scare the BL newbies ? don't be scared...there is no time frame...just stroll through what you like ! It's taken me years of watching in between KD's and CD's and JD's.
  7. It's one of those ensemble pieces so I'm gonna wait until a few epi's air..then I can fast forward to his segments. And really ? Upset ? Are they supposed to stay together for ever and ever ? Unless they marry - no ! and besides I couldn't see Krist in the other role...Nat has that locked up in so many ways.. Yeah, it's one of the best I've seen for lists. You've got everything there from severe angst to comedy and everything in between. Not all are subbed so there that. To that list I would add:
  8. Ha ! Those are the introductory 101 courses... Here ya go..when you can reach the top 25...you can graduate and note there are some that didn't even make this list - https://www.listchallenges.com/asian-bl Oh honey ...be yourself morning, noon, and of course, night
  9. You say it so nicely...Princess that you are...much better than " grabbing his a*ss... Yes the apartment..and of course the "punishment". ( I actually have the rehearsal BTS of that scene which didn't make it..but Ma's got nothing over QingYu. ) That was amazing...would love to see them in a series...lip guy reminds me of KK...he's got the same arrogance !
  10. @tahkotin To that I might add Make it Right 1 & 2. including LBC...they are all connected by actors, music, editors, directors and goldfish. Actually, Counter Attack was not a bromance...it got edited but it's still BL not bromance...You must have forgotten the kiss in the park...LOL This guy has all of season 2 of LS
  11. There will be a CTL movie in 2019 and two new HIStory drama's.
  12. You got that right... truth and lie both reside on the same coin...it all depends on how the coin lands...and right now...they all are spinning... We will see how the Black Swan Theory holds up ( A set of conclusions is potentially undone once any of its fundamental postulates is disproved)
  13. This was a fb live today ! It's on yt 2 hours if you have nothing else to do...
  14. was just going to post this...great minds et.al....lol
  15. Let's hope not...we all know the way that Ae like to punish. If he saw that I'm sure Pete would have to give up the Benz for this :
  16. You know, there are people called Continuity Editors...their job is to make sure everything in a scene is the same no matter how many times they shoot the scene and there isn't random s*hit ..guess they don't hire them in Thai BL...I know P'new likes to shoot live...but really - that was a distraction. I'm trying to keep in mind that LBC was supposed to air in May therefore all the filming for this was done months ago. When MCOT dropped the series they probably had to edit the h*ell out of the series ( which is apparent at times ) to air it someplace else. in my opinion they could have left the Tur story until the " imaginary season 2" and just give us the full KKT storyline. I always keep two or three other drama's in my wheel house running at the same time - this is entertainment, not my life...if I'm not entertained..then I got other stuff..they could surprise use in the last episode.. but I wouldn't put a dime in that dollar..
  17. Ah...homeless guy I thought it was just a staff person who got caught in the filming...and it was easier to just stay there...cause wasn't he still on campus while he was having a bipolar moment ? Oh this is going to be a real rainbow and unicorn moment...I can tell... whereas, it looks like KK is at the entrance to Hell "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate". Sigh, the tension is mounting
  18. and so...KKT gets another 240 secs of screen time.. this is good - wouldn't want their storyline overexposed...
  19. Ummm...well that remains to be seen...figuratively speaking of course..
  20. Oh my !!! What a big thumb hand you have... THAT is noteworthy
  21. I with you... THAT is never to be trifled with, given up, nor eliminated...either here in this current life...or the next one....THAT is cannon !
  22. Oh no...not monkhood...there are things you have to give up...and I'm NOT giving up THAT !!
  23. Well you do hold the keys to the kingdom...so it makes perfect sense.... M nature and brain are KK all the way...
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