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  1. An ex-boyfriend can easily be a villain too... Kinda would level the playing field. Dark Blue Midnight was also an exception. It's seems this is particular to Thai BL especially.
  2. so true...I watch raw most of the time then follow up with dialog. My take is, if they can't act and show me the feelings and emotions...the words they say become null and void. I'm positive you will become more attentive to the words around E5..... So, continue to eat slowly and savor each moment - it's worth it. This drama is clearly quite an appreciative surprise - acting, music, and directing is on point -no wasted scenes ! I don't I've yet said, " now what was that for ? " Every scene and piece of dialog has a purpose...longing looks lead to something rather than just hang out to dry while music plays !
  3. there are other subbers for HCTM...only they are slower...and to tbh their translation is way better...actually, GMA is coming to Netflix I don't know how soon...I watched GMA well I started at E5 because the trailer caught my attention...so I watched the rest...it was the only game in town so...it filled the void
  4. Actually they need to go to Loreal...for hair color...Captain's hair ( Noh from LS) color is done by them and it's gorgeous. !
  5. Wow ! Just wow ! E5 was amazing ! And Ohm solo dialog on the balcony.....da$m...he nailed it...It was spot on ! The pairing of Ohm and Singto is just so refreshing and powerful ! They brought a tear to my eye...and that ain't easy to do for me...Such an emotional rollercoaster ride...Loved the episode...reminds you that you have a heart !
  6. Apparently, Saint has a new series.. whyRU directed by P'New.
  7. Thank you so much ! How I wish you were translating the actual series - your translation is nuanced and closer to the real way English reads..as opposed to just English words on paper. ( or screen ) Thanks again !
  8. Have you seen their photoshoot for Hamburger Mag ? A three story concept - very well done. cool !
  9. Just watched it again - just to make sure that I hadn't eaten too much - ( there's has been a BL drought lately). It's still good - still funny and well directed. There's no wasted space in filming - everything you see has a purpose like I also like seeing the new Singto ( haven't seen him play a character like this ). He and Ohm play well. Looking forward to this series with and without subs...they act for understanding.
  10. these two scenes had me LMAO....so far, it's a good series, enjoyable - Met & Tun work !
  11. Yeah the Ohm/Singto combination is a draw. They look good together - so let's see if the chemistry translates on screen. And it new - been a while since there has been a new series that I'm interested in so if for nothing else...I'll watch !
  12. You mean the the first episode came out yesterday...not Bass right ?
  13. LBC-Manila FanMeet - Live Reaction by Alyx. If you've seen if reaction vids you know he's triggered ! Aside from his reactions...he was sitting in the front row judging by the close ups.
  14. Hey there !! How are ya ? Thanks ! I hadn't seen this one yet.
  15. And so my friends....The TharnType story from the LBC Universe is happening.... Meet Gulf( Type ) and Mew (Tharn ) Congrats to both them...LBC lives on in another novel ! and the scene that made it happen in the audition and if you forget the connections here the map again
  16. That is/was the best copy so far...I'm sure somebody has it in HD and will post it ! Although this was a video of a video...it might not get any clearer unless CathyDoll releases the original...one can only hope !
  17. This is a clip from an event for CathyDoll ( a cometic company that took place yesterday or day before depending on your side of the world) It's really a TVC ( television commercial for this event ) Here is a twitter link...turn the volume down..and don't fall ded as many have although recovery is possible...
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