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  1. I'm so hooked to this drama. I cried since the 1st episode. Kam Woo Sung oppa's acting is brilliant as always. I have also just found out from this thread that he lost 11 kilograms for this role. I noticed that he's looking thinner and his face's getting more weary and tired each episode but I thought it's because of make up. Wow! He really dives deep in his role. Amazing. In addition, I need to compliment Kim Ha-neul's brilliant performance as well. I only watched her in one drama before, which was On Air. That's long time ago. She doesn't age at all. She looks great and her performance is so so great. I feel bad for Soo Jin's character. I think I understand her predicament. She still loves Do Hoon and she feels guilty toward him so she wants to be there as much as she can to make up for the lost time. I hope her mom would recover from the shock and would help Soo Jin instead of stopping her from doing this. I can't wait to watch the trailer of the next episode.
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