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  1. Games is funny, I got 8/10, I make wrong in sentence of JS have 2 brothers (I take 3, subtract himself). JS is actor and writer ( right is pilot)
  2. Taiwan Q &A game 1. Beer or sochu >> sochu 2. Jeans or cotton pants >>> jeans 3. Olive oil pasta or tomato pasta >>> tomato pasta 4. Mountain or sea >>> mountain. MC: all everybody think that he will choose sea JS: feel that everybody think I'll choose sea so I choose .... 5. Game or climbing >>> game 6. Sneakers or high heels >>> high heels. Why he choose it??? I want to ask deeply 7. 2 am or 2 pm >>> 2 am 8. Backpackers or camping >>> camping 9. Dog or cat >>> dog 10.Iron man or Hulk >>> Hulk sources: moko & kwbljs
  3. Behalf on news, JS still film 2 ep of DS and a new film "maybe Romance is supplement". He need 5-6 months to finish them. So he can't go military in 01/2019. I think he must go in 07/2019 because 07/2017, he delay his obligation in about some time. That information makes me despair.
  4. Everybody have read it, it's right, isn't it? I'm still not prepare to say goodbye to him. I want 89,90년생: 현재~2019년 1월 91년생: 2019년 1월~6월 개정법 기준 올해 8월1일 이후로 만28세부터 무조건 입대 병역법 기준 만나이: 생일에 관계없이 해당년도-출생년도 (2018-1990=28세) 그렇다구합니다... cr: @YA_RONG
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