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  1. I was specifically thinking about the age difference between them, not about their individual willingness to film more steamy romantic scenes... if I remember correctly IU had a recent scandal about sexifying a kid song/story(?); plus most Korean viewers still struggle to see YJG as a proper adult, so I was imagining a potential issue with putting the two of them together in a steamy scene. But I could very well be wrong about it. indeed. they went back to a happy pretend, both willfully ignoring the elephant in the room by unspoken agreement. Not sure how I feel about that... i get it in some sense, but i also don't... it's really the same issue as the physical contact one - underneath it all it still boils down to building conscious boundaries between them they can just competitively eat things and laugh their heads off - i'd totally watch that she can finally teach him to do proper selcas too ;-) not quite ready to let go yet -- happy to have people to talk to about it. So thanks straight back.
  2. I did not need them to actually show anything sexy either. I would have been perfectly fine for instance if MW's 'to the bedroom' scene would have finished with him twirling her around and walking towards the bed. But the explicit and played-out-for-laughs refusal of her natural need for physical contact felt wrong to me. As they left it, CS remains too pitiful. He was always a bit of a loner, with no family of his own and when he finally manages to build some family relationships everyone leaves. He only has his memories to sustain him, so they should at least have made as many memories as possible. Isn't it the point that "to have loved and lost is better than not to love at all"? then why enforce such unnatural boundaries between them? Maybe it's a cultural difference thing, but I just don't get it. In the end, the gods (and writers) did not seem to like CS at all. His fate was by far the worst of the lot. Love the way you've articulated this point. Yes - towards the end CS got a bit too perfect. We started off with a character that refused to walk the given path and instead tried to find creative solutions for the best possible resolution, only to end up an all-accepting self-sacrificing saint. He was always one to internalize hurt, which is why the bus scene had so much of an impact. But after MW returned, he stopped showing any of his negative feelings, not only in front of her (which is understandable) but also in front of the audience. And that was narratively the wrong thing to do, imo... (maybe this was the HS's way of hiding most of the bitter part of their bittersweet ending, but again it felt disingenuous). PS: after carefully going through the Hong sisters interview it was made apparent that in their head CS was some sort of a monk who was there just to dutifully send MW off. They put zero thought in his feeling or his fate after MW's departure. And it was down to the director to add a sliver of hope in the ending: if it were up to them there would be no hope of a future together. Just a clean cutting of ties. Job done. Go back to the monastery. Also, reading that interview finally convinced me that their bad endings are not some unnatural fluke, but rather an actual character fault. I was expecting too much from the writers all along -- they don't have it in them (cleverness, sophistication, sensitivity, understanding of human emotion, you name it) to do any better. They can come up with clever setups, write funny banter, and infuse the dialogue with layers of meta, but they simply cannot write complete meaningful stories. When their shows do succeed, it is down to the actors and the director who take largely subpar material and make it work. So all the kudos goes to the HdL team who made this a memorable experience despite their blunders. The Hong sisters are officially black listed in my books. Might have taken me 12 tries, but I have finally learned my lesson.
  3. I think what they meant to say is that it would be too much of a burden for CS if he got too attached. But he was as emotionally attached as one can get anyways, so if they were really consistent they should have followed through with the physical part. I personally felt that this decision undermines the message of the story -- which was to live well and to cherish the little time you are given together, so you can contently move on. So to me the excuses provided by the Hong sisters seemed disingenuous. More likely, after the casting, someone decided that showing too much skinship might negatively affect one or both of the actors' image (either IU being seen as a cradle robber, or it interfering with YJG's nation's kid image, or some such nonsense). I have no stats on how the Korean audience responded to their initial kiss, but a bad reaction to that could also explain the followup... In the interest of the story it was for sure not.
  4. he still talks formally to her. I was wondering about that too -- i thought that in the end he had won the rice cake competition so he was allowed to talk in banmal to her... I suppose it fits his personality, but I was so happy when he asked her for that as the prize. I get why he would still do it at work, but in private...
  5. sadly no the caption reads like something bellboy would have written (our pretty Yoona this and that) Note: he's grumpy about her focusing more on her English homework than him
  6. Attraction: the first time he met her on the subway Interest: shortly after, amplified by her saving him from the evil ghost and starting to have the dreams he also just gets her from the beginning... like the fact that as she is looking at the tiger she is thinking of her own fate Love: ... a little more with each day... don't know if there was a big moment of realization... to me it feels like he always knew rewatching a whole bunch of scenes from early episodes and the CS-MW interactions are even cuter on the second viewing... there's a lot of nuance i missed the first time round... For MW: Attraction: the first time she met him on the subway Interest: from the very beginning; you can see her becoming livelier just from having him around: how much she enjoys teasing him, and arguing with him... there's this spark in her eye around him that was was not there in any of the scenes at the hotel before his arrival. (also she wore a poop-brown dress for him. and bought him a car) Love: I think she first realizes it the day after the tree started growing leaves, when she tries to send him away and he refuses. And she is scared shitless by the idea (before getting angry and leaving in a huff).
  7. Everything is very much on point but I love this bit. Yes, attraction is one thing, a long term relationship is entirely another. And the show spelled that out quite clearly, even if not everyone seems to get it. The mature relationship between MW and CS is the best bit of the show for me.
  8. No one owes love to anybody else. CM did stubbornly hang on to her, despite the fact that his existence caused her immense pain, but so what? It does not change the fact that he got her family killed... and yes there is a reasonably logical progression that lead to that, and his intentions were not completely evil, but still... had CS been in the same situation, I bet things would have turned out radically different. CM made a completely rational decision: he chose his interests over hers and just went on with the princess' suggestion... no attempt to take responsibility for the mess he'd made or to find a solution that did not require sacrificing a whole bunch of innocent people just so. His life and his men's were more important than hers and her people's. Period. A love that can be measured on such scales is no love at all. Not to mention his utter lack of understanding of her character. Right down to their very last interaction. Even is MW no longer detests him, there's no way she'd settle for someone like him. Not after she's had a taste of the real deal with CS. Also: CS is 100% on her side and always does the right thing. This will always win against CM's flexible ethics* and selfishness. PS: *when CM was talking to YW after capturing them and he suggested that as long as some of the innocent villagers get hanged as rebels he may be able to keep YW alive as a slave... that look of shock and disgust on YW's face... well that was me. that guy is scum and you cannot convince me otherwise. Also how very predictable that the thought of saving MW's life wasn't even his own, he just went along with YW's plan.
  9. I had watched a short clip of the kiss before knowing any of the context. At the time MW’s initial kiss felt like a sad “goodbye” while CS’s followup felt like “this is just the beginning and I’m not letting you go no matter what”. I loved it so started watching ep12 with the full expectation of adoring the lot, only to get punched in the gut by the context and the price of that “no matter what”. Up to now I had believed that the gods were, if not positively inclined towards MW and CS, at least fair; only it turns out that the only rule in this game is that the puppets they are playing with (MW and CS) need to be put through the maximum amount of hurt possible. Everything else is secondary: we no longer vanish evil spirits if it so suits; CS -who has yet to do a single thing wrong- is doomed as well, just for caring about MW. It was all preordained to end in disaster from the get go and everyone’s just a cog in the machine that makes it happen. MW was right all along not to trust them; this is more perverse that even she could imagine. The gods made it such that MW loving CS is enough to destroy them both. Given that her original trauma was about her loving someone causing the destruction of everything she holds dear, I don't know what to call that except cruel… she really stood no chance. the ending was a done conclusion regardless what she does. the test is there only as an excuse and I bloody feel like swearing. I’m hurt and I’m sad and I’m kind of angry. The fabric is tearing at the seams and for the first time the narrative core stopped making sense to me. it’s no longer about forgiveness, or the healing power of love, or moving on. I no longer have any idea what the hell is the point.
  10. heeee! knowing them... it will probably start off well enough, only for them to get distracted by some bickering and finally end up huffing on their respective pillows, backs at each other. full old-married-couple mode on. come to think of it... i'd like to see that
  11. I only watched the live stream and it was kind of laggy so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but this was the vibe I got from MW's words/actions I think the limo was MW pulling strings for CS's benefit... did not see a white lily
  12. His mum was never someone important in his life. And she treated his existence as a shameful secret that she needed to hide rather than a blessing. Why would he want to develop a relationship with that woman? Hearing her saying "I'm sorry" was more than enough*... I think this entire episode was meant more as an excuse to have MW take care of him for a change... even if she clearly has no idea how... I loved that she got everyone together to brainstorm ... only to conclude that he does not have anyone to turn to either (Sanchez excluded). I wonder if, in the end, this was the thing that changed her mind... that he needs her love as much as she needs his... and she is willing to give that to him, even if only for the little time as she has left PS: * that said, the way he asked his mother if he can keep the pictures from the book... the humility of the request... which also implied him caring enough about her to keep her picture with him... he is too pure for this world and I want to give him a big big hug.
  13. he explicitly said no to that CS told Mago that he is not that nice... that if it weren't for his feelings for MW he would have given up already But I agree that it is high time for some more explicitly romantic interactions between them Side note: I think he is a lot nicer than he gives himself credit for...I found it amazing that his reaction to the sad ending of the guest in room 13 was to try even harder - to collect as many lost souls as he can and make sure that they safely make the crossing. I just love him. And I love that this inherent goodness is what MW loves him for too.
  14. No. MW did not kill that guy. She only showed the gods the extent of his depravity (that his victims were so many that he couldn't even remember their individual names or faces) and then let fate take its course. The gods are all-knowing so she MG#4 can't frame her for sth she did not to. But she can engineer situations in which MW is likely to make the wrong choice and that would give her the excuse she needs to vanish her. I am guessing MR is at the center of that.
  15. For YW: underling - boss For CM: dangerous alliance And, for the record, I don't think CS is either.
  16. I can't see all of it and it's in a bit messy cursive but I think the top row might be her name (jang man weol -ssi), there's a big saranghamnida (I love you) in the middle - with a <3 after. I have no clue what the squiggles on the third row are supposed to mean (some idol's signature?). CS looks unhappy about it... so I'd assume he was not the one writing it.
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