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  1. Oh yes it's quite big. Almost 30 MB. Guess it took awhile to load.
  2. Did you just mix up the emoticon reaction too? You chose the confused one lol.
  3. Actually, that (and hers too) remind me a lot of their outfit at the GDA in 2010. Huh? None of those two are Minho. lol. You realised.
  4. He changed outfit again? Was hoping he'd keep the same one. Still looks nice lol.
  5. YoonA is all back as well. Soz for the LQ screenshots but it's the best I could do.
  6. I overslept on purpose to make sure I'll be awake for the red carpet. Don't think I'll bother watching the live show as it's going to be a 4+ hour broadcast.
  7. I don't think that picture is from today. It was just an unreleased photo. Hook must have a ton of undisclosed pictures of him. Seeing that hat and the mask makes me think it was taken few months back.
  8. Here she is. Should be her. I love LSG's black coat lol. He's really stylish here. YoonA has probably watched some episode of Jipsabu, maybe a snippet here and there. She should know that SYJ will guest.
  9. Remember the song YoonA sang at her birthday party in 2017? "Hero" by Okdal. You don't know how nice a person you are It is only me who knows Though others don't know you yet You're just smiling without saying Like that, you're warm, you're the hero of only mine When you feel lonely and sad I will hold your hand tight "All The Time We Spent Together" I’m always like this Rather than words, I just put on an awkward smile In case I’ll make you sad, I just smile Just like WTWB, she's basically saying the same things he said in his 6th Album using the same words. She's answering him and reassuring him at the same time. WTWB was the culmination of all, but not necessarily the end. When you think about YoonA's behaviour and see how she behaves, it's actually hilarious and paradoxical. 1) Just about as ALH was starting to play in the car, she went hysterical and told her Chinese teacher/translator to shush. 2) When Heechul made a pun on his name, she was startled and stunned, she couldn't react in any way but with a forced smile/laugh until she regained herself and launched her hammer attack. 3) When Sooyoung mentioned Strong Heart, she didn't say anything. She puts so much effort and thought into picking these songs, making it obvious to all, but then she doesn't want anyone highlighting that very fact, and gets mad/angry if someone alludes to him or makes a direct or indirect reference to him lol. At the very least, she was/is having an internal conflict. Even now by singing WTWB at her FM's, by doing so she's automatically thinking of him, because there's a part of her that wants to.
  10. I thought it was obvious enough that the gif I posted was from The Bourne Ultimatum, but someone snatched it and posted it on twitter passing it off as footage from the drama. Consequently others posted it on IG lol.
  11. Such a familiar outfit yet again. Dating period. 131211 140127
  12. All it takes is one glanceAnd I am taken backI am under a spellEvery time that you are near meI tried not to give inAnd let myself fall againBut I'm under a tranceAnd I can't deny this feelingWatching all the people all around me finding truthI can't help but wonder do you wonder tooWere we meant for each other but it just fell apartCould we last forever if we start overOverOverYou kept the sun shiningAnd turned my world into springI never thought my life could ever change for this one reasonIf I could just go backAnd hold your hand falling fastAnd never let it go'Cause I won't deny this feeling Watching all the people all around me finding truthI can't help but wonder do you wonder tooWere we meant for each other but it just fell apartCould we last forever if we start overOverOver
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