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  1. Sunjae singing~ I also saw a practice clip, maybe for the rumored offline fanmeet?
  2. They will also appear on Amazing Saturday together ~
  3. Spoiler~ Pre-release clip for Ep 11-12
  4. Whats your weekly routine? Mine looks very similar to the tweet, and I also search up reactions on Wednesday. My two favorite reactions for the drama are these two:
  5. Nice, i think next week they could break into 5%. There are so many trending posts about the drama, its definitely buzzing.
  6. Unreleased clips from Ep 6 I cant wait for their college era, Monday come sooner!
  7. TVN released two unaired scenes from Ep 5:
  8. I saw that Sudden Shower is charting on Melon Top 100 haha. What's your favorite Eclipse song? I love Run, Run.
  9. Aaaah, the new sneak peak for ep 9 is out
  10. Article [You Quiz] Ryu Seon-jae, "I've only experienced love once... My wife was my first love." Eclipse Ryu Seon-jae appears on U Quiz on the Block We reveal the story of our first love after 15 years of unrequited love. He revealed that he had never dated a woman other than his first love, his wife. The recording studio was turned upside down. When the MC asked what all the dating rumors were about, “That was a real misunderstanding,” he said, explaining that he never had a female friend. About meeting my first love and wife “I’ve liked you since I was a senior in high school. My wife liked a guy other than me. But even so, it looked pretty.” He made a statement that put an end to pure love in this era. “We met again in our 20s after a difficult time. “It didn’t go well in various situations.” “We said we would meet again on January 1st, when I turned 34. “I couldn’t miss the promise I made 15 years ago.” He even revealed the reason why he met his first love. However, after I started dating my wife, The places we each remember our first kiss are different. He said he was a little shocked He also mentioned a funny(?) humiliating episode...! She from Eclipse's debut song 'Shower', Ryu Seon-jae's love story with his wife You can check it out on tvN on May 6th. (Source: Deng Baebang) https://theqoo.net/hot/3212283976?page=2 Funny post done by Korean fan and has more than 400 comments. (From mydramalist) I love all the "articles" from fans 😂
  11. The bts is so funny how they filmed sol's brother kicking sungjae in the face
  12. This drama has me looking forward to Mondays. Here are some scenes that got cut from the episodes. https://twitter.com/hellobungz/status/1781192494824530392?t=JTfkbj-YUQIpRgBNrrYrJw&s=19
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