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  1. because the fan gone too far following the actor, so very reasonable if his manager get angry . The manager should ensure privacy and safety of their actors so the actor it self can be comfortable doing all their schedule in time. And that's natural i think
  2. Most people will look even greater when they are in love, whether they are dating or not but somehow both of them show same aura with people who fall in love
  3. surely psj beat SJK this time. The last time i saw most dashing k-actor when walk in incheon airport was SJK (as one of ki ailee), this time when i saw psj walk in airport i can say nothing than injeong
  4. maybe they all inspired by webtoon a life after marriage their baby name must be taeyang so webtoon
  5. Agree with you, i am bit afraid if he eventually have "something" for her but decide not to continue his feeling for her due with this circumstances. But it's also hard to stop these things at this current time because "People want to believe what they want to believe". I am glad PSJ already aware with this situation and already well prepared. Dating rumor always come from super good chemistry between lead actors. And this one is not the first time. I know all of us here want both as a real couple but we need to respect what he want . As what he said 'People are unpredictable, so I can’t say anything about possibilities. I think it’s a matter that takes a lot of time.
  6. whether they are actually dating or not it doesn't matter at all. The thing that we forget to do is appreciate both of them for successfully delivering LYJ and KMS character way more better than our expectation and make this drama to be one most buzzworthy in global scale. We need to say thanks to them for choosing this project. I read the webtoon long before the drama remake confirm and was so excited. I am happy to join this ship and seeing different perspective for this couple , seeing our different concern to this couple . but let's respect their decision and support their upcoming new project. I know the feeling as the shipper which investing so many feeling in to this ship game were twisted even more after the dating news. But let's be happy as WWWSK happy ending ps: i'm just bit upset no pregnant scene happen in final episode
  7. But i am more curious scene when miso is pregnant. i want to see LYJ reaction when knowing his wife is pregnant. Also want to see their dooplanger kids which describe in novel are very similar to them both. I hope pd nim include this scene since in webtoon and novel version are clearly describe it
  8. But this is my first time ever of drama couple which their lead actor's staff are very close to each other both PSJ team and PMY team. they even put caption like this "miso team yongjun team " on their groufie post in IG by PMY hairstylist . I'm just hooked if dispatch release their dating news which actually they are in relationship for over a year and all of us will say "no wonder their chemistry" hahahhahahaha. Ok..ok i think my delulu is beyond crazy right now
  9. It'll be more perfect if drunk miso hug lyj tightly hehehehe. But this one is enough to make my heart flutter But i think pd nim miss small detail when miso and yj were kissing i didn't see the ring on her finger which is supposed to be there. But maybe the kissing scene are done before the ring hehehehe
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