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  1. Yes I agree @Yazusa I just wanna bop EJ in the head to reset. With all that they’ve done to her, she needs to meditate on her revenge board & get back to square one. HJ needs to grow up. Why did he get written as a wimp? I can’t believe he was sent off to boarding school. No way he could’ve survived. Not seeing the writers vision. SH needs to focus on his kid. That little boy is traumatized.
  2. Disappointed with the episodes this week. Revenge losing steam. At this point EJ/GH seems content to play to play stepmom.
  3. Today’s episode was crap. Sorry not sorry... the best revenge movie/show was She Devil. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know. It was perfect! Lol HR/stepmom/SR get on my nerves
  4. EJ/GH is a mess... Revenge is not for her. She’s naturally just a soft hearted person. How is this going to pan out? I thought she’d be more ruthless. What more does she need? They tried to kill her, lost her baby, killed her dad, & took there money. If that isn’t reason enough to rage. I don’t even know. I wouldn’t even mess with having friends or meet someone new. I’d be revenge, revenge, & revenge. This week’s episode show her being sloppy. What’s up with SH all possessive? Reminder you’re still married... Divorce first, then pursue. I’m team HJ (btw) I need hi
  5. Team HJ here! That’s all... There’s just nothing I like about SH. That boat with EJ has sailed, not meant to be. Does GH know that he slept w/ Hr during there engagement? He probably wouldn’t have copped to anything or maybe he did. I skipped the unpleasant parts. After revenge is all said & done there’s too much hurt. I’m not a fan of little Hoon either. SH & HR could afford a nanny. Stop using EJ/GH for that. Are we supposed to forget Byul and EJ takes in Hoon to live happily ever after? I don’t think so.
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