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  1. I didn't think it would've been so bad for the OTP not to end up together. Ding2 is the most frustrating female lead ever. Dr. Ning is way too good for her. Til the very end Ding2 never realized what she did wrong. Dr. Ning always ended up apologizing and working to get her the whole time. Plus, how many times does the good doctor gotta propose anyway?
  2. I cried buckets with the last couple of episodes. I hope that we get a happy (as happy can be) ending knowing CYH condition. I just don't want him to die in the end. The romance between CYH/KSY just started, but I'm truly invested. It's so sweet seeing Dr. Cha falling in love.
  3. IU and YJG pairing had me skeptical at first. Now I'm such a total fan! This has turned out to be one my faves this year. And, that soundtrack? Are you kidding me?! The Hong sisters really knocked it out of the ballpark for me on this one. So sad that it's ending. I just hope we can get a proper ending.
  4. EDJ stepmother is so evil. I don't think I can handle it. I will keep watching for HJH/LSW pairing. I loved them in the last drama.
  5. Seeing the preview for next episode is already breaking my heart. I don't want Doctor CYH to suffer.
  6. I’m a fan of both, but why Kyo being treated more harshly? What is all this talk of the companies she’s endorsing thinking of replacing her? So unfair.
  7. It is a sad day for our couple... But, for what it’s worth I have enjoyed taking the journey. I was going thru a difficult time & watching DOTS, communicating with you all was my escape. They did fall in love and nothing is going to change that. What they had, what we saw was a beautiful love story. Yes, they will be walking different paths from now on, but I still love them the same.
  8. Ryan Gold+DM I really love the surprise pairing of Eungi+Sindy. So sad it’s over. It was as a solid drama all around. The OTP were solid & didn’t breakup the first sign of trouble. Another good one in the books.
  9. MR is seemingly staying at TJ place. There was a picture of her mom with TJ on his dresser a few episodes ago. Did he hide it? There is no way MR wouldn’t see that... Since TJ knows what his dad is planning with MR he is rushing/pushing the marriage. While I would like for them to eventually do get married, I feel now is not ideal. They have major secrets between them. I think with MR personality the fact that his faux mom is her mom won’t sit well with her. My prediction: MR finds out the truth, bolt to China under WW and comeback as either WW right hand or be in charge all together. Her revenge towards IS will be taking down Hansung & end up clashing with TJ.
  10. Instant love! Everything about this show just clicks... leads/story/ost It’s been a while since a drama has got me like this. The last kdrama was Secretary Kim and a cdrama About Is Love & they didn’t fail. Anyway, just wanted to share my enthusiasm for the show. Can’t wait for next week!
  11. I know it’s the SJ/SY show. After 4 year time jump the focus was on their son. What came of Eun Byul or even Ye Ji?
  12. SJ father still so horrible til the end. He doesn’t deserve MR or his children’s adoration. I think I like Ms. Hong more.
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