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  1. @Siomara and @Jimmy Greenegood to have you both back. 

    Thanks to SSH’s Coffee Truck, it had us interacting again. :) :) :) 


    The Coffee Truck was a Major Surprise or even Shock to Other Shippers. 

    Goes to say when it is quiet, something must be happening. 

    SSH who made a lot of efforts to make sure SJH’s Coffee Truck is relevant to her Red Balloon Drama really means something in a lot of ways. 

    For one, it means SSH is quietly supporting SJH. Her Career. Her Plans. Her Projects. 

    And I am sure SJH has been more appreciative of SSH because of this. 


    In the meantime, I will patiently wait.


    @janeozten, @jamie_gebbie, thank you and we appreciate all the efforts in keeping the thread active. 



    Happy Lunar New Year to Everyone







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