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  1. @fiona628 In this photo she appears to be wearing the hood on her head and her face hidden in the center of the leaf arrangement. It's really a shame we can't see her face.
  2. Hi, guys! I hope everyone is doing well! Back after a long time without writing here, to comment on SJH's latest post. @yappy requested my detective skills and I leave here my brief research. The photo of SJH was taken on a flower studio of her florist friend, which is located in Hannamdong. I found out about from the peculiar vase that appears. The studio profile is recent, so I believe SJH was spending some time with her friend in order to help her.
  3. Dr. Brain will first be broadcast in Korea and then made available on the Apple TV app, it just hasn't been announced which channel it will be.
  4. I was here researching this place, @fiona628. And I found out that the name of the place is Jeju Stone Park. I don't know if it's an old photo or a recent photo of it.
  5. Actually, she enjoyed two posts from the ig DM fan ... It was not an "accidental" like SSH did before. Hahaha
  6. Just wanted to share this post from DM fans ig, in which the actress who played Nam Ah-Yeong, boss Woo Do Hee, recent liked the video of our couple ...
  7. I really wish I had planned a big text to express my opinion about our couple's tarot reading, but I feel that many of you have already been expressed this opinion by me. I will just say that I am very happy!!!! After that storm, it was a great relief to know that we are not crazy. Talking about my personal experience, I always follow weekly tarot readings for reality shows with professional and reliable people, and always everything in the readings matched the week of the reality shows. I really believe with my eyes closed about all the feelings pointed out by Clara in the reading, between SS
  8. @janeozten I'm still recovering from this situation, but it will pass. By the way, I would like to ask if it was anyone here on the forum who bought the tarot reading for SSH and SJH, but asked Clara not to share the video to others? Because "she wants things to die down".
  9. I confess that I have always relied on dispatch to reveal couples ... But after this video of the tarot reading and the internal fight with the agency of KJH, I'm reviewing whether it is even reliable. Everything was made up. I am in shock. My heart was torn with those photos, but I see that it wasn't only us who were affected by this. Both of you must be extremely distressed at being forced to confirm a lie. Both of you were victims of this dirty press!
  10. The two were seen several times going to the apartment. And they live 10 minutes away. They have been seen in the suburbs of Seoul. Hard to believe that they are just friends.
  11. Guys, how are you feeling about this shocking news about SJH dating KJH? I'm very sad.
  12. On one side, we have SSH being a korean-american detective named Dereck Joe, and on the other side we have the suspicion that SJH will play the korean-american Detective Melanie in Dr. Brain, who works in the Boston police department (SJH is with shorter hair just like the detective's hair). I was taking a look at the webtoon and I leave here some scenes of her character, since we don't have any news about the progress of the drama.
  13. SSH is diligent to keep himself fit. Even after shooting all day, he still has the mood to run at night. From the two recent photos playing sports, he is still staying at the Jeju Shinhwa World Resort or it has the possibility of being an old photo. This area where he was running is the garden/patio that in front of the area of the photo of SSH with the bike. I found some videos showing the view of the hotel at night and day, and identified more or less the place where SSH took the bike photo (purple circle) and the place where he took his photo
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