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[movie 2007] Herb 허브

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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just watched this movie

this movie is a MUST

makes you appreciate life

and realize the deep love of mothers :)

make sure u have a kleenex box next to you! >_<

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Guest renni72

I just watched this movie and it was awesome. It had the right mix of fun, romance and tears.

The first part of the movie was fun and light hearted and the second half was very moving. The script was very touching.

Kang Hye Jung is an A actress. She potrayed a mentally challenged girl well. Such a beautiful and compassionate girl. Her potrayal reminded me of Cho Seung Woo's character in Marathon.

The supporting cast was good too - Jung Kyung Ho was good as a jerk (initially) and how he grow to care for Sang Eun gradually once he decided to put aside his prejudice.

The movie had many catch phrases:

Life is worth living.

My mom said I have to bite anyone who said I am stupid.

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I admit i was a bit annoyed when it first started because I thought the girl was going to be whinny and annoying.


it was one of the most TOUCHING, and most SWEETEST movies i've ever seeenn..

the acting was incredible

and anyone would be touched by it =)

there are so many morals and lessons in this film...

and the optimistic of the protagonist is incredible T___T

i recommend it to everyone!!!

if anyone wants to watch it

you can find it @


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Guest nkannan

It is a beautiful film and I want to show this film to my family living outside Korea. Thanks


Sang-eun, a beautiful 20-year-old girl, but is mentally challenged. One day, she happens to meet Jong-Bom and deludes herself to think him as a beast under the vicious spell. Her mother who has taken care of her with such dedication feels a bit concerned and neglected as her love begins. However, least expected hardship come up and Sang-eun has to face the world all by herself.





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Guest Demllequ

ok! i watched it

and then i thought it was kinda sad

but what happens to their relationship in the end?

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Guest Greener

Kang Hye Jeong was very lovely in this role. I feel fun, sad and cheer to her love.

It is worthwhile that I watched this movie "Herb ;):D "

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Guest ognistik

Herb (DVDrip)


is now avaliable to download @ naynay123

I've been looking everywhere in that link (of naynay123) and, since I don't know korean, I have no idea of where to find the movie... tried doing a search with "herb" and also with " 허브 " but there's no results.

please help!!! I am looking everywhere for it, I have the subtitles already!

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