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Donghae, Nam Ji Hyun, Song Seung Hyun and Others in New Movie Project


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Super Junior’s Donghae, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun will appear in a new movie project, “Youth Project.”

The project is organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) and aims to cultivate creativity among youths. Five young and talented creators were selected and given production sponsorship in order for them to produce, present and commercialize their movies. The movie project will be made up of five episodes.

Film company, InventStone, which produced movies such as “I Love You,” “Grape Candy” and “Aging Family,” was picked to lead the project, with two other film companies, Samgeori Pictures and Little Boy Pictures joining in the planning and development of the project, making this a joint production by the three companies.

The five episodes of the “Youth Project” will feature common themes of “youth,” “young actors” and “action,” and depict that we all share our youth in common. Each episode will feature idols and rising stars, and will strive to be commercially competitive. The projects picked were “Rumors,” “An Outing,” “No Men in This World Can Be Trusted,” “On the Way to Boot Camp” and “Play Girl.”

“Rumors,” in the post-production stages, is helmed by director Kim Jin Moo, who recently directed an independent movie, “The Apostle,” a movie reconstructing the testimony of a North Korean defector. This time around, his movie will be about a student who starts spreading strange rumors around school, in order to become the president of the student council, and will depict the weaknesses of youth, insecurities and guilty conscience that the student faces. Super Junior member Donghae and INY’s Woorin star in this episode.

Busan-based production, “An Outing,” is being directed by Kim Ji Mook, who has experience with indie movies and documentaries, and has also been involved in CJ Cultural Foundation’s Project S. The movie will paint the world we live in, full of pride and prejudice, through the eyes of youth who were once labelled and stigmatized. Girl group Tahiti member Ari and actor Kim Tae Wan appear in “An Outing.”

Also in the post-production stages is the movie “No Men in This World Can be Trusted,” by director Ju Sung Soo. It will tell the story of three young people who consider robbing a bank to solve their insecurities about the future, and stars FTISLAND member Song Seung Hyun.

The short film “On the Way to Boot Camp” is the work of director Park Ga Hee, whose previous works received screening invitations to the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival and the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. Seen through the delicate eyes of a female, the movie reflects on the significance of the army training center, a place that all men must go to in order to serve out their compulsory military service, and how this significance differs according to the individual. 4Minute’s Jihyun stars in this one, along with actor Goo Won.

The last piece, “Play Girl,” will examine the world of female high school students through the lens of a male director, Jung Won Shik, and stars actresses Seo Eun Ah and Kim Sun Ah.

This will definitely be an opportunity for idol artists such as Donghae, Nam Ji Hyun and Song Seung Hyun to prove themselves, and it will certainly be interesting to see how this project turns out!

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