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[MANGA] Oresama Teacher


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hilarious manga....

I just read this manga today and man, I thought there really should be a thread for this image


A delinquent girl who got expelled from her school has got no choice but to enroll to a school on the mountain. That school is a school for rich kids so whether you're ex-delinquent, have bad school grades or whatever, it doesn't matter as long as you have the money. She promised herself that from now on, she`ll be good and act like a girl who only longs to have peaceful and lovely highschool life. However, situations just don't cooperate with her and she just ends up getting more and more into fight. image

Volumes: 20 (Ongoing) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=13856

Published by: Viz 

This is really funny. I haven't had a good laugh in awhile. Each chapter will literally make you "roll-on-the-floor-laughing", well at least I did. image
Mafuyu, the main girl, is just soo adorable especially how hard she tries to stay away from fights.

You guys should try it too if you haven't read it. Definitely recommended for people who are looking for comedy and.... romance image




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new chapter is out.

yea. so in the end, mafuyu decided to just lied to him again. I thought it was really cute how takaomi helps out mafuyu in the end although of course she needed to do ridiculous things first to ask for a help :lol:

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Okay uhmmm i'm having my second thoughts the further I read the recent chapters.

It isn't just exciting anymore compared to when I first got hooked up :(

like, random characters just keep on appearing and I have the feeling that this manga might turn into some boy harem with one girl leading the story :(

too bad I really enjoyed the first few chapters. so hilarious but now, meeeeeh~ -_-

I hope I won't drop this :(

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Guest <3StrawberryPocky<3

I LOVE THIS MANGA! GOD, IT'S SO FUNNY. Hahah. The main character is so atypical and hilarious. :D

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I dropped this manga a long time ago. =( I thought it would focus more on the romance, but it ended up sort of like shounen-ish and a harem of boys with one girl (at least at the part where I dropped it). Anyone still reading this series? Does it get better?

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