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  1. The dilemma for Seo Hae: It is strange how the quirk of destiny can change what happen to a person. That person can be a harmless drunken bum or the most terrifying madman known to mankind. Given different circumstance the 20th century may never heard of Adolf Hitler. Would 1 bullet changes all that?
  2. @Bojun The attack on Seoul just like other areas started with cruise missile attack (they fly low) then came the nuclear tipped ballistic missile. Once you see episode 11, Seo Hae will be walking through the wasteland caused by the bomb blast, and she even fell into the quick sand crater from the nuclear explosion. A nuclear power plant explosion won't kill many people right away, nor would it destroy the Gangnam district and the Lotte International Tower (episode 12). Please keep watching and you will know what the parents know
  3. Episode 11 when the young Tae Sul calculate the blue area in the wall paper design and came up with 228, I had to check it and that is correct: [2pie - 4]100 = 228.32! That kid is fast with trigonometry. Look like the protagonists will get married in the next episodes!
  4. at the beginning of episode 12 when Seo Hae walked through the destroyed city, then into the desert I was wondering where in Korea is there a desert? Then I realize that that is the epicenter of the nuclear blast! That is why her father warned her to avoid that area. When she sunk into the quick sand, that probably was the crater that has been filled in by surrounding dirt and sand. A quick calculation shows that an airblast nuclear explosion of about 1 megaton will make a shallow crater 1000+ feet wide, and the surrounding area will vaporize and be gone for miles! Sobering finding for th
  5. 2035 is the future and 2021 was the present. All the major players know the future and that explain their confidence... like Seo Hae said "I'm not going to die to day". she knew to the number to the lottery. Her parents also knew the future, hence the sacrifice by her mother to close the door to the bomb shelter, which no one else came to because they did not expect a nuclear war (but her family knew). Her mother simply knew that there was no time before the nuclear missile strikes, and her spouse and daughter must survive. The father knew and brought an AR assault rifle with him on tha
  6. seo hae and father are both left handed. But some time they switched to shooting right handed when they are on the left side of an aisle. that is good since those who cannot shoot with both hands don't tend to have long life span!
  7. @wenchanteur @byulyna You talk about time shifting. There are scenes throughout the story, but especially at the beginning that show that Seo Hae is not very stable in the current time. In episode 1, her figure appears to shake and fade like a poor video which caused the boy to think she was a ghost. In other scene she lost consciousness. There seems to be a POSITIONAL SHIFT rather than a TIME SHIFT that happens. It seems like some one in the future is trying to prevent her from getting kill to complete her mission ....protecting our inventor time transporting genius! It'
  8. @rosela said - PSY action/fight scenes rocks! Pink accents on her pistol & rifle are intriguing (is it metal? is it a special plastic/material that it won't melt with heat when guns are fired) The AR-15 rifle and pistol are wrapped in a type of plastic polymer or fiberglass (there are many propiatary type like nylon 6) which is highly heat resistant. These add on are quite common. She probably found them at an abandoned rifle shop in Seoul. Poor girl never got a chance to grow up, but want to be a girl (her obsession with toys, clothing and boys in magazines). Instead she w
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