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  1. Hello everyone! i might not post often but i've been checking this trend everyday. And i have a good weekend since i have nowhere to go. i end up watching in marathon of GHS drama series.And interesting enough. i keep watching " The Musical".The more i watched it, the more i found it interesting and funny.I know the drama has it flaws.Some scene really happened in real life.At least in asia.There was this scene that GHS fell asleep and actor put her on his bed.When she woke up its funny because of some misunderstanding. She went to the the bathroom and washed her face. The actor's line is like this"If you are not picky, you can use my towel or use a new one." which she choose to use his towel and hang it back up.LOL. my 2 cents today. Have a great day!

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  2. WOW! that's a record, that's why i keep checking on this site and dramafever for new updates.

    Thanx for the updates guys. And it seems GHS attended  the wedding ceremony by herself.This couple defy norms.That's also why i liked them. In GHS latest pics, she looks so beautiful and her smile, as always is contiguous even in pictures only. 

    AJH JTTW2 so  innocent  funny and beautiful person.


    Thanx again


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  3. Thank you guys !. I loved to read all you post, it always makes my day. GHS, what a sight! She's always has this image of simple yet perfectly radiatingly beautiful.LOL so much used of superlatives. PEACE and HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

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  4. Hello every one! so happy to read all your post. I have been following JTTW2 @ dramacool, but has a 4-5 days delayed showing of the said show. Always come here for a recaps.Thank you guys.Have a great rest of the weekend.....

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  5. Awesome day on my side of the world.She is married now to an awesome guy. Who breaks all the norm to show for all the world to see his  affection/love to his lady love. GHS is an envy to all ladies out there.lol.CONGRATULATION!!! Be happy always. So many loved you just the way you are.#YOUARELOVED

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  6. Hello Everyone! It's a great day, today. They say, when " IT RAINS IT POURS". Lol. That is AJH to GHS.He is every girls dream.A prince charming,now, a reality to princess GHS. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To AJH and his lady love. #LUV....LUV....LUV...

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  7. OMG, Until now it still makes me smile everytime i reread all your post since the news.I want to check where these couple relationship going. How i wish those wedding pics of GHS are her PRENUP pics and start AJH dream.LOL... PEACE!  HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND YO ALL.....

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  8. @sukreen. That's a good news for BOF fans. I, myself still rewatching it ever to often.Cannot count how many times.It's a CLASSIC. Actually my no.1 Kdrama of all time.Just wish GHS will surface soon.with new movie with a controversial  topic which is GHS forte..And show how brilliant she is.Congrats! to BOF. FIGHTING!!

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