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  1. @SweetLullaby thank you very much for the translations Shes lucky enough to have a glimpse of shj. Wondering if i will have the opportunity to meet her one day but Seo Hyun Jin seems to be busy with many activity this couple of days. Anybody know when and what event is this?Is this new or old picture.? Edit: the event is 한마음한몸운동본부 "one body one spirit" a charity organization.
  2. @saku08 Love the friendship so much .. i love that she keeps supporting and has an everlasting friendship with her co actor and actress from AOHY, RTDK, TOL and TBI.. please no more false dating report that can make the person involved look awkward with each other???? @saku08 @LifesLikeThat she wears that black jacket since wrap up party of TOL if i am not mistaken. She really is a simple person. Moon jin had posted videos of all of them together. Can someone translate what she said in second video?and what the thing shes holding on in the first video. Her knitting needle? still waiting for dahee to upload sth in her ig.
  3. @supergal99 ahh is she always lost her script ? if she does, she must be clumsy just like me That words is cute and funny . Hyun Jin has resurfaced again guys. So shes doing commentary for bluray/dvd
  4. @supergal99 what was written, i cannot read korean or chinese Someone spotted hyun jin 2 days ago in a hysteric chef, oyster and bar restaurant.can someone translate what she wrote in her post and what others commenting..kamsahamnida Ive googled about the restaurant. The restaurant is quite new, only open last october or november but the review seems good. What make it unique is the table at the bar is an aquarium where you can watch the fish swam around while eating. Amazing huh. You can watch it in the video below
  5. Seo hyun jin makeup look have been featured in a korean magazine. Soop Management have compile all actors and actress under the company.. why coming soon? Ive no idea what this about
  6. @shjfan23 @justright @kopifan hopefully the target will be reached. And ive noticed seohyunjin fan ig already post about this.. hope it will be spread widely. @supergal99they are really cute right Did somebody already posted this youtube video of seo hyun jin with other MILK member in this thread? She participate in some kind of comedy program. From the show we can already seen her natural talent as an actress and she can do comical acting. Unfortunately theres no subtitle.
  7. And New update from Socar The jtbc campaign video on facebook narrating by seo hyun jin only got 600+ likes .. i am anxious whether they can reach 5000 likes target. Heres the facebook link https://www.facebook.com/124691830975231/posts/1813769615400769/
  8. Today is christmas and happy holiday to all Hyunjinnies. Lets enjoy this cute kids dancing to uri seo hyun jin song.
  9. @supergal99 thank you for the translation and @hola2jin your korean is so good too... Seo hyun jin must have done decorating the christmas tree and busy knitting presents for family. Hope she will having awesome celebration and holiday.. I miss seo hyun jin
  10. @shjfan23 @fallinlovewithHJ ahhh that what socar is.. theres some fans spotted hyun jin in car renting place before and they speculate that she wants to rent car for her next vacation ..So she was there to film her cf.. Edit: the socar cf are cute.. the nuuna version is like an excerpt from a new romance drama starring hyun jin lol..i love the way they looked each other..Their stare makes the time stopped only for them while their surrounding hectic with activity .. i kinda wish theres an extension to that like next episode please ..and the father daughter version is touching as well...
  11. Why so many new updates on seo hyun jin today... i dont like it but LOVE IT Is Hyun jin get new cf.. i google socar and it is an oil company.. I check and didnt reach 300 yet.. palli guys we need to help shj campaign @SweetLullaby do you translate that article ?from korean or chinese? Wow you're so good.
  12. GUYS! New tweet from Seo Hyun Jinpromoting the campaign shes in with JTBC.Hope she's doing well too. Nadoo.. i feel you
  13. @angel2013 Dear chingu, we were missing your brilliant post and view here in hyunjin thread! You need to get well soon and faster(just kidding).Wishing you a speedy recovery! So maybe this is why shj went to jtbc after TBI ended, to join this campaign by doing voice over. Do somebody know what kind of campaign is this? Her narration is calming and i always love her voice plus the animation is good.
  14. Yes do it...i am not active in TBI thread ..though this is not my article.Theres no need for you to ask for my permission I agree with you that this a good read and quite long articles too.. cannot deny the fact that TOL is a pain to watch and i watched it for shj only. Kolping has ùpdated new pic of shj
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