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  1. I am really liking this show, but for the secondary couple. I have been fast forwarding the rest. I like the lawyer couple. They are so funny and I love his relationship with his parents.
  2. I don't want the main leads to be together at the end. She deserves much better. It's one thing to make her hate her rather than let her know They are related, but now she knows and he stIll continues on the relation ship with her best friend. Then when he finds out they are not related, he is going to go back to her!! For some reason I am still watching this show, but it takes me less than 5 minutes to watch an episode.
  3. I’m waiting for subs on YouTube for ep 35. I also want more BTS videos, but they only released some music videos.
  4. I thought the ex boyfriend still loved her, but left her so that he can take revenge on his parents death. I love the main couple interactions so I am watching this for them. Fast forwarding the rest. I hope her best friend still remains friends when she gets rejected by the main lead.
  5. I agree the female lead acting is pretty bad. The male is just okay. I tied to give this show a chance. I watched ep 1 in full and fast forwarded a couple of eps, but not catching attention. Maybe go back later when there are some eps and hope that it improves.
  6. This show had many heart felt moments, but also so many funny moments where I will never tire of watching and always bring a laugh. My top two moments: he “accidentally “ spills the water on the business card and cleans it up. As soon as I heard him say “ah ya” I can’t help but laugh. The line delivery and expressions were so perfect in that scene. Also the persuasive speech he made to the love letter guy in the school field was so funny, i’m laughing now just thinking about it.
  7. In one if the episodes, QY and YM were talking about what their first words were to each. Then there was a flash back to the scene where he helped her before when she was about to fall from standing on the tables. He said something like their firsts words were much earlier then she thought. Can we assume that he had fallen for her before they became deskmates?
  8. ML is so petty. Somehow it makes him more charming. I like the main couple, so glad they are together in this show. I was shipping them in their other show.
  9. So happy we get so many episodes this week, but so sad it is going to be over. This drama has made me smile and laugh so much. The leads have such crazy chemistry.
  10. I don't understand next weeks preview. How did Ling Boss get himself into a situation like that?? Also, why didn't XL pick up what LYZ said the reason why mom left and what his mother said were very different. He said she left him and his dad behind and never looked back. She said she couldn't live with him because of his controlling ways. kind of what XL feared would happen to her if she stayed after she found out about the fake medical report. We go two very sweet episodes so it looks like angst ahead. Only five episodes left, is that enough time for the other two love stories? Where are the sweet moments for WL and JF. WL needs a good retort for boss teasing him about being single all the time.
  11. I will bet NJT is Boss’s half brother or step brother or something. Wants revenge because he ruin his family or something. I don’t like what LYZ did, but I like this OTP too much. I mean he’s got the looked, money, status, why such a deceitful plan to get the girl. He should have just do what NJT is doing and bump into her “coincidentally “ many times and stike up a conversation. Hoping for a happy, the trailers looks like it will be happy and we have many OTP sweet moments in opening that haven’t been seen yet. Also, CY can’t be dead, his love interest hasn’t even shown up yet!!!
  12. She found out he lied to her about her illness. She wants to leave, but he basically has taken her hostage. We got two eps of Lovy dovey this week and ended with them apart. But it looks like she may have forgiven next week.
  13. I really like this show, I hope it doesn’t disappoint like other shows where it starts out great and is all downhill from there. The main leads have such good chemistry. Two episodes a week is not enough especially since each ep is so short. I Just hope he did not lie to her about her disease and only lied about being a match for her surgery.
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