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  1. Awww....so emotional, that last scene. He kept crying and she hugged him. So cute, they work so well together. Hoping to see them in a happier drama next time. I want a rom com next, after all this angst.
  2. The end is coming and there's just going to be more heartbreak. Our mains aren't going to catch a break at all before they separate forever. LCY is such a pitiful prince who started out naive and innocent until revenge blind sighted him. Same with our princess, her happy bubbly life was cut short by her beloved. I think the ending is only right so that she can be free from all the heartache and he himself can be free from having to protect her. I like that it ended with her on opposite side of him because that's how it started with him, on opposite her grandfather's troops.
  3. I like that too!!! I want him to pass remembering her as the drama comes to an end. Then we see the drama starts up again with her running and bumping into him as he catches her this time and they glaze into each other's eyes. The end........ Then Season 2 picks up with them being reborn but no memories of their past except LCY having faint dreams of a beautiful lady and a yearning to find her. Then one day he bumps into her and couldn't quite figure out why he has this peaceful and aching need to want to be around her. Thus their love story picks up again except we get a HE this time. Dang, sounds like a fanfic, LOL. Sorry guys but that's how I'll imagine their love for the next lifetime. I really hope for a Season 2 as I think this love story deserves a happy ending. Except not for this current drama, there are just too much betrayal, anger, and bad history to keep them together.
  4. Yeah, this just means he is selfish and self centered. Ugh.....fly away princess..If they didn't have their love prior to the great betrayal, I would be like she is crazy for loving him. Yeah, his character in the drama is charming so maybe that is making us swoon over him. I didn't read the book so I don't know how crazy the book made him. The drama seems to downplay him a bit and make it all seems like it's due to his loyalty to his family and his love for her.
  5. I know right??? I am rooting for them to last too because his story is just as sad...having to revenge for his family members by sacrificing and using those around him to finish his goal. But then I think about all his actions so far and I'm like, dang he's one messed up guy so he deserves to be alone in the end. Ugh, why did they cast a handsome guy for the role? Makes it hard to hate him
  6. I too would run away as far as possible too!!! Did he killed Sese too? Omg---that's too much. I don't like her but she did love him and he used her too. Maybe he does deserve to be alone in the end to reflect on all his wrongdoings. I just didn't like that she had to kill her self to punish him. She could have gone on life without him
  7. Yeah, she's so cute!! Her cute acting is not annoying at all, some actresses I find can be annoying with their cute acting but PXR is not. Plus she's so innocent looking with her big eyes. I want her to collaborate with the main actor again.....
  8. For a newbie actor, he's doing an awesome job so far!! I read somewhere that he was the first choice for this role with the scriptwriters. Anyway, I wonder if he jumps into the water to lose his memories of everything and then dies? That's such a sad ending too, to see him live this long without her. Ugh, I really wish they have a season 2 planned with a new refreshing storyline for them. This drama can extend to a season 2 with its ending. I'm so addicted to this drama even though it's a sad love story. It's such a captivating story!!! Plus the leads are so handsome and beautiful!
  9. I think that even if she finds out he was protecting her all along and truly loves her, she still can't overcome what he did to her family to continue to live along side with him. For her to be able to stay this long is her lingering memories and love for him. Honestly, this drama can be expand to a season 2 where it can truly be a happy love story. Didn't the monk at the temple said they have three lives together? I don't think I can overcome this drama ending with her death and him being alone. I need a season 2, especially after how they butchered my latest Ariel and Bin Bin drama.
  10. This is such a sad drama for the leads because they both fell in love prior to the betrayal so their love cannot overcome all the events. Poor XF has to suffer so much and LCY has to lose her to realize her worth. It is a sad story for LCY himself because he's left to revenge for his family by sacrificing his love for XF. The only happy ending I can make of this drama is that they both die in the end and get reincarnated. Maybe with XF not having any memories of her past life since it was so painful for her and LCY with the memories so he can find her again and redeem himself.
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