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  1. I've only used Korean BB Cream so I'll go with that. ^.^

    토니모리 루미너스 여신 광채 비비크림 (Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aqua BB Cream) - This one is recommended! I used it at first because Hyomin used it and it works reallyyy nice. I have skin on the dry side, but this gives it a moisturized feeling which is nice.

    미샤 시그너처 링클 필러 비비크림 (Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream) - I found this one expensive and not worth the money. *__* The case is nice, but that's about it. I don't like the texture, and didn't fit my skin too well. This BB Cream is for ladies who are a bit older, and want to avoid wrinkles.

    바닐라코 렛 미 터치드 글로우 비비크림 (Banilla Co. Let Me Touch Glow BB Cream) - I love Banilla Co. products, but I felt this BB Cream isn't their best. It works nice, don't get me wrong, but doesn't feel much different from any other BB. 

    아모레퍼시픽 에뛰드하우스 진주알 맑은 브라이트핏 비비크림 (Etude House Perfect Mineral Pearl Bright-fit BB Cream) - Which I am currently using (other than my Faceshop one...) works amazing! I am on the dark side, but this BB Cream evens me out perfect! I don't look like a crazy girl with white chalked on my face. And it has a natural pearl-ish shine to it which is a big bonus.

    더페이스샵 페이스 잇 파워 퍼펙션 비비 (The Faceshop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream) - I have been using this forever! Amazing coverage, nice color, not too hard on the skin. However, it's a bit more expensive than the Faceshop's bb cream. =( This BB doesn't have much of a pearlish look to it, so I am forever mixing it with my shimmer cream.

    아모레퍼시픽 마몽드 토탈 솔루션 미네랄 모이스처 비비크림 (Mamonde Amole Pacific Total Solution Mineral Moisture BB Cream) - Not even worth what it's cost, period. I think this may have been my least favorite BB Cream of all time.

    미샤 M 퍼펙트 커버 비비 크림 (Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream) - Yup~ everyone likes this one! And it's quite cheap so it makes it even more likable. The color and texture isn't bad and overall I like it. (However I only bought it once, and probably won't buy it again.)

    SKIN79 비블레쉬 밤 트리플 핫핑크 비비크림 (SKIN79 Beblesh Balm Triple Hotpink BB Cream) - YAY! This one is my favorite of favorites! It's slightly wet, has pearl mixed in it and just works amazing. Period. It's widely recommended in Korea so I tried it out and loved it and have been using it for some time now.

    Oh and Innisfree BB Cream is okay if you  have oily skin. Innisfree is wellknown for their products that make your face less oily and under control.
    However if you have relatively dry skin like yours, truly, stay away from Innisfree!
























































    Me: What are you doing?








































    Him: Walking.








































    Him: And think of Jimyung-ie








































    Haha it was good when it lasted... :angry:
































































    This will be about the most recent guy...








































    How was your first date ? AWKWARD. We only knew each other for like four days....and oh gawdddd. It was good-yet-bad. I didn't get enough sleep so I was exhausted and sorta cranky, but didn't show it...however the guy was a bit too pippy and he just agreed with EVERYDAY I said. I got bored after a while, but it was an okay date overall.








































    What did you on the date ? We went to the movies, had brunch, and took a walk around the park.








































    Did you dress up or go casual ?Skirt, knit, and stockings...all newly bought. >o<








































    Are you still with this person as of now ? NO. >:(








































































    My education is on the stakes....
















































    My parents are both acting suspicious....
















































    I feel like I have no TRUE friend here in Korea....
































































    I haven't watched since my dear Jun Taesu left...so I am realllyyy behind! LOL.








































    Can anyone spoil me and let me know if there are any WoojinxSeungah?
























































































    It is driving me crazy. Only 3 episodes until Jun Taesu leaves. =[ Unless they make Bang Woojin and Seungah a love lines...the chances of me to continue watching are looking slim. =/ But I also think, they may bring in another character....
































































    Oh no! With Jun Taesu leaving, that probably means Seungah and Ohkyup will be left together. T__T Sorry, but I doooo not ship that couple whatsoever. With Taesu leaving, I might not watch All My Love anymore. :(
































































    I skipped to EP 32 because I watched ep 1-3 and was so disappointed that I stopped watching, and a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across EP 32, and have been watching ever since. The only reason I am still watching this sitcom is Seungah and Taesoo. Oh gosh, they are soo cute~ I loved the episode where Taesoo got really jealous because of Seungah and Woojin.








































    Personally, I would really love to see more of Woojin x Seungah x Taesoo. Okyub is sorta creepy in my opinion.








































    The Hwang trio are annoying me to no end, but yes, they do make the show...the show...








































    EP 43 - I was grinning sooo badly when I saw Taesoo's face when he found out that Seungah went on that date instead of Geumji!! Looking forward to tomorrow so bad!
























































    Thanks everyone. Can someone please explain the plot in Episode 1. What does the husband do to cause the woman to have to leave? Why does the noble human girl have to spend time with the woman and her daughter?








































    Thanks. :)















































































    At the beginning, a man encounters the nine-tailed fox. She promised she would spare his life as long as he keeps their encounter a secret for 10 years. The man agreed (of course) and unknowingly got married to the fox. On the last night of the 10 years, the man told her the story, and the wife turned into the beast.








































    At the beginning, when the noble girl turned blind, the witch doctor had said the first person his daughter sees when she opens her eyes, they will have to feed her liver to the daughter if she wants her to survive. However, the noble knows it is not right to kill another's daughter to save his own, so he brought them into live with him and his family so Han Eunjung can somehow help his daughter of her illness.








































    And the noble girl is sooo stupid for trying to kill someone on her own behalf. What's more ridiculous is her servant! That part ticked me off sooo bad. lol.








































    Btw, that lord's son or whatever, he's sorta cute. keke. YeonYi and him look great together, minus the fact that he looks wayyy older than she does. keke.









  10. ^It's likely that MN is just stalking looking for GW. And those two were definitely hiding. lol.

    JI is so blind with GW! :( Sort of disappointing to watch. Also as I watched EP 7, it was so sad to see TS believe that his psycho mom cared for him. Although his 'glass mask' was wayyyy cuter than the actual mask. =D
























































    Just watched EP 1 and it is really good so far! Not saying this because I am a hardcore Han Eunjung fan, but she is doing fantastic so far.








































    Yeah, the makeup sucks, but it's good a plot overall. lol.








































    YCO is so mean to YY judging by the previews. >_<








































    Can't wait for EP 2~
































































    Seriously has the best art ever. lol. I read volume 8 and it was pretty good.








































    It's getting so good! No offense, but I hated Amy in the novel, and I hate her more in the series. x]








































    Gahh! I love Beth & Ed....but Laurie...<33
















    I translated the character chart. :)


    I am seriously loving this drama so far.




    Nari, the daughter, is really Miran's daughter, and not Gaeun's.






    2. Jungwoo cheated on Gaeun with Miran first, but Miran wanted to expose it all.






    3. Miran and Jungwoo sort of had a secret life together.





    ^lol yep Sarah it was Sunny & Sica :D


    aww Seohyun got the final question wrong. but it's ok :D

    that was actually pretty fun towards the end where everyone get to talk rofl.

    at first i was a bit upset since snsd talked so little but omggg during the 2 games, all of them were hilars!

    Too bad they didn't show their faces. Cause I :wub: Sunsica.


    Aww Seohyun still did really well for going to the finals.

    Can't wait for SGB! ^o^


  15. New Reader

    Add me to PM list please! Haha, it took me

    literally-not exagerating- more than four hours

    to completely catch up with your chapters; but

    I feel it was worth it.

    OMG~ Yekyung and Yuhwan is :wub: Yuhwan is

    seriously the sweetest boyfriend ever in the history

    of boyfriends. ;)

    Kyunghee and Woori are so cute also! But I seriouisly

    wish Kyunghee could be less flirty. lol.

    Update soonj!



    Hyomin and Jessica are two different idols.

    Both eqaully hot, sexy, cute, and much loved.

    We need to stop comparing! Sheesh. <_<



    This is a Hyomin thread. Praise Hyomin here.

    Praise Jessica on her thread. (click on my siggy)

    I love them both so I would like it if ppl stop comparing

    them two. -_-



    Keke. Hyomin seriously has a love for American Brand Items.

    Starting from her caps to her bag. I guess she likes to spend money? keke.

    Cause Ed Hardy caps are like $50 or more.


    Ed Hardy Caps



    Hollister Sweaters




    Marc Jacobs Bag




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