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  1. New stills: source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201902170100090390006774&servicedate=20190217
  2. The scary thing about yi tan right now is not the man himself, but the people supporting him(noron and minister min). It'll be very interesting to see how the writer evolves the conflict from yeoning vs noron+yi tan to after he becomes crown prince then king, where he's struggling against the noron having too much power in the government. In history, I believe the noron hoped to use yeoning as a puppet king(this is why they supported yeongjo/yeoning) to control the government. Of course, it didn't go that way and yeongjo became an effective ruler, though the noron did hold considerable power throughout. I'm of two minds about how to end the love line(either way, it does look like it'll be a very minor part, so those who don't like romance needn't worry, I think). On one hand, it would be cool to have her just keep doing her thing as an investigator. However, given the time period, there's no way she is going to get a higher/more influential position as a woman in that department, and I doubt it would do much good to remain a damo, where she would be bossed around by others, some less capable than her. The only way she'd be ranked is as a court lady in the Naemyungbu(of which the queen is head, comprises all the court ladies of the palace, with various departments/roles). There, she could do a similar line of work as an investigative court lady, like in dong yi, but she would be in charge of inspecting women of the court. Another alternative ending would be for her to become a concubine. Now that may seem like a cliche ending, and seems limiting to yeoji, but given the role of women in those days, this would actually give her the biggest opportunity to really wield influence, though in a different capacity(see: all the consorts in joseon dynasty that became famous one way or another). Sorry for the extended rant. xD
  3. Hm, good thinking, I wasn't thinking of that scene. Though that might also be his reaction to prince yeonryung's death. (also in real life, yeonryung died at age 20.)
  4. @mari_may You're not alone in thinking something bad will happen to chohong...many people are predicting she'll die soon(soon as in some time before the series is over). Possibly by milpoong?
  5. I don't think they did, but in the character descriptions on the sbs site her name is cho-hong.
  6. Gotta add, I love the costumes here. The quality and details are on point. That was my only gripe with crowned clown(which i also love and watch, btw)- there, the fabric and construction is nice looking but some details are a bit off, like the dragon pattern on the royal crest, and the lack of a second gilded band on the queen's skirt. It's a picky thing but I do love how they did the costumes here, though I've heard good things about the costume aspect of this director's past sageuks as well. My favorite is the tiny little haechi(or haetae) figures on the shoulder pads of the saheonbu.
  7. ep 2 ratings: 6.4, 6.9. Last week was 6.0, 7.1. Initially expected a bigger increase, but then again, there's a ton of dramas competing. 2 cable dramas, 3 public for mon-tue. I felt that the response (from article comments) was even better this episode, so hopefully word-of-mouth will spread and it won't be long before we break 10%. Though the crowned clown is also a sageuk, and in the latter stages of its run, so logically it has a big share of the ratings right now.
  8. Yep, there will be a romantic connection (see relationship chart) but I'm also thinking they won't end up together. Which I'm fine with as long as no one dies, lol.
  9. @AlexandraReidIt has 48. All official sources, including the sbs homepage for haechi reports as such. Not sure why articles are saying 32, they must have assumed it was just like the other dramas with 32.
  10. I'm loving how many familiar faces from past sageuks I'm seeing amongst the minor supporting characters that weren't listed. Not looking forward to Prince Yeonryung's soon death why couldn't noh young hak get a more permanent role! I love how they portrayed yeoning's dynamic with his wife. In the drama, she gets mad at chohong for coming into her home, calling her a lowly thing, and of course he hears. In real life, there was an event where he asked why her hands were so pretty and soft(implying she hadn't done work), and his wife answered the wrong way and he misunderstood her as looking down on low class people/insulting his mother. You know, his humble background his relationship with the wife thing. Honestly, though, I feel sorry for her(future first queen of yeongjo). Many people were against him for his background, especially early on, and that didn't work favorably for her for sure either. On top of that, she never received any love or warmth from her husband. Ep 1 thoughts: To be honest, go ara's acting is the weakest link. To be clear, it doesn't detract from the drama as a whole imo, plus she's just surrounded by other people really, really good at their jobs(particularly the veterans like noh young hak). Also, we've seen relatively little of her thus far, so a conclusive judgement is premature. At any rate, ep 1 went above my expectations- I was engaged from beginning to end, without "drifting off"(losing focus during the drama- maybe this has happened to y'all before) at all. Maybe I've just missed historically based political sageuks, lol. Solid start; hope it gets even better.
  11. Real time rankings: 1. Haechi 2. Drama Haechi 5. prince yeoning 6. haechi meaning 8. haechi relationship chart 9. sukjong genealogy 10. prince milpoong LOL they've taken over search early on. I'm not sure how good ep 1 is, but it's getting people talking and curious which is good. Personally, I'll probably keep watching whether it's good or bad for the cast, as long as it's not boring, haha. But of course, all the best to this drama!
  12. Press Conference. The highlight starts at 3:50. This is giving me KBS1 sageuk feels, lol. Cinematography looks great and the supporting cast is especially spectacular.
  13. interview/behind-the-scenes Jung il woo says he and go ara have worked together before in a commercial. Didn't know that; looking forward to their chemistry. While this may not be a traditional sageuk in the strictly-following-history, KBS way, it's been a while since there's been a sageuk with actual historical figures and based on real events, so I really want this to be good!
  14. Just wanted to share a more closeup picure of the one I just posted: While she definitely doesn't suit this overly heavy makeup (but I think the disguise is supposed to be over-the-top on purpose, and a bit comical/clownish to contrast and almost emphasize the boyishness of her usual getup and demeanor), her eyes are just too stunning to ignore, wow. Just had to point this out, lol.
  15. New stills. It's from their first meeting at the gisaeng house, where go ara's character is investigating Prince Milpoong. Looks like she's going undercover in the gisaeng clothes. Comical mole aside(just to make extra sure of the disguise, I guess, ha), she's really a stunning woman. Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003127923
  16. New stills of the other actors! Yay Im Ho!
  17. The details of her character are fictional for sure, but I was thinking the writer loosely based her on Consort Jeong of the Lee Clan- after all, she was his one concubine that he had before becoming heir to the throne. Of course, the actual 정빈 had already had three kids before dying at the age of 26/27, and cho-hong is listed as already being in her late 20s. Though on that note, while the character descriptions say that seo-ssi would be later queen jeongseong, it didn't say anything about cho-hong becoming jeong-bin later, so who knows how much the writer decided to change up the more minor real-life characters.
  18. @gerrytan8063 They also list 초홍, who yeongjo/yi geum meets and brings her in(says so under seo-ssi's description- she gets mad that he did this). presumably she is the one concubine he had before being crown prince.
  19. The pretty epic 19-person image on the homepage: I'm so used to the cheopji hair style (low bun with the little ornament atop the head) in this era in dramas I forgot the big wigs weren't actually banned until during yeongjo's reign. I'm trying to Identify yeongjo's official wife and concubine(whom he had before he was even crown prince), but I can't figure it out... is it the rightmost two women with the lavender skirts?
  20. Aaaand we have our 4th teaser!
  21. Stills of Kim Gab Soo's Sukjong! Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003374006
  22. Finally, some new stills of Park Hoon's character:
  23. Well as a historical set in 18th c. Joseon, it's only logical that most of the cast would be male. Dong Yi was honestly too cinderella-ish for me but it had its strong points that made it a hit. I caught up horse doctor pretty late and was surprised how much I liked it. And yes, kim yi young tends to do a decent job writing the female characters so they're not weak or useless. And looks like from the description go ara's character is said to be capable, so I just hope it's a step up from her previous sageuk performances. It's 48 30-minute episodes. 2 episodes are aired back-to-back a day. 24 hours running time in total. So roughly half the length of kim yi young's past dramas, which I think will be an advantage since she sometimes tends to drag things on too much(one of her main weaknesses as a writer).
  24. Like I said earlier, I was super skeptical about this one because of trust issues with the writer(but keeping an eye peeled b/c of my soft spot for yi san, lol), but now the 3rd teaser has backed up my growing excitement after the 2nd. Really like the politics-heavy tone of this one- looks like it'll be more focused on that aspect and not as much fluffy romance. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate romance in sageuks period, but for epic sageuks(not talking about the miniseries kind like moonlight drawn by clouds and 100DMP where fluffy romance is the main premise) I really need the romance to be tastefully done and be more than a cheap draw for female audiences. Of course we've been promised romance here as well, but it doesn't seem to be as big of a focus like it was in dong yi(which i know many people enjoyed as did I, but I've seen better from kim yi young). If the romance aspect turns out to be good like in yi san, that'll be a bonus. Someone stop me before I get my hopes up too high, lol.
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