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  1. @anony12345 I'm glad he pulled the trigger too. He's been lenient long enough. Now let's see if he'll off Philip as he should for selling him out. Edit: New OST
  2. I think they were friends too and Hyunjin is a replacement of Soohyun's might-or-surely-be-sister. Edit: I'm breathing more easily now because of this lol.
  3. I agree with you @jongski I liked the first episode but this second episode lacked action and thrill/scares. The mood thus far isn't as dark as what I expected from a drama series titled "Kill It" with a lead that kills. I think those who are waiting to judge for second episode might not like this episode either as it's not what you may call it as "flashy" as the first episode and if the first episode didn't catch your interest, then I don't know how episode two will differ. On another note,
  4. At first I wasn't sure if I want to watch it because it's not really my go-to genre but after watching trailer after trailer (thanks to Nana promoing the drama on her IG too), I'm very much interested! And it's mainly because of JKY and Nana's visuals and how gorgeous they look together, like can you even blame the director for gushing over their visuals? No you can't
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