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  1. Only have 1 word for ep 4, OMG (hmm is it 3 words lol). so happy SJK new drama's rating is going up!
  2. Just surprised no one is commenting on this drama. I'm not a fan of this genre, but i started it because of Oho and end up binge watching it. The story line is not bad and enjoyable. Always watching to answer questions that left me wanting to watch more episodes to know the answers. Not sure if it's popular in China and it's not an idol series, but i still surprised I'm still watching it now
  3. Ong Seong Wu (ML) vs Kim Dong Jun (2nd ML), i want 2nd ML to get the girl in this drama. Why? I love both of them, but I feel he's right for WY.
  4. I started this drama because i really like OSW!! but why do i want the FL to be with the 2nd lead. JS does so much for her. Ep 10 is one of the funniest episodes. I couldn't stop laughing with the scenes with LS and JS. If not for WY, they can be good friends.
  5. i started this series because the title caught my attention. To my surprise, i like it after only 2 episodes.
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