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  1. Ep 30 to 32 was OMG!!! Don't understand why this forum is so quiet.
  2. antique necklace was over 950,000 yuan.. in USD it's over 130,000+. And drama did said, he put all his money back into K & K. It was also mention, he was just short for that month. He should be good the next month. Hopefully, he paid back his Younger cousin. kekeke.
  3. Dimash Kudaibergen from Singer 2017 winner. His voice is beautiful!
  4. Episode 33, "CON ARTIST" at his best. With that face, I'll believe anything he tells me!
  5. I agreed this drama did a good job explaining all the missing pieces from the novel. I always blame Su Cheng (novel didn't explain why she did what she did) for causing the breakup of Team Solo. On a side note, I went back to reading the novel again. WOW WOW, in some scenes they took the lines from novel without changing a word!!! They did a great job in the drama. For example the scene with GN, TN and Grunt in the hotel room where GN was telling and Grunt and TN to tell the truth about their relationship. LOL. their expressions were great! When I read the novel now, i can only pictured Li Xian as GN and Yang Zi as TN.
  6. I agreed, he's so mean to her on the 2nd breakup.. sigh. Book didn't have this one. I hope TN punish him when they are back together. It's too cruel for the poor kid.
  7. He's broke because of the antique necklace. He was buying it for his stepmother who is getting married, but TN liked it so he gave it to her. He end up broke because he had to wire the cost of the necklace to his stepmother. GN had to borrow money from DT because it's TN birthday and he wanted to buy her birthday gift. It's all because of TN that he's broke.
  8. I been watching the first 8 ep and I thought i wasn't going to like it, BUT around the 4th episodes, i couldn't stop watching it. It's actually very good. Just wish someone will recap the episodes. My mandarin is so-so.
  9. Thank you, I'm not good with Mandarin so i missed important facts. Going to watch all the episodes with Eng sub! But you are right, book did mention Navi is her husband! i forgot that part.
  10. As for ep 11 and 12, it was interesting that they added parts related to Solo's personal life.. Mo Bao Fei Bao Books didn't really cover this. I always felt it was a mystery about Solo, Su Cheng and Daughter. I never has a good opinion about Su Cheng. I blamed her, but in the drama, I'm starting to feel sorry for her. Really want to know why she's with HSY in K&K.
  11. is it me or do you feel there is no chemistry between DT and Appledog? Please don't get upset. It just my thoughts on this couple.
  12. So far I'm loving this drama. The 2nd episode was powerful since i read the English translation of the books (Thanks to the wonderful translators!) and they did a great job on it. Actually bought tears to my eyes.
  13. The last 2 episodes, I really feel for the ex-husband. I hope he find happiness, because he deserve it too. The actor, Jang Seung-jo did a good job playing the ex-husband. i don't hate him, but sort of pity him.
  14. @thunderman1 try this site - https://novelonlinefull.com/chapter/our_glamorous_time/chapter_80
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