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  1. According to the article below, P.K wrote one of the songs in TIL. He had always been a fan of PK even before they met. Jung Hae In said on the show, “The song felt like it was conveying my own feelings." Paul Kim talked about their friendship as he said, “Jung Hae In suggested that we slowly get to know each other. I wondered, ‘Is he playing hard to get?’ This part cracks me up!! When it comes to love, is he also 'slowly getting to know each other'? https://www.soompi.com/article/1417028wpp/jung-hae-in-and-paul-kim-tell-story-behind-t
  2. @tok-soompiYou posted this before but the link is now broken. Do you remember what song he sang at 2am? Thanks!
  3. Reminds me of this, except this time it was Hae In who got all flustered. HI: Jung In, have you by any chance watched OSN? JM: "I fell in love with the male character in OSN" HI: it's really crazy. Lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CAzvW1JJAW_/?igshid=30ix6s2nhkw3
  4. For her next project, Ji Min would like to act in a medical or legal or suspense genre whereas Hae In, he'd like to do a humanitarian genre and ok with sageuk too. Honestly, for me, I'd like them to act in any genres except for melo and romance if they can't be partnered together. Hahaha If they were to be paired together again, then a melo romance sageuk with 77 episodes (like Yi San except with skinship) would be awesome for me. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKv_-lDJ27Y/?igshid=7frznd4u04b5 Ji Min is so darn cute here. She was too embarass
  5. What sustains my faith in Leeyoo is how vastly different their relationship is as compared to JM with Park Hyung Sik or with Nam Joo Hyuk. She is comfortable in showing off her friendships with PHS and NJH publicly because there is nothing between them. Whether posting their team gathering in her ig story, posting their food cart exchanges, attending PHS's play, etc, she had no qualm in sharing those publicly. She is also not beating around the bush on stating what NJH is meant to her, "a younger bro she wants to care for and a friend whom she wishes to succeed" . I don't think JM is a liar
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKOc1B-J6bp/?igshid=t1u15gy5vz1j The ig owner's song selection is awesome! She/he used this part of the song for the clip "I want to use my last love for you. I would be so happy if my last destiny is you. I want to give you all my heart, if you can stay by my side forever." Ji Hoo: "she (Jung In) will be the last woman in my life."
  7. It takes special photography skills to be able to pull off such amazing effects. Who was she with?? And Who took her photo?
  8. P.S: Many of the news headlines on HJM today mentioned that HJM is 40 years old. I find it amusing when in fact she just turned 38 two months ago. I am fully aware that Korean age is +1 and pass the new year, another + 1. Thus, this is how she ends up being 40 years old. Kids would love to have their age fast forwarded but adults? Lol. Btw, the Allure magazine concept is supposed to be a vampire. In my eyes, HJM is a vampire doll
  9. She is incredibly stunning in the latest pictorials and the vclip in her insta story. Hae In already liked it in less than 2 hours since it was uploaded . he didn't give any other likes on posts less than 24 hrs besides JM's as of now.
  10. And he's a bbq savant thanks to JM, he's been honing his grilling skills ever since she complimented him 5 yrs ago. Hae In's bestie's wife liked an old..old post of JM with her nephew, Roha. She must have browsed JM's ig and found an old photo she liked. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0fKQ3Wnv-I/?igshid=18fb8d4l0i4sh
  11. Fortune Harmony analysis of HJM and JHI. For fun only. Watch it with a grain of salt. https://youtu.be/TlzhOwDYd-o Yes please! Chimek at Puradak Chicken?
  12. @FuyuKyuThank you for the beautifully done MV using one of my fave songs. Hae In's best friend and his wife have liked pictures of JM posted on Jumingyung's ig. I have reasons to believe that the likes might have been given recently. They aren't following Juming and vice versa. Hae In is not tagged on the pictures and the posts were uploaded before they began following JM. Hae in's best friend's wife liked this post of Jumingyung https://www.instagram.com/p/CGwq3TKpxqX/?igshid=1uxo2yyfx03in Hae In's best friend liked this one. https://www.inst
  13. I love how considerate they were of each other's needs. They both are well known for their caring and considerate personality, so no surprise here. She wished she would have skipped a meal to lighten up his burden when lifting her. He replied, you must eat a lot of food for energy & stamina. She said don't worry about making me look good and light, he replied you are not heavy at all. JM claimed that Ji Hoo looks the coolest in this scene. HI claimed in more than one occasions that she was seriously super light. Each puts the other person's needs above his/her own and one of the
  14. Miss Baek - this is a must see JM movie. She earned many prestigious awards for this movie. You can watch on Amazon (prime member is free) and viki. There are other sites you can watch but I would avoid them since they are full of inappropriate ads. Detective K - i also watched it on Amazon . It's free if you are a prime member. King's Wrath (The Fatal Encounter) - Amazon Salut D'Amor - she is only a supporting role but this was the time when HI met JM at a team gathering. They were never on the same screen. I watched it on Dramacool. The
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