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  1. Posted by Peace_art's wife ig story the next day after Peace_art posted OSN pic. Were they playing OSN episodes 2 days in a row?. His wife is showing her halloween craft and it just so happens OSN is playing in the background.
  2. Out of all the celeb photos from W magazine breast cancer charity event last night, Hae in only liked the post of the editor-in-chief that shows Ji Min in it. Hae in follows this W korea editor
  3. Ji Min's latest post PERSONALLY LIKED BY HAE IN AND HIS FRIEND AND HIS MANAGER Cause they've got this undeniable chemistry and genuine connection. Thank you for the great MV. Love it!!
  4. From Hae In's friend, Peace_Art_United ig story he played OSN episode 1 on the big screen. Ji Min and Hae In were tagged. Caption "One Spring Night meets in Autumn" May I say that Peace_Art is a big supporter of Hae In and Ji Min? He is often the early and consistent liker of JM's post. His wife posted a pic with JM last year commenting on ji min's 'glowing' looks. During MBC post ceremony, Ji Min cued hae in that his friend and wife were sitting in the audience and she waived at them with a big smile. Humble and friendly Ji Min.
  5. JHI's stylist who follows JM and routinely likes JM's post can be seen fanning JM in behind the scene cut. I dont know if her boss directed her to fan Ji Min or she took the initiative to do it out of kindness. Another staff was seen fanning Hae In. Either way, it's very sweet to see how closely knit OSN family was. Ji Min's actual stylist was rather busy watching Ji Hoo and Jung In's library lifting scene. https://youtu.be/7qO5qeeBwu0
  6. Yay..Ji Min made her first move. and Hae In reciprocated her move HJM is just too gorgeous in her latest Donginbi. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGTp1jpnTME/?igshid=1027885pu3dzi @Christine Joy SuazoWelcome chingu!! Love all your analysis.
  7. Thanks for keeping our thread moving! It's only a phone away to comfort someone. I hope his busy schedule doesn"t wear him down too much. According to Koreans - no stage greeting is allowed at the moment. All the movies recently released didnt have a stage greeting.ottoke with Josee?
  8. She cried, didn't she? Her eyes are all red. Sweet, sweet Ji Min thinking of her late grandma. my heart goes out to her.
  9. Indeed!! Golden Dew tends to hire top/halyu stars for their model, such as Lee Young Ae, Choi Ji Woo, Honey Lee, and now Han Ji Min. Very proud of her for being selected. Just miss this couple - their bashfulness toward each other's remarks is endearing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFpESPlpLlI/?igshid=1tkk3r8av29fr HJM's sister changed her ig profile photo. I thought the person on her ig was Han Ji Min for a second. Lol HJM and her sister still look incredibly similar even to this day.
  10. My thoughts exactly! Hae In posted his blue sky pic 2 days before she did in her ig story. Neither post had a description, just a pic of blue sky and she liked his post. Maybe it's a way to show the other "I am thinking of you" OMG..too much delusion?. How can I move on from this couple if they keep feeding us crumbs? Lol
  11. Jung Hae In liked all three of today's HJM's ig posts. They are Golden Dew photo spread and CF video. Han Ji Min's unparalleled beauty hopefully makes Hae In's day as much as it makes mine. No wonder actors like Hyun Bin, Jung Hae In, Park Jung Min, and even actress Kim Min Kyung and others have previously named HJM as the prettiest actress. And they all said that after they had met or worked with JM. She is a natural beauty. P.s: Park Jung Min (a brilliant actor) and Jung Hae In were in Start Up movie (2019) so I wonder if they got to talk about their favorite girl
  12. OSN BTS photos from BH Ent. A few of the photos I haven't seen before. There are more in the ig links below. My fave bts photo - resting in between takes. He looks dependable. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFm1SaCJk_a/?igshid=xrnmdc6hfj76 https://www.instagram.com/p/CFm050MJTIA/?igshid=17t5hvw0ft7z https://www.instagram.com/p/CFmz2Z-JXra/?igshid=et1lhz4nr8sq
  13. Han Ji Min liked Hae In's 2 newest posts. hmm..did Ji Min read this forum? Ha. Ha.ha https://www.instagram.com/p/CFl8R7EJ3XH/?igshid=7fvp2uq8cx14 https://www.instagram.com/p/CFl7urXpDZV/?igshid=l1ezdysa39x2
  14. Maybe he only had time to post something and not to check his feed. Or maybe it would be too obvious to like every JM's post as he has been doing. Or maybe he sent her a private message about her nephews' drawings and in return, Ji Min liked his latest post. she rarely likes his post. Hae In's best friend, Jong Gun, and HI's stylist never fail to like Ji Min's ig post. We'll see if he attends Josee movie premiere. Yes, They both seem to appreciate nature.
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