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  1. joo dan tae, seo jin both are so evil, joo dan tae especially. I could become tired of watching when a character is too evil, I want to stop watching, but I'm still very curious. I'm afraid seo jin will become crazy while joo dan tae will having a life sentenced and got beaten in jail. wonder about his sec why he still work with such evil boss joo dan tae, and I think the maid will not working anymore after she received a lot gold. as for su ryeon, I'm afraid she is already dead, I'm so shocked when I read the spoiler before I watch the eps, maybe lee ji ah will played another character. seaso
  2. cant wait to know the ending! and I think one of the character will die too? like the fortune teller said
  3. Rona will have a better school life since she has soek hoon and the pe teacher to help her. thats great I hope things are getting better for rona and OHY. but OHY is working with dan tae? after what dan tae did to his loyal assistant after he made mistake, I think his assistant must resign, that's too scary working with boss like dan tae. dan tae is so evil, the writer didnt give any good things for him (except when he's giving car to OHY) and I think at least he support his daughter (although in a wrong way) when she's asking for help but he's also abusing his daughter? I also not expected th
  4. so true what jukyung unnie said, I laughed so hard, they are like angel right. this drama has perfect casts. at first I think suho/ eunwoo is too perfect, many said that he is beyond "very handsome", when I see it seems like suho like jukyung's when she's ugly I immediately like him and rooting him with jukyung (he is cold with pretty girls but with average/ugly jukyung he's nicer). but after I see more seojun's scene with jukyung I'm starting to like seojun with jukyung too. moon ga yeong has good chemistry with both of them. and I love to see how both of them are fighting over fo
  5. love this drama, eps 1 and 2 already hooked me. I love the main lead, especially the girl character she is so sweet, kind, and funny, while the guy also handsome to the max. can't wait too see next eps. I didn't read the webtoon so I'm so curious how the story developed, but I enjoy watching this, the students at the new school are very funny, love her short haired friend, I think she is cool and a genuine person.
  6. it would be interesting though..when I saw the bts, Lee jia ah and the pe teacher looks like they are flirting with each other because they keep laughing and smiling lol.
  7. but I'm so curious, well maybe just assume that it's Joo Dan Tae and Seo Jin, right? because I think other characters are not very evil to be able to kill a person, not even Eun Byoel. why Logan Lee didn't help her poor sister though, while he is a very wealthy man.. I think I will be tired if they drag the revenge plot too long, if they wanted to make S2 etc can it be other than revenge, maybe about the fake daughter and about the kids going to university and grow up, married etc. I'm so curious who is Jenni's father in the jail? lol Jenni's mom is so funny.
  8. I think secretary Yoon is feeling guilty when his boss wanted to kill the fake daughter and all the bad things, so he decided to help su ryeon, at first I even have assumption like sec yoon is the father of the fake daughter so he betray his boss lol. very curious about the story of the fake daughter when she awakes (she will right since they didn't kill her character), how ro na and the twins will be? (I think the boy like ro na and the girl is like pretending to be nice with her), and who killed seol a. I never watched kim seo yeon in variety show, I only know her evil, scary face and a
  9. @Nodame no you are wrong.. I mean this drama is not healing at all I mean not my usual type of drama.. (I usually prefer healing drama).. but I like high rated makjang like this too sometimes..
  10. Usually I like healing drama, but sometimes drama like sky castle and world of the marriage makes me curious, same things with this drama that keeps me watching, although I always react like "unbelievable,what.."(the scene where ro na choke her neck, how poor min a's life and how the rich so mean esp the man villain, he did so many crimes its afraid to see how he will be punished ) but the fashion, the penthouse all so glamour, also I think the casts are really great too, some humors (I hope to see more humors) and eugene I haven't seen her since many years ago, I think bringing old casts like
  11. Hi everyone.. I'm rewatching TWTWB again and cant move again lol.. anyone too.. also I read news that hye kyo is in talk for drama with lee jong suk and jo in sung with han hyo joo.. I'm so sad this couple had not have a comeback pairing again but at least I hope to see both again in a drama.. jo in sung really gives deep emotions in TWTWB and I've never seen it anywhere else though, he was so absorbed in his role in this drama.. sorry for bad grammar..
  12. me too.. want to see SHK again in drama. jinsoo couple very lovely, I can feel love. both deliver very great emotional acting, wish this couple to reunite again in drama..
  13. cant believe 4 more eps left. things are moving fast. I also think HH at first wanted to help HJ too by tagging him too in his work, but later HJ got more famous and bigger, on contrary HH himself is not progressing and not getting much work to do. is park do ha is managed by tae su from the beginning? or after tae su move to bigger agency then he managed park do ha. I also touched when HJ said he will pay his parents debt and he's still wanted to respect CJ, even the last time they met they wasn't on good term.. sorry for my bad english..
  14. ROY chingus, what is "rain of tribultation" means ? I've read it on earlier post anyway this drama has many cameos so refreshing..wondering about CJ's death too.. why is it because of love, but he has all others though
  15. star in a rising, well Hye Jun will move to a new house, will he take his grandfather or by himself ? but I loves watching their family scenes, although his father said negative things that ruins the moments, but at last his father start to defend HJ. Hyeri will joins as cameo, R88 couple.
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