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  1. lee jiah is very funny. at the interview they said she is the spoiler queen, so it's kind of true lol. but I still not sure its JDT or not. and I think jenny's dad, the man on the plane and JDT is allies? cant wait for s3 to see more of jenny's dad, he looks so cool, actually I don't want to watch again, I even didn't watch some eps in s2 anymore, only watch earlier eps in s2 and eps 13 in hope that they finish it in eps 13. but after I see jenny's dad and new character I'm so curious. so angry the writer "killed off" protagonist character again.
  2. whoa I think aegyo is suryeon, and seo jin I dont know how she can escape dantae, except when she founds that dantae is the real killer, I hope dantae will go down soon in this season dont drag again till season 3. I also hope bae rona is not dead yet, its logan who faked her death.. although little chance of it. feel sad for yoon hee.
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