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  1. when I watched this drama I think moon chae won looks a bit like kim tae hee. and lee jun ki in the past also has similarity with rain (same hairstyle). I think they're perfect for the role as a husband and wife couple.
  2. cant wait to watch eps 4. eps 3 is so intense, very enjoy watching this drama, I think this drama is very good. curious to know more about their past and their family. DHS's father looks scary, his eyes looks like in coraline.
  3. since there's some rumour about this couple being back together, actually I kind of wish it's true. I remember the aritaum adv back then when they were still a couple (I didnt watch WW), I thought they were a very perfect and beautiful couple. but anyways I just wish the best man for her (and me too lol). and I wish to see her again in new drama/movie.
  4. I like this drama, it didn't boring and made me curious what will happens next. I also think all of male characters are interested. Song ji hyo is so pretty and bright, her character also a bright and loud person, different from her real calm traits.
  5. things are getting more exciting really. ikjun and chu min ha really confess, well ikjun is not straight to the point but its obvious, well thats why they always show us how ikjun keeps asking sun hwa to eat together. then suk hyung's mom still loves her husband, thats why his mother dont want to divorce. and where is his father's mistress when suk hyung's father is in coma. I'm also more admiring dr.jang, she works really hard, I think she will become a great doctor like the fab 5, also dr.ahn, chu min ha, and dr.do (he is so funny when he's crying and quickly pretends to be sleeping when jwan enters). sun hwa likes rain? she likes to looking at the rain. she's so cool when she's making a wish to the moon, she didnt wishes anything for her, she is perfectly fine with her condition now. and jwan, he's really madly in love with iksun. about jwon, I think something could happened so jwon could not become a priest, if God dont let it happens because its not supposed to be, first he suddenly fall in love and dont know what will happens later. and today's band's song, I think the lyrics is simple but very romantic. I read above postings about R88, my opinion is at first doek sun likes junhwan, but junhwan keeps hesitating and he is too slow but he also will be fine without doek sun, while taek he needs someone like doek sun in his life seeing how his character, so I think the story is kind of real.
  6. many people commented that this drama going downhill since eps 6 and stop watching, esp since the story is becoming more different from dr.foster (I dont know for sure because I dont watch dr.foster) but I still enjoyed this drama and how they depict marriage world looks like. anyway eps 14 is contained onion btw, but I'm very happy to see the ending, although I'm heartbroken by how sun woo even she remembered how her mother died and have a thought about how joon young could be in her position, but she still wants to suicide, and how da kyung lose control and scold joon young (she judged that joon young is a troubled kid and accused him without asking the truth) and tae oh with the mind of kind of accusing joon young as the reason sun woo's suicide attempt, slap his kid.
  7. actually my biggest stress in this drama is that abusive boyfriend, he's so scary, he doesn't scared of anything, how he chase his ex gf and even "forcing" her to marry him. its a nightmare to get beaten again and live with this kind of man.. and in the end who killed her? about dr.kim somehow I think he's really protecting sunwoo and what about the first time he saw her at hotel? he seems to know her before already. I also agree that divorce is not always the answer (in case where husband cheating). see how sun woo and tae oh still have feeling for each other and how happy they were with their son, later it seems like tae oh loves sun woo more than da kyung. if only cheating husband could confess and ask for forgiveness from their wife, just like jae kyung, he seems to be very sorry and changed, even later wants to granted his wife wish to have a kid.
  8. I also wanted psj in this drama at first, I'm heartbreaking as well.. as both psj and jun ji hyun are my favorite, but its okay maybe its not fit for psj..
  9. I'm very excited about dr.jang and jwon story (I'm on this ship), because dr.jang is inexperience in love (never kissed before), so is jwon (not sure about his past but the one he likes now is God that means he's not interested in any girl). mafia game is the funniest thing! I watched this scene many times. I'm happy seok hyung mother joins them and having a good time, she said she never laughed this hard, so sad to hear that. friends are very precious, glad she finally have that. the ahjussi said she dressed like audrey hepburn lol the ahjussi are very funny as well as jwon's mom. btw I really hate that cold doctor, I wish there are no doctor like him in real world although I know there are.. poor patient.. they already having bad situation have to endure the pain and sickness. having doctors like these 5 is really relieving, when they talk to the patients and their families I feel relieved as well.
  10. I wish its the voiceover of dr.jang who wants to confess, maybe at iksun's house? and jwon said he likes someone, really curious who it is. maybe later we'll see dr.jang's makeover in terms of appearance, as for cold personality I think she's being rational and a very straight to the point type of person, but inside she is warmhearted (like when she's picking maggot), I wish at least one loveline is realized sooner so I wont be too curious every week. I'm very impressed with woman like SH, she's like wonder woman, she solves problems very fast, she's good at talking to people and she parks her car very pro, how can a woman like her still single, I bet many men adore her, not to said many mom must be wishes for a daughter in law like her. U-ju is so cute, I really love hearing him talking. he's a smooth talker too like his dad. and me too, I love many funny scenes in this eps, jwon's brother is very funny and how her mother angry at his wish to become a pasteur.
  11. I'm still on eps 3 though.. I'm curious as to what makes dr.jang so popular? like how many doctors line up wanting her to assist in their operation? she doesn't look like the popular type.. also its so sad the patient died a day after he's being discharged and left his little son and young wife.. and when the baby holding one of the twins fingers, I'm melted..
  12. the story theme seems so interesting, its about helping people who wants to suicide? I really look forward to it. and add park seo joon- hot charming actor- and jun ji hyun - the very beautiful goddess- as the main cast? I really hope this cast would come true.
  13. I'm so sad about what happened to the mistress at the end, she used to had good option by leaving for London and have her art gallery there but instead she got back to the guy she didn't love and who abused her, not to said that she also can't be together with the guy she loved. and also.. its hard for me to understand what mr.song said to kevin jung about issume being a holding company that makes kevin jung interested?
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