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  1. I'm actually happy that Mao Ni didn't make SS the most beautiful, it's too generic and predictable. Plus I like to see actress's that look more unique on screen, I honestly couldn't tell the women apart in Yanxi palace because they all looked really similar. And you would wonder whether NQ loves/chooses SS again because she is the most beautiful.
  2. LOL yes the real-life ending, it got me wondering if Mao Ni is married and this is his experience of marriage, it doesn't just fade out to happily ever after like Kdrama, or like some other dramas where they just hug all day staring into each other eyes LOL Good point, I'm glad SS is not intimidated by YHY like in the drama with MSS. This confused me, but by the way, NQ sneers at YHY after the kiss he is doubtful that MSS would ask YHY to kiss him on behalf of her. I also think YHY wanted to kiss NQ. LOL NQ want to kiss again I do think YHY has some romantic interest in NQ. LOL temptations are all around. I'm not sure, I assume they are together or are getting together? Yeah when NQ said The person who shouldn't have left has left, the person who should have left is still here. I wasn't sure who he was referring to MSS, YHY? But I think he is referring to little maid SS leaving and Haotian SS remaining. Yes, that's another complaint I have with NQ he is always dissatisfied with SS's appearance, first, she was dark, skinny and short, then she's plump (tall and white the opposite of what she was, I assume she changed because NQ was always mocking her for being dark and skinny). Now it's her waist is too thick They really emphasised this in the drama as well, first he compares her to coal, then to a mudfish, then the scene with SS's parents where he said she's not white enough to be a pearl and even when he gave her the hairpin he had to say see you can look pretty if you dress up, SS looked so sad, like she knows she's not pretty, stop rubbing salt into the wound. When SS offers to make him noodles he thinks She didn't leave at all, she never left. So his SS is still there deep down. Yup need to put in effort to make each other happy.
  3. LOL the purpose of MSS is to show that for some men it doesn't matter if they are married to the person they love temptation still exists, they will always looks at pretty girls, compare them to their wife and maybe have a daydream or two. As long as they don't take action on those daydreams then that's all they will ever be. And maybe to remind us that some women will go after married men LOL
  4. I read this a few weeks ago but was a little reluctant to translate it because it annoyed and confused me, broke the fairytale-like ending that I imagined haha. But I'm interested in what you guys think. Continuation of the last chapter 1118 Pushing open the door of the Old Brush House, inside there is a guest. The girl wears the scarlet coloured divine robes of the Adjudication, if it isn't Ye Hong Yu then who is it. Ye Hong Yu says directly to Sang Sang: I have a few words to say to him. Do not eat vinegar (means Don't get jealous). SS: I eat dumplings only with soy sauce. (LOL) YHY says with a face without showing emotions: I heard that you rewarded the boss of the sour and spicy noodle soup stall at the end of the street with a gold brick? SS holds the green/blue-furred dog (also can mean black-greenish furred dog), walks towards the back yard. (LOL is SS ignoring YHY) YHY: Is this the women who you wished to marry even if it meant the entire world would be destroyed? YHY looks at NQ and taunts: Takes the pair of children and throws them into the Scholars Mansion. Every day she hugs the blue/green-skinned dog goes outside strolling around everywhere, like an upper-class lady, did FuZi know about this. NQ helplessly spreads out his hands, because it can't be explained. YHY: Let's talk about the main topic, I want to leave. NQ is silent, even though he knows this matter is inevitable, his mood is still somewhat complicated. YHY takes out a letter, handed it to him and said: I and she were together, this is her letter to you. She here is naturally referring to MSS. NQ receives the letter, glances towards the back yard, and then stuffs it into his sleeve. You're so worthless, YHY taunts. NQ is angry and says if you are like this again then you and I will fall out. YHY reaches out a hand seizes his face and says I will help you to fall out. NQ uses his Heavenly divine finger (similar to CPP finger power?) to stab her in the chest. YHY suddenly goes forward and hugs him. His hand fell on her chest. Her lips fall on his lips. Very soft, very bouncy, very wet, really want to kiss again. At the same time, NQ is thinking this YHY has already returned to her original place. She looks at him and says with a face without expression: I helped MSS bring you this. NQ looks at her lips, sneers and says: Well, only if she kissed you first. YHY slightly angry says: it's the thought/intentions that count (bringing the feelings/intentions), you don't understand? NQ is suddenly silent and says Take care (meaning goodbye). YHY is also silent. After a long time, YHY says, there used to be a saying in the cultivation world, The joys and sorrows of two worlds can't be connected if they can get along together well, then it will be saint-like.....NQ are you a saint? (to be honest, I'm getting confused where is this going, is YHY saying that if NQ can tolerate/get along with SS then he's a saint??? WTF why is YHY even sticking her nose in other people's business, she's like a disapproving mother in law). NQ quietly looks at her and says you are a saintess. YHY smiles slightly and says you are still as shameless as you were then. NQ bows with clasped hands to express thanks. YHY: You have said that the Universe is very big, it is difficult to meet. YHY: But I hope we meet again in another world. NQ: Wait until the children are older, after big brother and third sister(?) have settled that matter, we will come (visit). YHY sighs and says: You two both husband and wife don't know how to bring up children, why use this as an excuse? NQ is very ashamed and says: Kiss San San two more times on behalf of me, or perhaps, should I kiss you again? The person who shouldn't have left has left, the person who should have left is still here. (Don't worry this question is answered below) NQ sits beside the bed, looks in the box at the thick stack of letters, quietly thinking. SS looks at him says with indifference: Who is the one who shouldn't have left? Who is the one who should leave? Me? NQ reacts, whatever I am thinking she knows it all. He suddenly felt that living this kind of life, actually completely lacks meaning. And can cause too easily misunderstandings. Sure enough. Today in the Royal court, you looked at the girl on stage, you think I don't know? Gee, that waist is slender, delicate, flexible........If you like, go and touch it ah! Now the Red sleeves brothel is managed by Xiao Cai, Mrs Jian's ban from before has already expired, if you like, you can touch as you wish, I will have Xiao Cai pick the most popular one for you. SS is hugging the blue/green-furred dog and keeps talking non-stop. NQ: Enough! NQ: slaps the table and stands up (idiom means unable to take it any more): I silently praised her slender waist a little, how did I provoke you! The rims of SS's eyes are slightly wet: You dislike that my waist is thick. NQ is depressed, doesn't know how to explain, steel's one's heart, bluntly breaks the jar and says loudly: Does this have anything to do with the waist? I dislike that you are not willing to cook now! Won't wipe the table! Won't pour me water to wash my feet! Won't save money! Spending money every day! Only walking around with a dog in your arms every day! Frequently displaying an expression of indifference! You have to understand, you are my wife now! You are not some kind of a Haotian big Master. SS cries and says: NQ, you lied. NQ is somewhat panicked, says when did I lie. SS sadly says: That day I said I would not wait upon you any more, you said in the future you will wait upon me. That's right, this is Chang An city, where the old and new worlds intersect, the first words she thought of was really important to her. What is mysterious is after that day, SS really forgot everything about how to do household chores. NQ observed for a long time in secret, unexpectedly discovered that it was real/genuine, it wasn't that she was lying to herself. SS changed into a lady who only hugs her dog and goes strolling everywhere. So before, he really didn't know how to explain to YHY. He sighs and says: You have to learn to do something? SS didn't listen to anything (nothing went in), sadly said: You just dislike that my waist is thick. NQ is silent for a long time, said in a low voice, OK, I admit it, it is a little, you already gave birth to the children a long time ago, I originally thought that you will slim down, the result......... SS turns around walking towards the Old Brush House (going outside). NQ stands up and asks anxiously: where are you going? SS doesn't turn around and says: I'm going to the Scholar Mansion. NQ is furious, he picks up the clothing pole from the courtyard, rising up. You dare to run away from home again, see if I don't beat you! SS didn't pay him any attention and walks directly straight out. A moment later, the sound of closing doors could be heard through the shop. NQ is startled standing in the same place, was very worried, hurriedly went to change clothes, preparing to go out and block her way, but because he was too nervous and uneasy, it took half a day and he couldn't put on his shoes. When he manages to put on his shoes, raises his head and looks, SS is next to the door. She was wiping away tears, then said: NQ, are you hungry? I will boil some noodles for you to eat. She didn't leave at all, she never left. NQ walks up, holds her hand and enters the kitchen. He starts to teach her how to cook from new, how to cut spring onions, how to fry eggs. Like many years ago. This is not difficult, right? This is very happy, yes? The bright moonlight shines on the new world, shines on the Old Brush House. On the courtyard wall, there is an old cat lying lazily. The End LOL Is Mao Ni making a comment on the change in the role of women in the past and in the modern world? Or the change in women before and after marriage? Well even though SS goes through so many changes from little maid SS to Haotian SS to SS who doesn't do housework at least NQ sticks by her side since SS is SS. How does NQ know Haotian SS is still his SS? NQ compares the moon to silver teals and without even a second of thought, Haotian SS readily agrees that's how NQ knows SS is still SS. LOL
  5. LOL I just realised I have a very specific type of character that I like and get attached to. The characters I like the most are Sang Sang, Chen PiPi, FuZi, Tang Xiao Tong and Jun Mo. The adorable and super powerful type like Fei Liu from Nirvana in Fire.
  6. Skipping to the last part of the last chapter 1118. A carriage on the street outside the house is slowly moving in the direction of the 47th Lane. NQ: It was really difficult to get PiPi to refine a new Heavenly Pill, why did you secretly throw it into his cup of tea? You weren't worried that he would take the cup and pour out the tea? SS: If it was someone else who poured him the tea he may have poured it out, but it was his sister in law who poured him tea, why would he not drink it. How many people in this world have the qualifications to have Haotian pour them tea. Although that guy always likes to act cool, confident and at ease, but don't forget his famous words: If Heaven allows me, then I can live..........do you hear, that is a form of politeness to you. (I think they are talking about Chao) NQ: That also makes sense, only why did you want me to particularly pour him tea today? SS: Because of that bowl of fried egg noodles, let's count it as I owed him. It is reasonable. NQ: When is your man me unreasonable? SS: You are not Second senior brother. Hello, can you not mention that cold-blooded and expressionless broken armed/one-armed man? (Did 2nd bro break his arm?) Inside the carriage, the conversation continues, right until they stop in front of the Old Brush house doors. NQ and SS get down from the carriage. SS is still plump like before holding in her arms a .............blue/green-furred dog. Stopping in front of the Old Brush house door, SS looks to the night sky, asks in a soft voice: is this the world you came from? NQ: It should be. SS looks at NQ and asks why are you so sure? NQ points at the round bright moon in the night sky and says because there is a moon. These words are actually very unreasonable but aren't the disciples of the Book Academy like this? SS asks in this world the Heaven and Earth Primordial Qi is even now escaping to the outside and is being lost, in the future there will inevitably be a day when it will have all drained away. Have you ever thought when that day comes what would you do? NQ: I think at that time, humanity perhaps will have already left here. SS is silent for a moment then asks are you willing to give it up? Our home is here. NQ takes her into his arms, looks at the night sky and says the journey of humanity, of course, should be the sea of stars.
  7. At least Fuzi, 1st brother, 2nd brother and 3rd sister can to some degree see bits and pieces of possible futures although none can see the whole picture. The reason why 1st brother was so pushy in getting MSS and NQ together was that he was trying to prevent something bad from happening which he knew involved SS. Fuzi had taught them that trying to prevent something that hasn't happened yet from happening is stupid. And that once you glimpse that future then it will no longer be the same because people will do something to change it. 2nd brother remembered Fuzi's teaching that's why he thought 1st brother was being unfair towards SS. I initially thought that 1st brother was trying to separate NQ-SS to prevent the suffering NQ would go through or separate SS from NQ so that SS would be easier to kill. But later in the novel, it said that 1st brother wanted to keep SS away from Fuzi because he had some inkling that SS would cause Fuzi to ascend/die. That's why 1st brother doesn't like SS. In the drama they didn't show any of this the only clue they gave was when NQ was punished in the cave and SS's cold illness is acting up and she's running around. When 1st brother learns that SS's cold illness is acting up he gives her a weird look and that's it. I think maybe Mao Ni made MSS-NQ relationship ambiguous to stimulate discussion and see if we can come to a consensus on whether it is acceptable or not. Once it's thoroughly discussed we can all move onto the Letting go state LOL after reading everyone's views I'm almost there. I think NQ's inaction towards MSS even when she's throwing herself at him pretty much shows that his heart is firmly with SS. And if not for SS picking up the letters from MSS all of them would be in the bin thrown away by NQ.
  8. So this is just a summary not word for word because it would take way too long LOL and may contain mistakes since some of it is difficult to understand. Continuing chapter 1116. She is very weak but she is still Haotian, when she decided to handle this matter, the whole world could feel her will, more accurately NQ took her will and informed the whole world. They tightly hug each other, similar to that night many years ago. At that time they came back from the Kai Ping market, the first time that NQ saw books about cultivation, felt a sensation and then fell asleep, like usual holding her tightly in his arms then dreaming, in the dream he saw the ocean. This was NQ's initial awareness. As long as SS is in his arms, he can perceive the whole world. At the same time, the whole world can perceive him. In Xi Ling, Xiong Chu Mo and He Ming Chi die. Whoever NQ says must die, will die. The world is bathed in a dazzling and blinding light, so blinding that the world can not be seen clearly. So blinding that even the Doaist and Ye Hong Yu must narrow their eyes. SS's will arrives with the cool breeze onto the stage. The middle-aged Doaist understands, he knows that she obtained new life, he can't help but feel unbounded sorrow/regret. Protecting the world for countless tens of thousands of years, you have worked hard. Ye Hong Yu also understands, with a raised eyebrow she says you pair of idiots. MSS stands beside her, face pale and silent. In a small village, the butcher puts down his blade, but Jun Mo still holds onto his iron sword. This is the biggest difference between the two. The butcher knows that this war has developed to a stage where he can't intervene, and can only let go. But Jun Mo is actually thinking that if little brother and the girl die then they didn't beat the DMSL and it would be his turn to fight. Nobody can command the entire world, Fuzi also can not. He only resisted Haotian on behalf of the human world silently for a thousand years. The matter which NQ must do is to attempt to lead the entire world's will. What kind of will would it be? The sun is burning, the deep blue sky soon turns a pure white. The light is blinding only a few people can still open their eyes. The light is making people hot, the entire world is covered with heat, the snow melts and the woods burn, the ice sheets in the cold Northern territories show signs of melting. It's too hot. So hot that it's not possible to sweat, so hot that it's not possible to breathe. People open their windows. The heat is unbearable. The world experiences cold and heat at the same time. It didn't matter if you lived by the river or next to the ocean, it didn't matter if there was wind or not, nobody could evade the heat wave, the whole world turned into an iron house, outside the house endless firewood was being burned, hot and stuffy to the extreme. Will, is just like a way of thinking, just like a wish to do something. Currently, all the people living in the world would all like a cool breeze, they want to push open the windows, open the doors, if the iron house does not have windows and doors then they can only break it. NQ perceives the thoughts of hundreds of millions of people, this is the will of the people. The psychic power of hundreds of millions of people, it didn't matter if it was from the other end of the world or from the edge of the ocean, it all headed towards Chang an entering the God stunning array. NQ simple cannot withstand this magnitude of psychic power. SS takes the formation core pestle from his hand. The psychic power from every place in the world enters her body through the formation core pestle. She is NQ's Life Object. What she has is what he has. To be continued......
  9. Hi hi I will try to decipher this a little although I have only quickly skimmed it so there may be mistakes. I am reading the machine translation from this website https://lnmtl.com/chapter/ever-night-book-6-chapter-1116 and if you press the ZN button at the top right-hand corner the original Chinese appears below the machine translated English. So I read a couple of chapters before and it seems that the Dao Sect Monastery Lord (DSML) has tracked down all 7 scrolls of the Heavenly scriptures and knows all the secrets of how Haotian and the world came into existence. Since Haotian was extracted from the Chaos and was chosen to be a god by the people the scrolls also contain the knowledge of how to take away that godship ( the gold dust coming out of SS's body) and throw Haotian back into the Chaos. Or even transfer that godship to someone else, I think the Dao Sect Monastery Lord wants to be the next god. So the DSML is stripping away SS's godship and he can't be stopped, NQ doesn't know how he can stop the DSML. NQ is hugging SS and SS is getting weaker and weaker as she's losing her godship. Unless it's Fuzi who has reached the No-Rules state then nothing can be done. NQ is not at this state and there may never be a second person at the same level as Fuzi in the world again. NQ thinks that if it's like this then he can only try to break this world. But nobody has done this before, Master Lotus tried in the past in a simple and bloody way. But the destruction of the old world means Sang Sang will die since they are linked. They had explored this question in the past but had not found a third option. Letting Sang Sang die will save the world. But NQ will not do it, he is not a virtuous maniac, if he was he wouldn't have carried a sick SS on his back running and hiding throughout the world killing innocents. NQ remembers a poem Life is precious, Love is even more so but for freedom, both can be thrown away. For freedom, Jun Mo would definitely willing to die, Ke Haoren already died, Ye Hong Yu would definitely throw away love for freedom, Lotus Master has already thrown away. NQ doesn't want to throw anything away. He's always been very greedy, shameless and stingy. How does he save SS and save the world? Sang Sang suddenly reaches out both arms and hugs NQ tightly. The golden god particles are still seeping out of her body but are trapped between their bodies. A warm strength enters NQ's body he grasps the pestle (the thing Master Yan Se gave him) and the particles spread over Chang an city. Sang Sang asks NQ to try and he may succeed, I think SS has already decided to save the world, instead of herself and is asking NQ to do something with the pestle (write some word or talisman that he hasn't been able to until this point). NQ thinks back to the many times before in the Min mountains, in Wei City and in Chang an. It didn't matter if she was a so-called little maid or whether she was Haotian, in the end, all of the decisions were made by her. She has decided but today NQ is not obedient as previously. NQ: You will die. SS closes her eyes and says it is enough that you have accompanied me all these years. NQ asks if SS is afraid SS answers that she is afraid. NQ says that he will accompany her (to die). NQ says when they were at the Lan Ke Temple he said that if she died then he would not want to live and would accompany her to die together. SS asks will we meet in the next life? NQ asks when did we first meet? SS answers wasn't it that day you picked me up? NQ: no it was the day when you were just born. The day I killed the manager and the little Master in the woodshed and hid in the well. I didn't dare to come out for a long time when I crawled out I was very hungry, I went outside looking for something to eat and then I saw you. SS: so it was like this. In Hong Lian Temple, I was about to be killed by Long Qing, I was next to the carriage, you were inside the carriage, there was only half a step between us, I thought that if we were reborn in our next life like this with only half a step between us then it would be convenient for me to find you. You see, I have never doubted that we would meet in the next life. Because Heaven has destined us to be together forever. SS: this is the most hackneyed and moving lovers talk. NQ: It only needs your agreement. Heaven's destiny is exactly her will. SS: I am willing. After she arrived in the human world, she forgot how many times she wanted to cry. But it seemed that each time it was connected with this man. NQ: are you still scared? SS: Still scared but together with you, I'm OK. Waaa this is so moving ahhh squeeeeee the feeeeels
  10. I was looking for the yoda translation and just found this thread haha. To be honest I kinda lost interest in the last few (maybe more) episodes of the drama LOL there was not enough Sang Sang and when she was there she was practically mute. Comparing Sang Sang (and as a drama as a whole) from the episodes before the wilderness arc and during/after the wilderness arc the difference in quality and characterization is noticeable I wonder if they switched out the A team for the B team production wise. After reading MSS's second time kissing NQ I became less forgiving of MSS. I even had the thought is MSS a “白莲花” means “white lotus blossom” The term “white lotus” is Internet slang that refers to someone, usually a woman, who pretends to be sweet and innocent while is often engaged in manipulation and scheming. (the reason she wears white all the time haha or have I been reading too many web novels recently) I'm also conflicted with NQ I can't like him as a character 100%, when the main dish (prime rib) runs away he does everything to get her back but once he's got the main dish back he has too much time and starts thinking about this and that side dishes (pickled lotus root and stir fried anchovies) LOL I think Haotian Sang Sang's goal was to break her connections with humanity so she can go back to Heaven by repaying back all the people who have been nice to human Sang Sang by giving them immortality but NQ doesn't want immortality so she tries to repay him in this way by giving him MSS. Ahh I also have a nagging feeling that they may switch out SYR once she transforms to Haotian Sang Sang.
  11. I'm mostly OK with the changes made in ep 47/48. Overall the tone is lighter more comedic but there are some moments that convey similar feelings to the novel. I think they are holding back on the feelings of loss and desperation for the final battle with Xia Hou. What I didn't like too much SS cried too much. Spoiler translation for ep 47 more for ep 47 ep 48 for the MoSangs more for ep 48
  12. Yeah it was like SS's heart broke but she's not quite sure why. I want NQ to see how well CPP is treating SS and see that SS is liked by a lot of people as well.
  13. They are asking questions based on this weeks episodes for a chance to win a prize the black thing in the picture. The rest is the broadcast schedule and VIPs get 6 episodes in advance. Some of the questions
  14. I love everyone's discussions it helps me to understand and accept the reasoning behind the drama changes better Thank you!
  15. Spoiler translations for ep 45 for some reason I watched in the wrong order More spoiler for ep 45
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