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  1. With and without glasses. Both are sexy~ Oh I'm team glasses and definitely team facial hair. This combination is lethal to me. KJS makes me weak LOL. Sequels usually take at least a year to be released right? They never planned for a Season 2 so I don't know what other topics could be explored tbh, but I feel like a Season 2 might get a better reception if they promoted the drama better and maybe did something about the timeslot? Also, all I ask is for proper subs if it happens.
  2. I love the fanmeet pics. KJS is just such an attractive man, and he seems like such a lovely person too. I love how it's become tradition for the PM guys to attend one another's fanmeet, the bromance is adorable! Anyway, this isn't a shipping thread so I'm not inclined to turn it into one. I just wanted to say though, that every one of those guys who appeared on RM, and most especially JSM, know how to work variety. Call me a cynic, but I'll be surprised if any of those 'feelings' were real at this point. The guesting was a good promotion for TSYB though, so if season 2 is in the works... Well at least the PD knows people love the KJS and JSM pairing. KJS definitely got the most attention out of the guests, and for good reason. He worked really hard.
  3. @heyyoooo Real life's kept me busy Tbh I don't think he has a problem with the friendzoning, just seems like he was surprised she thought he was ignoring her. I think he also mentioned in his fanmeeting that he took care of her, but it was probably not up to her standards LOL. Again, this is according to my rubbish Korean. But so sensitive, this man. She and a few other TSYB cast sent a video message for his birthday though, so all's still good. Am I the only one who thinks KJS and JSM are purely platonic though, which is why they're so comfortable with each other? I actually think he overdid the jealously angle, but he made it very fun. Loved the bromance with the two other guys as well ♥
  4. Hello guys, looks like I missed a lot when I was gone. So first things first, happy birthday to the man! Not like he’ll read it here, but you know, just putting this out there I saw the drama casting news too and hmm I don’t know how I feel about it. Let’s see if he accepts. He’s also going on My Ugly Duckling, you say? Looks like he won over someone in the SBS entertainment department after his RM stint haha. Guess I’ll have to watch the next ep then But anyways, his RM guesting was SO CUTE. How is he so sweet? Can I be JSM please. Girl living the life over there, what a happy birthday to have! She deserves it anyway, I love that the guys all came for her. I knew JSM and KJS had chemistry but whoa they’re so good together. What a talented pair. I’m surprised at how comfortable they are with each other, she was definitely most comfortable with him. They're so similar? No wonder they were so good in the drama. Anyway, I nipped in to the TSYB DC gallery, and apparently KJS talked about his guesting. Here’s where you have to rely on my sketchy understanding… but I believe what was mentioned (please note I’m relying on my rubbish Korean lol) was that he wanted to appear on RM because of what she said about him on Happy Together. I think he also mentioned he wanted to come on right? He must have been stumped but I guess the gist is that he didn’t ignore her and he wanted to speak to her about it? I guess she was just trying to deflect any dating rumours but it came off wrong, maybe? Or he inadvertently ignored her? I think they spoke about this on RM, but it was unfortunately mostly edited out. Can I just say that he got massive response to it though? So many views, likes, upvotes, comments on Naver calling him a sweet guy, he's handsome (how is this news to us? haha) that him and JSM look good together etc. I'm guessing he'll definitely get offers off the back of this guesting (oh hello My Ugly Duckling!) Also, the KJS-JSM-HSJ trio? Never thought I'd see it on RM in a million years. I love those three I want moreeee. Oh also. I just knew KJS would bring up the kissing scene topic but I cringed so hard when he really asked. I felt so awkward on JSM's behalf when he asked how HSJ performed Not something you'd ever want to be asked, he could have done without it, but she was diplomatic. This was longer that I planned lol but the long and short of it is that I'm glad we get more of KJS onscreen, I'm looking forward to his next project.
  5. I'M HERE I'M HERE. Thank you Running Man, for making my Jiseok-Somin-Seokjin meeting a reality in the form of a makjang roleplay. I squealed when I saw HSJ in the preview! The 'date' in this ep was less cringey than I thought, Somin and Jiseok are adorable! I don't see any sparks there, but they definitely seem close. I love them Tbh I didn't expect such overwhelming positive response to Somin and Jiseok, all the trending articles/topics etc. Wouldn't be surprised if they get paired up again in another drama. I wouldn't mind if it happens a few dramas down the road. Not too soon please.
  6. Oh I watched the RM preview again and I just realised this is for JSM's birthday. So like, where do I sign up for such birthday presents? I know I'm going to cringe so bad, but since they're going to be roleplaying or whatever I bet it'll be ridiculously dramatic lol. JSM is hilariously unpredictable and her roleplaying skills are second to none, so I can't wait! I just hope KJS gets to interact with the other RM members too.
  7. LOL I have to say, my initial reaction when I saw the preview was to cringe. Hard. But then I read this and I can get behind the storyline, it seems fun. https://www.soompi.com/article/1314190wpp/watch-jun-so-min-enjoys-romantic-date-with-kim-ji-suk-after-locking-up-running-man-cast-in-new-preview I just hope Jiseok stays for the entire episode, and they don't get rid of him once the other members escape or something. PLEASE.
  8. @heyyoooo It's funny because I remember that particular episode but I don't remember KJS at all lol. I watched clips of that ep recently though, thinking "how could I forget about him?"
  9. Haha why do I think she wouldn't care? Although she might play it up for the cameras. I watched the previous ep of RM where LSY appeared, and it actually seemed like she friendzoned him than the other way round, despite what she said on Happy Together lol. The members are definitely going to tease them, and although I know JSM plays that concept on RM I hope they don't go the whole loveline route. Ahhh I'm just happy to see KJS, they're going to be so funny! He's finally back on TV, I'll catch up with PM when I have time later
  10. Brilliant! I've missed him on PM and I'm so happy to see him back, but that RM guesting came out of nowhere? I guess he's had enough of his break lol.
  11. Guys, doesn't this seem like KJS? Because if so, guess who's guesting on Running Man!!! Lol I can't wait for hilarity to ensue.
  12. I have no idea, don't think they mentioned. I feel like he just took a well-deserved break, maybe went on holiday? Oh cool. Isn't that his birthday as well? How cute to be spending it with fans awww
  13. Guys guys guys! KJS is coming back to PM FINALLYYYYY http://www.osen.co.kr/article/G1111094730 [OSEN=Reporter Park So-young] 'Nobbley' Kim Ji-seok has returned to the 'problematic man'. According to OSEN's report on the 7th, Kim Ji-seok recently joined a TVN recording titled "Questionable Man" to announce the return of gold. Earlier, he left the program for a while because of a shoot on TVN's Top Star Yubaek Island. After five months, he returned to the team with great performances, and worked with Jeon Hyun-moo, Ha Seok-jin, Tyler, Lee Jang-won, and Park Kyung. Kim Ji-seok was loved by viewers for his nickname "Brain Belly" in "Questionable Man." He is a key member in charge of the program's laughter and fun, as well as its smart anti-war charm with unique touch and cheerful grass. Lol at the translation but YESSSS I've been busy so I haven't been able to visit this page, but been looking out for his news heh.
  14. Oh cool thanks for letting me know @triplem. I'm not big on such things but if I wish to join I'll be in touch with a message (and my phone number/contact details so oppa can hit me up LOL)
  15. Hello guys! Real life's kept me really busy but just nipping in for a bit to say I wish we had updates on what KJS has been up to. I hope he returns on PM soon, I wonder what's been happening on that front hmm.
  16. Another interview from the director. Kind of long so I've added it in the spoiler: So JSM contributed to the idea of the wild wolf scenes? LOL why am I not surprised. I loved those scenes, she was great in them! Interesting that she was cast first. Director did well in his casting. I adored all the actors and I love how involved our leads were with their ideas, thoughts etc. Tbh I have mixed feelings about a Season 2. If they have a solid script and the cast willing to reprise their roles then great, otherwise I'll be satisfied with what we have now. Seems like the Director is on the same page, so if we do get a Season 2 I reckon it'll be good. If we don't get a Season 2 then I'd love for JSM and KJS to meet again in another drama, they have so much chemistry and I just want to see them grace my screen and create something beautiful together again.
  17. @triplem Yes he seems to come from a sweet family. I watched that ep where his brother was a guest on PM too. Their parents raised them well, lovely smart kids. I think I read somewhere that both his parents hold pretty high positions in organisations? So he comes from a pretty affluent family, but that's not surprising considering he studied in the UK. Elite boarding schools don't come cheap. I feel like I read in one of his recent interviews that he's planning to rest for a bit from acting. Just a break of sorts, I reckon. But I can't find the article anymore so I can't be certain I recalled correctly. Does anyone know which day they film PM? I saw his stylist's IG story saying 'Hi CJ Studio'. Do they film PM at CJ E&M Studio? Perhaps he's resuming filming today? Just grasping at straws here because I want him back on PM soooon LOL.
  18. Sorry been busy and just saw this. I popped by the DC gall and they're as curious as us. I wonder what this is? And if he's the only one involved in the promotions? They mentioned April in the one of the hashtags though so let's wait and see. He is such a good son. He seems like the kind who grew up with love and was brought up well. Brb packing my bags Also I like JSM's answer, she's so witty. I mean I would personally choose Jiseok in a heartbeat but looks like these two really don't want baseless dating rumours and I respect that. But like us, she thinks he's sexy. Same Somin, same. Also hope I'm not to late to wish a happy CNY to those who celebrate it!
  19. So Director-nim had an interview (there are 3 articles) and it seems like he wants a Season 2 too? Let's see if this ever happens, I like that it's not totally out of the question! He has high praises for the actors, especially KJS and JSM, so heartwarming to see that they're all close. It was nice that those two had quite a bit of say in their scenes, and looks like they took their ideas and ran with it. One thing though, seems like Director is a fan of 'analog romance' (innocent pure love?) hence we didn't get any particularly steamy kisses. Director-nim, if we get a Season 2 could you please reconsider your thoughts? Presenting translations of the day. They're not too bad: Edit to add: @topstarubdvd Thanks for all your effort! I added the translations here and just saw your post.
  20. I'm with you @triplem I think she would be grateful for it too, especially since she was shipped to death with LKS on RM even after she denied dating rumours with him. I'm sure she wouldn't want to be burdened with another baseless rumour and KJS was just being considerate of her. I suspect they're just disappointed shippers turning on him, actually. Idk. There are not many of them anyway, but I don't understand why some would harp on this since he praised her very highly and it all sounds genuine. Anyway, on a happier note look at this *melts into a puddle of goo* Wonder who she is, his niece perhaps?
  21. @joonminfan Yeah I hope he meets the right woman if he hasn't already, and settles down. He did say he wants to. That situation you mentioned sounds messy. I didn't follow the news scene in the past so I have no idea what happened. Anyway this time too I saw quite a few comments on Naver criticising him for the way he said it's not JSM. I can't be sure if it's just the reporter's provocative headline or oppa's phrasing here that was the problem, but whatever the case I agree he should be careful when addressing his female co-stars.
  22. I think joining his fanclub is the surest way to gain entry to his life lol. He seems to meet them pretty often. Wait for me oppa! How convenient that he speaks English, yes? Communication wouldn't be an issue You could be right about the non-celeb gf thing. Based off their bts interactions, I always got the vibe that he and/or JSM were dating someone else, and him making quite a strong statement saying he's not dating her kind of strengthens my suspicions. They did such a good job on the chemistry front though. Such a pretty drama OTP. Also, watching that video makes me miss him and Park Kyung together. They're so cute!
  23. Ooh he carries off facial hair so well. I mean he's already a problem for me but when he has a five o'clock shadow I'm totally done for. That photo on the bed is not healthy for me Hahahaha he definitely did, didn't he. Don't think she minds lol. She seems totally unaffected by him in bts videos, something I can't relate to. Lolll I suddenly remember her telling him about her bra size as if she was talking to a girl friend of hers. Nope can't relate girl, teach me your ways how are you immune to that fine male specimen hahahaha.
  24. @joonminfan I believe that was during the wrapup party. Seems like the same outfit to me.
  25. The only ones that stuck with me were the outfits where the tops were conveniently missing For real though, he did a great job in the drama and I'm looking forward to his next work.
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