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  1. Backstreet Rookie Ep 6 Recap is out! https://wp.me/p4EscY-2jN I agree! Yeonjoo's so shameless this episode that I wonder what Seungjoon sees in her. She's always searching for someone to blame things on, as evidenced from the moment she started getting insecure of Saetbyul's place in Daehyun's life and secretly watched him from a cab in Episode 2. Daehyun's heartache right now has nothing to do with Saetbyul and everything to do with how Yeonjoo's snobbish mother treated him, but Yeonjoo doesn't want to admit that because it would mean she'd have to admit her complicity in reinforcing that snobbishness via her own snobbery. Instead of fessing up to her flaws, what does she do? Blame poor Saetbyul. On the other hand, while Yeonjoo acts more childlike than ever, Saetbyul really matures in this episode. She's calmer, more collected and gently leaves instead of pettily dragging things out. She's actually being really selfless here, and thinking back, that is a habit of Saetbyul's. Just like Daehyun, Saetbyul's selfless to a fault. On the other hand, Yeonjoo wouldn't know what selfless was if it bit her in the butt.
  2. Sorry to shorten your post too! I really love this last paragraph, you're so right! Communication is key and it goes both ways. I think I was definitely projecting on Yeonjoo (my current relationship lol) so I lost sight of the fact that Yeonjoo is by far the party with the most power in this relationship. Working through this together is key! Thank you for your insight!
  3. Backstreet Rookie Episode 5 recap is out! https://wp.me/p4EscY-2jM I've always been very uncomfortable with how Dalshik is treated in his show but it got so so so bad today that I don't even know what to say anymore. This is racism, there's no excuse or rationale or any words that can lessen the truth of what this is. It's really making me lose respect for writers and for the actors who say such racist things I feel like Yeonjoo's right about this one though. The issue isn't that Daehyun gave Saetbyul a piggyback ride. The issue is that he lied to her and wasn't honest about the fact that he did so. He called her right after the interview. How hard is it to say 'hey, just so you know I was forced into doing this'. He just wants to appear better than he is, but he never lives up to the fake image he builds up, which naturally disappoints Yeonjoo. Yeonjoo has many flaws (insecurity, snobbishness and being self-absorbed) but she's more honest with Daehyun than he is with her. She came clear about Seungjoon and her father's birthday from the start. Daehyun, on the other hand, is insecure which is why he tries so hard to pretend to be as educated and competent as Yeonjoo, but he just isn't and Yeonjoo always finds out the hard way. What girl wouldn't find it disappointing when your boyfriend keeps making these fantastical promises and never keeps them or is honest to her? I actually really understand her POV!
  4. Episode 4 Recap is out! https://wp.me/p4EscY-2jJ FLOWERS! He gave her FLOWERS! I honestly think that if I were Yeonjoo, I really wouldn't blame Saetbyul on this. This looks bad no matter how you try to cut it and it's 100% Daehyun's fault. His boundaries are dropping around her and it shows but Yeonjoo shouldn't take that out on Saetbyul but rather evaluate the state of her relationship with Daehyun instead. It's hard to like her when she keeps trying to ensure that Saetbyul loses her source of income. It's very, very dislikable, and even thought she not a bad person, she's hard to understand!
  5. Ah that actually makes a lot of sense. In many ways, SB is immature when it comes to her love, and you're right I definitely get how obsessive and all-consuming love can be! I'm going to put my positive shades on for sure! Thanks for the good advice, really helped me see the show through a different lens!
  6. Episode 3 Recap's out! https://wp.me/p4EscY-2jI Good gravy, this couple has communications problems. Yeonjoo's 95% honest but can't seem to put aside her pride to tell Daehyun how she feels about him drinking with younger women. On the other hand, Daehyun feels insecure about his position in a wealthier woman's life and doesn't tell her how he truly feels. I know the point is to show that the two of them wouldn't have worked out anyway and that's why Saetbyul's better for Daehyun, but that's not how relationships work. We're supposed to believe that Daehyun is crazy enough for Yeonjoo to always, always value her over the store, but they're going to break up and he's going to fall in love with Saetbyul in 2 episodes. Right. The issue with this set-up is that, regardless of how the show tries to play it, Saetbyul speeds up the end of their relationship. And that makes her a factor in its demise. It would have ended, but perhaps not as badly, or painfully, or in a manner that stinks of emotional cheating, without her. It's a very hard-to-swallow premise, and I'm not sure the show can add any nuance to it. Because just look at what they're doing with Dalshik You can't just explain or rationalize that away. It would help if we had super awesome supporting characters (which saved Hwarang) but nope. Geumbi's terrible. We barely see anything of Eunjo. Dalshik's written and treated terribly. Yeonjoo's a rich snob. Saetbyul is literally out to break up a relationship and beat up anyone who tries to reveal her true character, but she seems to think she's some sort of avenging angel. Daehyun's parents are mess. Eunbyul's a disaster. Daehyun's the only decent character and even then he's really passive and not honest in the slightest. Idk, but I'm getting a little disappointed? Just me? Do you think it'll get better?
  7. Episode 12 recap is out!!! https://wp.me/p4EscY-2fA What an AMAZING ride this has been! ^^ THIS!!!! The ending was so poignant and well-deserved and if anything that lack of cute scenes somehow made it more so. Almost as if the show meant to drive home just how much sorrow it took to get to this point. I honestly really really loved the show! Please sign my campaign to get Choi Wonyoung (Manager Gui) lead roles, this man is criminally underrated and I can't believe he's been stuck playing psychopaths for so long lol.
  8. Episode 11 Recap is out! https://wp.me/p4EscY-2fy Okay Weolju and Manager Gui were soo so so so cute this episode! I really hope we'll have a happy ending. They've suffered enough! And not an open ending like Hotel Del Luna where it's up to us to imagine how they might meet in the future, but an actual proper ending where the family's reunited! I really hope so at least! Off topic but I LOVE your profile picture! Long-haired Jang Hyuk is something else! I agree that a lot of HJE dramas are unwatchable (Kill Me Heal Me and Secret are the only ones I've managed to watch her in). She's so good when she tones it down but idk why she doesn't!
  9. I compiled some of Weolju's beautiful hanboks in an appreciation post! https://unstoppablesun.com/2020/06/22/the-many-hanboks-of-weolju-and-which-ones-your-favourite/ My personal favourite is the deep blue one she wore in the first episode (when she was strangling the free sample guy lol)! Which ones were your favourites?
  10. https://unstoppablesun.com/2020/06/20/backstreet-rookie-ep-2-recap-and-dancing-shenanigans/ Episode 2 Recap is out! I agree! I really hope the dramas deals with the friendship between DH's crew and SB's crew because it was a little disappointing to see how they treated DS. I don't understand why they couldn't just make DS a webtoon writer without adding dreadlocks (even if that's how it is in the source manhwa, this has always been a sensitive topic and I don't know why it's so hard for SBS to fix this given that kdramas have international fanbases now) Moreover having DS there just for SB's friends to wonder what species he is, is just...I can't even. There's no explaining that away. Like, dreadlocks don't make you subhuman, or result in bugs on your head. I wonder why SB was expelled though and why she says she has no family, while also saying she can't go home. Is there a reason for why her and her sister cannot go home? Does anyone else feel something fishing between YJ and Seungjoon? Maybe they're engaged because they're both rich? Also I LOVED the dancing!!!!! SO MUCH FUN! The song they were dancing to is called 'You Can Never Tell" by Chuck Berry!
  11. Episode 1 Recap is up! https://unstoppablesun.com/2020/06/19/backstreet-rookie-ep-1-recap-and-what-a-wild-beginning/ I wonder why Saetbyul can't go home. Something must have happened in the 3 year gap. Judging by DH's memories, it doesn't seem like she called him that night. I wonder if something happened that very day to her?
  12. Hi everyone! So excited for our Changwookie's return! (I'm pretend that Melt Me didn't happen haha) I'll be recapping the show starting tomorrow over at unstoppablesun.com if anyone wants to take a look! The recap should be up by 3.30pm EST! If anyone wants to follow me on insta, i'm @anunstoppablesun So so excited so meet all of you! I'm finally getting back into being active on soompi and I've really missed the community!!!
  13. Ep 10 recap is out! https://unstoppablesun.com/2020/06/18/mystic-pop-up-bar-ep-10-recap-and-weolju-knows/ I'm so excited for next week episode!!! The previews see pretty cute so maybe we'll have a happy ending? Also, is it just me or did Kangbae seem to be a little different in the preview? Is he the child, and does the preview show the Sacred Tree speaking through him?
  14. https://unstoppablesun.com/2020/06/17/mystic-pop-up-bar-ep-9-recap-and-little-bit-angst/ Episode 9 recap is up!! I'm so curious about where the real Grim Reaper Yeom is though. Where did he go? Did Wonhyung kill him?
  15. Episode 8 recap is up!! https://unstoppablesun.com/2020/06/11/mystic-pop-up-bar-ep-8-recap-and-kangbaeo-and-weoljuliet/ I'm worried about next week's episode because it seems like we're up for some angst ahead. Hopefully, it's nothing they can't handle! But yeah, whoa who'd have thought that Grim Reaper Yeom is Wonhyung's dad!