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  1. This drama deserves more recognition than its getting. I find myself screaming ‘Yes!’ all the time, like when Chan Ho agreed for Hee Jae and Geum Ja to take the case. Also, that is the ship I never knew I needed!
  2. Remember how last week >50% of the predictions here were that RJH is a one Korea agent and is working with the NIS so he was going to be safe? I’ve decided to ignore all predictions here because I trust in the writers to give us a good ending and closure as well.
  3. Episode 6 delivered, so intense. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. My thoughts: 1. In episode 5, Soo Ah is torn between PSR and Jannga, we see she’s chosen Jannga in 6. We also see an explanation for why she is the way she is which makes absolutely no sense to me. Yes, her mum leaves her and she feels no one loves her. All acts of “love” are acts of pity in her books hence why she threw the girls stationary in the toilet. She also believes homeless people dont need help. So why does she accept help from Jannga? Is it not the same pity? 2. Now to Yi Seo, at this point PSR is a trophy in her eyes and I hope she doesn't tire when he finally shows interest. For now, PSR replied “No way” when asked if they were on a date and i felt Yi Seo’s heart break into a million pieces. I also really liked her interaction with Soo Ah in the restroom. If there’s anything I like about this drama, its these two strong and fierce women. None feeling belittled by the other 3. Also yes to diversity, I’m excited to see what new character Tony will bring to the table. 4. I can stand Chairman Jang but not Geun Won. His character irritates me so much especially when he laughs. Testament to good acting. 5. PSR having all those shares. 1.9 billion won is over $1 million. I cannot breathe guys! The guy he calls was the student who was bullied by Geun Won in high school. Best collab ever! I wish PSR had actually started franchising before revealing that he had all these shares. It would have been a real hit in the face to Chairman Jang. But he allowed Geun Won to get to his head and I feel like the drama is now about to start.
  4. I’m enjoying this version more than previous one. But I will say that the advertisements put me off. I also like that they kept some of the old scenes like him dropping his towel. And thank God the leukemia thing is only a dream. I hope he doesnt turn out to be a psychopath this time.
  5. 5th episode in, there’s much more clarification now. 1. Hyunni is revealed to be a trans woman. Her reaction when Yiseo called her “Unni”, priceless! 2. Sae Roy is a precious righteous human, he believes so much in people and their potential always seeing the good side that he was willing to bear a loss for Hyunni. I truly believe people like that don’t exist. 3. Soo Ah didn’t call the police. We see how torn she is, struggling to choose between PSR and Chairman Jang. She brought this on herself by accepting the sponsorship beginning. I believe she represents most of us to an extent, we make wrong choices sometimes and we have to face the consequences. 4. I liked Yi Seo less in this episode. Her slapping and beating up the girl who reported them was not necessary. Violence is never the answer. Kudos to her though for stopping the kiss but it was weird that she kept standing there the whole time. 5.Why do I feel like Geun Soo will be used as a pawn by Chairman Jang to destroy PSR? Episode 6 tomorrow, Fighting!
  6. I understood differently. I haven’t read the manga so correct me if you have. For now all I know is that she crossdresses. Just because someone crossdresses does not mean they’re transgender so I didn't assume so. Based oh how she reacted when Choi Seung-kwon laughed about sizes I assumed she dresses so to feel comfortable and appears as a boy but deep down she wants to be treated as a girl.
  7. South Korea realizes all North Korean immigrants/defectors as legal. They only have to make sure they’re not spies. So RJH won’t be captured for coming “illegally” and he’s proven himself to not be a spy by protecting Seri and as some comments predict, Seri might have revealed his identity and he might actually be working with the NIS to capture CCG since he noticed them trailing behind. They’ll also have no problem killing CCG since he’s committed attempted murder in SK and he’s not wanted by NK(he’s a felon). NK won’t protect him.
  8. So he’s not yet dead, but what if he had a serious injury during the beating? I can’t think straight! Any theories? Picture credit: https://mobile.twitter.com/gcf081117/status/1226099056348319744
  9. Was anyone cutting onions during ep.13? Anyway, my thoughts: 1. What did they all wish for at Seri’s birthday party? 2. RJH emphasizing that the gift has no other meaning. Yeah right! He got her wedding bands y’all and he put it on the ring finger!!!! 3. I’m so proud of Man-Bok for choosing wisely 4. I felt so bad for Seo Dan. I’ve grown to like this character more than I thought I would. The scene between her mum and uncle, hilarious! 5. Seri’s brother and wife are something else. I’ve seen people try to justify their actions, after ep13 they're actions are unjustifiable. This is ultimate greed and hatred. 6. Bro finally said I love you in the most painful moment. Also, why was no one calling the ambulance/police? I kept yelling at my TV like a psycho.
  10. 4th episode in and yes, I ship JYS and PSR so hard. She just wants our boy to succeed. And for once, I’m not mad at OSA because PSR admitted that they’ll both do anything to save their businesses meaning in as much as he likes OSA she doesn't come first. So its a mutual thing they have going on there.
  11. So from most of the posts here, people want YSR to move to NK in the end. If the drama were to stick to real life NK situations, that would REALLY NOT be the best ending. The drama sparked my interest in NK and I made a lot of research on what daily life is like in NK based on stories from defectors. Frequent power outages, living in constant fear of being listened to or spied on, no connections with the outside world, restricted travel, general food shortages, unjust imprisonments of tens of thousands, etc. While the drama sticks true to most NK situations, YSR will be pretty useless should she decide to live there. She would either be a factory worker, teacher, tour guide or a farmer. In fact, she would be unable to establish a business because all businesses are state-owned. She survived her time In NK knowing she would leave soon and relying on the friends had she made. Many Defectors leave NK even though they have family and friends in NK, because the freedom is worth it. It wouldn’t be so tragic after all if YSR and RJH lived in SK because not only would they have their freedom but they would have their intense love for each other. P.S they can communicate with people in NK, if the people in NK have Chinese sim cards. With this being said, why can’t the ending be a reunification of both NK and SK? Solves everything!
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