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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1483503wpp/jin-se-yeon-in-talks-for-new-drama-with-kim-jaejoong



    Jin Se Yeon might be working with Kim Jaejoong in a new drama!

    On August 12, there were reports that the actress had been cast as the female lead in the upcoming drama “Bad Memory Eraser” (literal translation).

    “Bad Memory Eraser” is a romance drama about a man whose life changes due to a memory eraser and the woman who holds his fate in her hands. In July, C-JeS Entertainment stated that Kim Jaejoong was in talks for the male lead.

    Jin Se Yeon was reportedly cast in the role of Kyung Joo Yeon, a neuropsychiatrist at a neurological research center. She is described as a perfectionist whose cold personality earns her the nickname “ice princess,” but she is actually awkward at expressing her feelings due to a painful incident in her past
    ( they are already confirmed and started filming,now following each other on ig )

  2. On 2016-07-28 at 9:22 AM, djappleblush said:


    Gah! I know, right? Maybe it was her agency's decision. They want her to learn, but I don't think it's helping her a lot.

    i agree , i want her to play a princess type of character ,something different and im very upset she renewed her contract with earlybird ,she needs a new agency that can mange her career better instead of sticking her into these heavy dramas that she can't handle

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  3. Hey guys ! I just recently became a big fan of her ,I think that her performance in CITT was amazing and no other actress could of brought Hong Seoul to life as she did ,she's a beautiful and talented actress and it breaks my hearts to see how much disgusting hate she's getting now people she doesn't "fit " their standards, but her talent speaks for itself:wub: hope she accepts the work 

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