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  1. I'm keeping up with all the live tweeting of Treadstone cuz it's premiering right now and I saw this:
  2. I've read that they have plans of making another Bourne movie and having it tie to the TV show. Hopefully Treadstone does well enough to warrant another movie. I've admittedly never watched any of the Bourne movies but I feel like there is a lot of bias against Treadstone from long-time fans of the franchise because the last movie they did without Matt Damon, people hated it lol. I don't think there is much interest in the IP if Matt Damon's character isn't in it. Like I've said, I've already watched the first episode a few weeks ago. It was a solid pilot but I have a feeling once they keep introducing other Treadstone project operatives, it might take a dip in quality. The show itself is probably super costly to produce since they filmed all over the world. So we shall see if it gets picked up for a second season. Some reviews (might contain spoilers so read at your own risk): https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/14/entertainment/treadstone-review/index.html https://screenrant.com/treadstone-tv-series-review-jason-bourne-franchise-usa/ https://www.cbr.com/jason-bourne-spin-off-treadstone-review/ https://variety.com/2019/tv/reviews/treadstone-review-1203355202/ https://www.rogerebert.com/demanders/you-would-be-best-to-wipe-usas-treadstone-from-your-memory https://www.forbes.com/sites/merrillbarr/2019/10/08/treadstone-review-a-decent-show-that-needs-to-shed-its-unwillingness-to-be-a-part-something-bigger-than-itself/#66d73fc470e8
  3. So is she back in Korea for good for the time being? I saw that she was hanging out with PMH at a clothing store in her IG story. How long will we have to wait to hear about casting news for this girl lol
  4. USA network just showed the first episode as a sneak peek last night. Just finished watching it and it’s actually very good! Looks promising for sure! It’s so fun seeing Hyo Joo finally do some action scenes! Lol
  5. Looks like her storyline in Treadstone season 1 will end with her somehow escaping to South Korea? Her clothes look very dirty. What happens to her "family"? And it look like the extras/set are set in the present and not in the past (?) as shown in the teasers so far. I think the man she bumps into is carrying a cellphone?
  6. I’m definitely confused over the lack of coverage she’s getting, even on international Korean entertainment news sites. Like they only reported on it when the first teaser came out I believe. Anyway, I saw Hyo Joo’s IG stories posted today and it warmed my heart so much seeing her so happy with the new friends she’s made. I hope they get to stay in contact! On another note, I recently went to D23 Expo (Disney convention) and attended an autograph signing with Don Lee (Ma Dong Suk) who was there because he will be in the new Marvel movie. He costarred with Hyo Joo in Love 911. I totally asked him to tell her I said hi lmao. And he was like huh? At first but then was like oh yes! she’s a friend of mine lol. Probably the closest I will ever get to meeting her lol
  7. I've been seeing Treadstone ads on TV lately and every time I go "TREADSTONE!!!!!" and my boyfriend just shakes his head at me lol. I still can't believe she got this gig. Hope this opens up more opportunities for her both domestically and internationally. Will be DVR-ing this when it premieres and will try to remember to catch the sneak peeks scheduled for this month lol.
  8. First full trailer is out girls! SOOOOO HYPED!! Love that she's getting so much screen time! I was worried she'd be a "flower vase" because Hollywood doesn't have the greatest track record of using Asian actors/actresses for more than just props. This show is the only reason why I still have DirecTV Now lol. As for filming, they've done most of the filming in Budapest iirc. They used an apartment building there and put up some Korean signs and stuff to make it look like it's a North Korean building. I remember a Korean man who lived in the apt building posting about it on his IG when they first started filming the first episode. You can see a quick cut of it in the trailer.
  9. If I could read Korean I would legit volunteer my time to do this lmao. I am petty af 33 people is a lot so I hope she and her team got enough dirt on all of them so that they're all found guilty. I hope she and her team are not afraid to add more people to this list either. I'm very happy that her and her team went through with this and that they acted on it so quickly. If it's true that she's back filming Treadstone, then it's one less headache for her to have to deal with.
  10. Is anyone else confused over the shooting period for Treadstone? Like they just filmed the pilot and then took a long break lol. I know a full season was picked up though so they should resume filming soon...
  11. I hate that Knetz want her to take a drug test too but if it makes these guys shut up then I hope she does do it even though she doesn't even need to or should have to do so. They're bringing up a photo from like 15 years ago when she was out with her friends as if it's conclusive evidence that there's any correlation between that and the Burning Sun controversy. Like what? Suddenly people forgetting the effects of alcohol now? Her reputation is really on the line here so I hope she and BH do all that's necessary to prove these people wrong.
  12. Yeah, I'm glad she's not promoting anything in K-ent right now but I still hope she and her company do pursue legal action so that they can set an example to those slandering her name and reputation. They seriously aired a "witness" testimony based on no factual evidence. No photos, videos, or even other witness testimonial accounts. Just irresponsible as hell.
  13. Freaking witch hunt to derail from the actual important proceedings of the investigation. SMH. I hate that she was dragged into this when she's been low-key af the past god knows how long. Girl's just been minding her own business getting ready for her American debut and this crap happens. I hope she remains unbothered and that the Knetz take what BH Ent. said seriously and back the F off.
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