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  1. Weddingpeach also pointed out matching shoes too today!!!!!!!!! Honestly have no idea how some fans can figure these things out...they're amazing
  2. MATCHING PASSPORT HOLDERS !!!! Edit: I looked through the comments and it turns out that the goblin cast has the same holder as well but in different colours lol
  3. No worries. I think the one that got privatized might of been the first one that was uploaded because that one is nearly the same as part 1 except extended. It also seems like the one that is 1 minute 33 secs (part 1 that's in the playlist) might of been edited? Not sure though, and probably won't ever be unless someone here recalls watching the 1 minute 55 secs and then it being unavailable for viewing. The part 2 nothing has been changed since it's a separate video. So...I wouldn't really say there's another bts video, more like an extended version of part 1 that may have been the one that was uploaded first but then another one was uploaded after or once the 1 min 55 secs was private, which seems to have had parts edited out and then re uploaded. You can view the now private video with english subs if you want. It's just above; the ig posts, and yeah naver doesn't but then again I can't view them on naver due to it not being available to view in my country. If you do watch the video, you'll notice that during the CEO, Wookie and In Na scene it's different to the one on youtube.
  4. The video that I said was deleted, though it's probably just private (it's referred to as private when you scroll through the playlist) is the bts for ep 5-6 but it's a different video to those 2 since I mentioned that they're still in the playlist. " The part around where the 3 of them are talking has been edited and cut since the 2 videos that sinamoles eng subbed are still on youtube and are in the TYH playlist." - the 2 videos that were subbed that I was referring to were the ones that you circled. Sorry, I probably should of phrased it better. Rather than saying "deleted" I should of said that it became "private", and tbh I think I remember watching it on the channel but then I couldn't and instead those 2 videos were uploaded instead. And previously, I mentioned that I think it's the bts for ep 9 and 10 that has been removed since it can't be found in the playlist. Also if you click on that video that has been uploaded on fb, in their description they provided a credit link which directs you to a youtube video; ep 6 bts. However, when you click on that video there's no video, in fact it says "video unavailable". The video is also 1 min 55 seconds long so it can't be either of the 2 videos. Btw, hoping I'm not coming off rude or anything and if so I'm sorry
  5. amazingyooinna uploaded the deleted video with eng subs : I'm not really sure what it was that compelled them to delete the video but someone might be able to decipher what it might be from the videos above Edit: rather than "deleted", the video is now privatized
  6. There's also a part 2 for ep 6 bts and this is the deleted video from youtube The part around where the 3 of them are talking has been edited and cut since the 2 videos that sinamoles eng subbed are still on youtube and are in the TYH playlist. So there's something during that scene in the above video that made them delete the video entirely...hmmmmm.... Edit: rather than "deleted", the video is now privatized
  7. Ok so that private video or video that's no longer available is the bts for ep 6 which is the banmal bts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl7FFnkC2Xs&feature=youtu.be - that's the link of it and in this ss you'll see that the url is the same I also looked up how to find out what a the name of a private and deleted video is and when I did This is what showed up; ep 6 bts video. Not sure why they moved the video down in the playlist but I guess this means they deleted the ep 9 and 10 bts and moved the ep 6 bts to where the ep 9 and 10 should be and made it private. and yeah videos I think are usually uploaded on naver first and more videos are usually uploaded there but not everyone can view them due to country/region reasons. Edit: THEY'RE TRYING TO TRICK US! TO LEAD US ASTRAY! THEY'RE ONTO US! jk, I wouldn't know lol but it is quite weird what they've done
  8. @Caramel machiato OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHH FOR YOUR HELP //AIR HUG lol hahaha AND ALSO THANK YOUUUUU HAHAHA I'M A STUDENT MAYBE THAT'S WHY HAHAHA JK IT'S NOT LOL I'm gonna edit all the links now into images hahaha thank you once again
  9. OHHHH WAIT I THINK I KNOW WHAT VIDEO IT IS CAUSE I REMEMBER AGES AGO TRYING TO REWATCH A BTS VIDEO. FOR EP 9 AND 10 I COULDN'T FIND THE BTS CLIP AND I WAS SO CONFUSED TO WHERE IT WAS So the one that got deleted is the ep 9 and 10 video right? Had to go back several times to @intrariver's post and the one that is now private is the banmal video right? I am fairly sure that the bts for these 2 eps is no longer there I'm going to send some links of some screen shots cause I still have no idea how to insert an image...the url thing doesn't work lol *EDIT: NO LONGER LINKS! BUT IMAGES! THANKS TO @Caramel machiato ss of me searching for ep 9 bts ss of ep 10 bts search I just searched up both eps just to see if anything would pop of an official video even though they combined both eps and nothing from their official channel just sinamoles's eng sub version ss of the playlist where ep 8 bts can be seen (1st video) and following that video are clips from ep 9 and 10 ss of the playlist where the private video is there and above and below of that video is a clip from ep 10 and 11 ss of the playlist where you can see that the first video is from ep 11 and the 2nd ep is from 12. The 3rd to last video and the last video are the bts of ep 11 and 12 and 13 respectively. They joined ep 11 and 12 into one bts video, the 3rd to last one NOW WHERE IS EP 9 AND 10'S BTS ? because usually they put the bts after all the clips of an ep and that bts video would be before the next ep clips right? Though they started joining some of the eps into one bts video but anyways as you can see there's a bts for ep 8, then clips for ep 9, 10 and then 11. BUT NO BTS FOR EP 9 AND 10 OK I think that's all lol Please correct me if I've been wrong the whole time lol but I'm fairly sure that it's the bts for ep 9 and 10 cause I remember trying to find it and couldn't awhile back EDIT: has nothing to do with the videos but omg it took me like 40 minutes to make this post lmaooooo Another edit: If someone could please explain to me how to directly upload pictures that would be much appreciated since I what I'm doing now is taking a screen shot, saving it as a png, then uploading it onto a website to get a link so that I can post it here and it's rather time consuming Another edit: now I'm a little confused which one was deleted or became private cause on my pc and in the screen shots the one that is private appears to be ep 9 and 10 bts. But anyways, it's this bts and the banmal one that are no longer viewable Another edit: sorry in advance for all the edits lmao I've noticed that I always or majority of the time go back and edit my posts lmao so sorry to anyone who's read what I said before reediting
  10. @intrariver probably not helpful but I guess it kind of helps back up what you said in your post. Ages ago I made a post asking what that private video was and took a screen shot on my computer. my screen shot (ss) from way back and if you notice there's a date of when it was last updated : March 29 and I just checked when the last ep aired which was March 28. If you go to the playlist of all the TYH videos you'll notice that the last updated date is different now lol new ss and the date of when it was updated is April 16 I personally didn't see or know that a video had been deleted but the new update definitely helps with what you said that there was another video that they had been deleted. It's already been a couple of months since TYH has ended so they shouldn't have a reason to be editing the playlist but they have lol THEY MUST BE ON TO US
  11. Thank you so much! and if I remember correctly (probably not lol) she used her own scarves in the drama?
  12. Also I've been wondering, does anyone actually know if pink is In Na's favourite colour or not? cause her character's favourite colour is pink but I've been wondering if it's her actual favourite colour
  13. You're welcome! and thank you hahahaha also just to let you know, you should remove/unquote the video since we're not meant to quote videos and/or photos that others have uploaded.
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