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  1. 1 hour ago, candiilicious said:


    I was the same as you before, didn't really notice him or thought that he was handsome (i was more of a fan of pretty boys :lol:). But damnnn, this SOG role really let us see his charming side and i actually love his monkey fringe cut. It does really suits him and i kinda miss it that he cut it right after the filming finish. He is the most handsome and charming monkey ever! Nobody can ever replace LSG as JCDSSOG in my heart. Hehehe :wub:



    Edit: anyway I have not watch ep 19 & 20 with complete subs, just some snippets. I'm not sure if my heart can take it. Sighhh.

    The withdrawal syndrome is so strong even without watching the last 2 eps. How can I cope with it? I believe I will feel more empty after watching that unsatisfactory ending. :bawling:

    Its the first time I'm so into both the drama and the OTP yet it ended this wayyy....


    OMG me too, i didn't attract to him before even i watch 2-3 of his drama, but Son Oh Gong change all of it TT______TT

    Damn i cannot imagine, if last time PBG accept this role not LSG :dizzy:


    and after watch with sub, somehow i understand about their Death bell's fate, Even Sunmi Die, but the fate is change/ Before their fate was they will killed each other like the white heron who killed her "samjang". But they change it, they protect each other, even sunmi at the end still die, but she die not in Oh Gong's hand. 

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  2. well to be fair to the Hong Sisters, here's the official Hwayugi description byline...

    "Using the motif of Journey to the West, Hwayugi is a story about decadent bad boy demon/monster Son Oh Gong and graceful gentle demon/monster Woo Ma Wang searching for light in a dark world." :dizzy:


    so its means the main story is not about samjang and oh gong, but oh gong and mawang LOL

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  3. 15 minutes ago, briseis said:

    The moment featuring Son Oh Gong heading off to hell to get his Seon Mi back is awesome but not for a conclusion. That’s something that should have happened in the first half of the episode which should have started with that goodbye on Namsan. What was the point of that pointless and ilogical amnesia plot?! Nothing it only killed 60 minutes of the episode - 60 minutes that ended up being a complete filler instead of giving answers and closure. The final episode was all over the place and anticlimatic.


    Such an ending would be appropriate if there was going to be an epilogue, a movie or a second season but there won’t be so it feels incomplete and unsatisfying. The viewer doesn’t doubt that OG will get SM back since he is a deity now and can meddle with the fate of humans and no god can really compare to his powers. However, the point of watching 20 episodes of drama is because you expect a closure which unfortunately didn’t happen. It’s not the worst ending ever but one of the most unsatisfying definitely.



    Yupp, Hwayugi The movie will be great ahahahha, but i don't think about hong sister will make hwayugi into a big screen LOL, son oh gong become immortal / deity because he erase his name in the death-life book, so he won't die or reincarnated, but yeah to take sunmi for the land of death is just a piece of cake for him  ahahahha 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, sana82 said:

    It seems most of the fans didn't like this ending but I liked it. It was a happy ending for me , we know he will bring her back and makes her immortal .

    To be honest my girl friend is a gumiho had a really lame happy ending and I was afraid to see something like that again so I preferred a sad ending more than something like that but this one was much better .




    yup for me i like it too, because the ending feeling is positive and really light, because this is a Journey to the west spin off story, i don;t have a high hope the ending is a happy ending like  son oh gong become human or samjang become deity , because in the real story of sun wu kong, they still have a "journey" until the end , he still a great sage, a deity from heaven

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  5. 1 hour ago, madinked said:



    I dont remember Tripitaka died in the original story. 

    i watch the monkey king 2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Monkey_King_2, i don';t know if hong sister will make ending similiar like this or not


     The monk begs the demoness to show remorse and accept the Wheel of Reincarnation, but the White Bone Demon would rather die as a broken tainted soul in Sanzang's body instead of returning to the Wheel of Reincarnation. Saddened, Tang begs Wukong to kill him, too. The Monkey King refuses at first, but Sanzang explains how he used to think he just had to recite Buddha's teachings to convince people to become good. Now he understands he must also lead by example and do good in order to convince people. Sanzang had to do this for his own journey towards enlightenment. Wukong finally understands the monk's desire to help the demoness change her fate, and tearfully agrees, promising Sanzang to wait for his return. Wukong brings his staff down and Sanzang's body is changed into a statue. In return Sanzang says if he gets a chance to do so in his next life, he would be glad to be Wukong's master again. Because of Sanzang's sacrifice, he succeeds in leading the demoness to her next reincarnation, freeing her of her pain and hatred.

    Some time later, Wukong and his friends still wait for the return of the monk, but continue their journey to the Thunder Monastery. Wukong rides on Sanzang's horse with Sanzang's statue strapped to his back. From Heaven, Guanyin drops a bead of water from her magic vase that falls to earth and hits right at Sanzang's hand. The surface cracks, revealing a human finger underneath.


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  6. 10 minutes ago, haymochi said:


    Positive thought!! Yeay!!

    hope this is true ep 19 with the sad climax then ep 20 with a happy one.

    this is the first time in a drama i really want the female lead to turn into immortal as well.  

    Then she can live in eternity with OG and monkey babies

     I want the happy ending too, gosh i think from all drama i watch, Sunmi is the most tragic female character 

    just say, she didn't have someone , like friend, family etc beside Oh Gong, at least Oh Gong still have ma wang, general winter and oh jeong who very loyal to him, but sunmi...she always alone from the start until now


    and don't forget, their key-lock still LOCK in namsan tower, sunmi try to throw it before but she can't find it because some evil spirit disturb her

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  7. i think it will be happy ending,

    usually if the climax sad story is on ep 19, the ep 20 will be end beautifully
    just remember DOTS, in ep 19 is really sad when yoo si jin got shoot and kang mo yeon cry because think si jin death, but in ep 20 it become clear and they get happy ending

    and diffrent with Goblin, they have their happy ending live at ep 19 and get together but who knows eun tak will die at the end ><


    if i see the pattern story of hwayugi, i think the ending will be the good one

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  8. 14 minutes ago, Bò Tai Xanh said:

    Sunmi is indeed the most pitiful female lead in k-drama land already. I dont think of anyone could be more pitiful than her. Goblin last year had Ji EunTak, whose fate was incredibly tragic from the very beginning, but at least she still had some happy breaks from suffering with her goblin, trustworthy friends to rely on. but in the case of Sunmi, out of all 17 eps, she still gains nothing. OG is the only one who bothers to care what she thinks, how she feels, whether she lives well or not. Even in the very beginning when he still thought of her as his prey, he's the only one who cared to fullfil her last wishes before ending her life. So crazily hurtful that the only creature who actually cares for you is the one that can kill you in the blink of an eye. More hurtful that you fall in love with him with every single day doubting if his love is real or not. Hurtful to the point that you may abandon your life knowing that in the end, you or your only one who cares for you have to die, the no other way around. She's literally on the edge all time, having no break from tragedy. 


    its so trueee, At least Ji Eun Tak have "friend" and not alone, there;s grim reaper and the shop manager, But sunmi from the start until now only have son oh gong, she only have him by her side, the others only take advantage from her. And knowing the truth the only person you rely on is the person who will kill you  at the end is really hurtful

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