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    Was anyone able to get $180 tickets for LA?












    I've been on with my friends since 12pm exact












    and we still aren't able to get $180 :(












    So we settled for $150 tickets. But












    we're going to keep trying.


















    Korea Times Music Festival is pleased to announce the first group of artists: Choi Sung-Soo, 2PM, Wonder Girls , HAHA(MC).












    Korea Times Music Festival is pleased to announce the first group of artists: Choi Sung-Soo, 2PM, Wonder Girls , HAHA(MC).












    Korea Times Music Festival is pleased to announce the first group of artists: Choi Sung-Soo, 2PM, Wonder Girls , HAHA(MC).












    holy effing OMFOGMFOGMFOMGMFOMGFMOMGFMGF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






























    i feel like im gonna pee in my pants. ROFLROFLROFL.
























    I wonder if they'll post EXACTLY at 11:59 LOL. where are they posting again?












    is it here on soompi or like twitter? or facebook?












    rawr. im so excited!












    i wonder why its midnight..












    they used to release at like 9PM no?












    w/e im just happy theyre releasing!


















    omfg. i am SO happy they released the sponsor hotel early!












    i can actually save money or try to book LOLOL :D












    but um, can anyone who stayed at the sponsor hotel previous years share their experiences? i never stayed at it before and am still thinking if i should or not XD














    I want to know too D: I was watching some of the 2009 DVD and I had to LOL at all the flashes from cameras going off. Is security that lax?


































    Anyone else in Pool Circle, Section D? :D haha Let's have fun together XD























    I actually brought a DSLR (just a simple d40) last year. I was in Pool Circle D, 2nd row. I hid the camera in a "forever21 shopping bag." Upon entering the actual entrance gate to the bowl, security searched everyone's bags including mine. He even dug around the forever21 bag and asked why I had so much with me. I said "I went shopping in hollywood before I came here." He smiled and let me through like nothing LOLOL.












    I had two cameras with me, my dslr and my digital (Just incase one was taken away for some reason). When the show actually started I pulled my dslr out and I noticed that security kept looking at me, so what I'd do is bring it out, then put it down, bring it out, put it down LOL. Once it hit night time and SHINee came out though, I wrapped the DSLR around my neck. I ran to they very very front of pool, I was practically leaning on the stage but for some reason security didn't shove me away (even if I had my dslr). They'd shove everyone behind me but I had like this little corner (hard to explain) where I was just standing next to the entire time. <-- find that corner! STAND THERE. ROFL












    Don't know if I just got lucky but they let me keep my dslr with me for the rest of the night. I stopped getting strange looks any everything from them. I think part of the reason might have been was because I'd balance out my like raging fangirl screams and pictures? LOL like what I did was take a couple pictures for a minute. Then I'd stay calm for like 2 minutes just watching. Then I'd scream like crazy! Then I'd start taking pics again. Then again, I stay calm for 2 mintues. I kept doing that on purpose the whole rest of the night.












    And that's my advice to you if you want to take your dslr. Honestly I'm not gonna lie, when hid my dslr i was scared LOLOL. When walking up to the entrance gate, where they search your bags I was freaking out inside >.< But I luckily got through. I wrapped my camera in a light sweater and put it in the forever 21 bag just like that. SO maybe you can try that too?












    I think security just doesn't want fans to be so rowdy maybe? But yeah that's my dslr experience, and I believe a successful one at that LOL. Just take a look below, the proof is in the pictures. I made the size of the pictures much smaller, they are waay too big. Lowered the quality as well but yeah, you get the jist!












    Hopefully we're allowed to post pictures here..? Not sure >.< If not, someone please tell me and I'll take these down ASAP! I plan to take my dslr this year too so..good luck to us! ^^












    Just a couple :


























    I wonder if it depends how BIG your dslr is? maybe cuhs mine was just a simple d40?












    maybe cuhs my friend offered the security some food....LOLOL


















    just got back from ktimes












    my friend and i were the VERYVERY first ones in line!!!












    completely exhausted. they passed out forms












    to fill out, and my form was form #1 :D it was worth the exhaustion!












    got the very very front gardenboxes to the right.












    i was first in line, but the very very front middle












    garden boxes were already reserved. im thinking for












    sponsors and hookups.












    friend got interviewed AGAIN. LOLOL.












    just like last year. but it was awwwwwwwsome!












    they even gave us free concert dvds from HB 2009!












    and i even managed to snag a jang geun suk magazine for free XD



  7. ugh i keep thinking about the prices and getting angrier and angrier. pool circle is especially way too high. whoever decided on ticket prices must've been sick in the head. one, a majority of HB go-ers are teens/students. two, we're in a freaking recession right now, colleges aren't so prone to giving large amounts of financial support like in the past. we have to pay for everything ourselves. last year poolcircle was $200 that was already a stretch for alot of kids, but now the price is $275, that gives us srsly like no hope. im reading thru soompi still and all i see is complaining and "i can't afford it" "i guess im not going this year" over and over again. and alot of people who wanted pool originally are now resorting to garden boxes cuhs of the high prices. goodness it sure will be a fight to get garden boxes this year.

    its funny how poolcircle and gardenboxes are only a few feet away yet have a $100 difference. that is just plain retarded. not only that but they expect people to purchase $50-70 seats only to be on a bench? this whole thing just isn't right in my opinion.

    and yeah, i am not paying $275 to watch old grandparents i have never ever heard of play for hours on end like last year. it may sound rude to them, but if im gonna pay $275 they better have something better than just bunch of oldies.


    $275?! oh my goodness. i cannot believe this. i dont think i can get pool then! omgosh. but ughh..once you go pool you can't go back. the experience is too awesome. but $275? holymama thats alot. well for me im poor. LOL. ahh crap. what to do what to do. why is it $275?! that is just pure pure pure evil! *cries I thought at the very most it would be like $230 T~T

  9. I did and they replied back in English too :D

    ahh okay thanks so much for the help!

    ill go ahead and email them right now ^^;

    but um how fast did they reply to you?

    :blink: whoaaa tickets are freakin expensive this year!! pool circle tickets are $275??

    yea i'm not going =\ partially cause it's on may 1 and that's the weekend before the last week of school for me so it's a no go! oh well the price pretty much put me off too - even though i have a job this year it's still way too expensive and i would need to buy a plane ticket!

    i'm still curious as to who's going though - wonder which sm artists are going - i'm kinda thinking f(x) since snsd went for the past two years and i've never seen an artist go for 3 years in a row, but it would still be exciting

    and probably shinee? T-T i'm still crying about how short their part was last year

    pool circle is $275 O_O? where did you get that information from?

    edit : can someone give me the link to khype's twitter? didn't know they had one :/

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