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  1. I was excited for this drama cuz of these visuals.. But reaching ep 8, it was a really well written story. Now I'm invested in the storyline itself lol with little moments from these two. I'm actually really curious of their past and them being ex lovers. Like how did their relationship start and why it ended
  2. Just finished this drama and just want to share. It was an abrupt ending lol but the journey was great and I've been too attached with this drama and this characters already especially Boxu and his actor Z. Tao, he's such a cutie! AND THE SONGS! I LOVE Z. TAO'S SONGS so much now too.
  3. BASICALLY JUST QUOTED EVERY BIT OF MY OPINION FOR THIS DRAMA, THESE PEOPLE SPOKE THE TRUTH. I also loved Knetz comments, spot on. A Makjang, it is. ME ^ I skipped everything after knowing that no closure for SE and HC CUZ YEP^ And to end it all, my final opinions as a quote: And here lies the potential of having a better ending (You know, main characters staying friends as was the ending BUT they end up with other people who they were better of with)
  4. Hello! Just wondering if there is a Jiwoo & J.Seph forum out there? kekeke ^^ I love all of them but I especially love these two individually and together (they're so fun!)
  5. I just miss them and their moments are golden. I demand a reunion kekekeke
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