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  1. It's becoming harder and harder to find the forums from the Soompi page. I have the forums bookmarked and it doesn't impact me too much, but this means there will be fewer and fewer new users. I noticed this because topics which used to result in monster threads are just a few pages. Before, I can almost browse the forums like twitter and get a sense of what is trending in k-culture. Over the years I felt that Soompi forums and site are symbiotic in that many reporters probably started from the forums. Interested readers go to the forums to read more about an artist/drama/movie/song and add their own two cents, the best may end up joining the staff. But now there are no links from forums to main site and the link from main site is hidden under a menu. This means there will be fewer new contributers and less loyalty to Soompi. I hope the staff can make the forums more visible again and inject energy back and create more engaged users to soompi
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