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  1. Its from KJW Japan fanclub website "https://kimjaeuck.jp/content1/?no=UEF9snv23CVtCuSPcc3Ac". It seems that they had an actual interview about HPL for Japan content and this is basically a sneak peak. If i'm not mistaken only paid members will be able to see the full photos from the interview. Still hopelessly hoping thats not true and that we would get the photos cz they look really close there and its killing me. hahahah
  2. And Park MinYoung for Ceci China looking exquisite as always! https://www.instagram.com/p/B1dVEWBpqUZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Credit to Jaenagil_nim & jm.myoong
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1dIlJjJOpl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Kim JaeUck for Esquire Magazine Sept Issue. He looks like British Royalty! To be this good looking is a sin i tell you ***drooool**** Credit to jaenagil_nim & moi_elle instagram
  4. Did everyone manage to join the youtube contest? I tried so many times but cz I don't understand korean it was really hard to know what to do so I can write a "secret" post. I logged in so many times and left so many comments but still the comments section was grayed out...I really hope the ones joined was enough to get us the unreleased cuts... I miss these couple so much
  5. Hi Everyone, Delurking because I love this drama so much... Just wanted to post on it... I was on my confinement and was going into a slight depression mode of overwhelming new experience when this drama aired. I only saw the teasers at first and didn't watch it from the start. I'm a big PMY fan and loved her last drama. So I thought it was too soon for her to take on another Rom Com. But then because I have a big girl crush on her, I can't seem to shake off the aesthetics of how pretty she was in those teasers with her bright pink suit and all, so I watched ep 4 first. Wow...was I wrong.... I was immediately hooked and on the same day went searching for ep 1- 3 online straight away. Of course the ship sailed after... And literally the drama and chemistry saved me.... Please don't call me crazy but I've basically read every single post in this thread from page 1 - 295 (its the 1st time i did that for a drama) and I loved each and every one of your posts. Now that I'm back at work, I can now peacefully write in here. I know PMY said she didn't have much sleep during this time but I can't help but notice how she was glowing throughout this drama on and off screen. She also seemed to be extra cheeky too. Maybe because KJW is just shy that she takes note on that earlier on and just naturally continued with her teasing. He seemed to be taking it in so casually too and of course midway you can see him teasing her back. You can really see herself in here. Just watch Busted or Candy in My ear and you really can see how she brought herself into Sung DukMi There's a lot of things that has been said here on their undeniable chemistry and really its just out of this world. I'm a hopeless romantic and these two just melts my heart away... I'm just wondering why is there so little promotion on this drama and how can Korea be sleeping on these two??? I really hope since KJW is so popular in Japan, they would have some kind of promotional photoshoot like GHJ and JIS did for It's Ok, That's love. Looking back, KJW said he chose this role because its right in every way and I really think he found Ryan Gold really similar to himself. KJW early on in his life had come to terms on everyone social and emotional needs, in his "The Moment" DVD he mentioned that he doesn't understand why people need to discriminate other peoples choices in love, life, gender and so on. That's why he is not afraid of choosing characters like Hedwig or Min SunWoo. You can tell that he is also the type who would apologize first when he needs to just like RG. In the BTS of thumb kiss, PMY told him that he should look after her "face" (as in not to cover/squish her face entirely with his "big hands" ) and he immediately apologized for doing so and will make sure he won't do it again. When his hands were so red during the "Latte reveal" scene, he kept on apologizing too. I love how they both feed of each other and it truly complimented the results of this drama. Someone said midway through the drama PMY acting seemed to mirror KJW, I totally agree and actually KJW too had mirror PMY acting somewhat. To me they were really mesmerizing. I don't know when I will be able to see this anymore. I'm keeping this drama close to heart since it saved me from a blackhole and I will be going back to it whenever I need a pick me up. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading if you got to this point
  6. @liltash85 no need to deny it when its that obvious... that's why we have this shipping thread right? To be in that ocean where we hope for the ship to sail eminently. Btw, I looooooooove your fanfic! Pleaase continue it and keep 'em coming! Haha I wish i'm tech savvy to do gifs and all too.. truthfully i've rewatched it so many times now that I find new things every time and i just wanna share but limited time and talent in me to get those gifs done. sighh...
  7. @jaeuckismylife Thank you for welcoming me! **Hands UP** I'm guilty of that too. I've been reading all the post her and HPL forum so diligently and always keep lurking back to see new updates or just reminisce some awesome gifs that people have put in. I have a clingy 6 months old so I only got the chance to post something now. heh I follow jaemin_couple insta too to see her updates and very keen eye hehehe. Yea i support them fully individually and of course together (if that happens) But i'd like to have those delulu minds to myself thinking whenever theres no updates, they would actually be contacting each other somehow
  8. Delurking for this Lion and Bunny... Erghhh love them to bits and still can't get over them...Why the heck did they do the DVD Blu Ray survey if they are not planning to have one anyways..and why the heck not? And I seriously cannot believe Korea is sleeping on the aesthetics and out of this world chemistry between this two to not have ANY photoshoots.... But this Lion with his random updates....i Love it! Just like Deok MI said, how can he be handsome and cute at the same time? Or maybe he is just taking them all in as he has promised Seon Joo. Seriously though, I think KJW might have just taken this role because of how similar Ryan Gold is to him. And don't make start on PMY... my girl crush...she's always awesome and perfect but this time I see her in Deok Mi and she was glowing throughout this series even though it such a tight schedule and she said she didn't sleep much...Seriously just glowing... I am just in love with these two and wishing them for the best.. I want to them to secretly date and not get find out and maybe plan for a perfect wedding then notify us (LOL)...they are adults and have been in the industry for quite some time now so im sure they know their ways around... p/s: im happy to meet everyone here and the HPL thread. Im quite the reader so I've read the posts on both threads from start to current and i just love how mature and wonderful you guys are. Glad to be part of it.
  9. Hi All, Im a silent lurker and love reading all your delulu! I love Labit couple so much! Btw, has anyone posted about this https://namesns.com/m/entertainer/rank_list.html?cate=2&cate2=1&gender=1 Theres a voting going on this website and we can vote for them as best couple 2019 and best drama too. Not sure of anyone posted already. Sorry if i broke any rules, this is my 1st time posting. Anyways, i saw this frm @meileeyim insta. She does amazing artwork on Labit couple
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