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  1. I've been wondering the same, maybe the family told to the public that she is missing.
  2. I was trying to read the title of the book that was over MY bed and now that you mention the The hauting of hill house I searched the book in Korean and I think that this is the book.
  3. I keep thinking about this drama. I want to know more about MY and Juri relationship, Juri was really upset because MY talked about her mother (Juri's mother). I tried to read Juri character description with naver translator and this caught my attention: "In the fairy tale, a good protagonist defeated a witch and took over a prince, but the reality is not as green as a fairy tale. It's alcohol that makes her so timid turn from Jekyll to Hyde! Alcohol goes in and cuts off the leash of reason, and another hidden ego pops out." and I remember she didn't drink the beer Jaesu gave her. P.d.: sorry my english
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