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  1. Does anyone know if I can pay to watch the mini concert on Sept 20 on Youku like others in China even though I’m in America? I really want to watch it in its entirety live and looks like you have to pay to watch it on Youku
  2. Omg I couldn’t bring myself to watch today’s episodes because I knew that was happening it’s making me too angry and sad
  3. I’m pretty sure Xuan Ji actually said “why are the feathers gone” in that scene and the feathers are referring to the tattoo that Si Feng has because of the love curse. Afterwards Si Feng says “because the love curse has lifted”
  4. Ahhh I see wow now I’m tempted to figure out how to pay for VIP to get all the episodes earlier hahaha The clips for the upcoming episodes next week look soooooo spicy I’m excited hehe but also probably will be sad scenes mixed in as usual I agree the trailers are so confusing! Those random voiceovers and clips really messing with my head
  5. haha to be honest I definitely don’t mind the show simplifying stuff and glossing over some of the details of their past lives since the book can be confusing! I just want a cute romance and see Xuan Ji finally reciprocate Si Fengs love because I don’t know how many more episodes of her cluelessness and Si Fengs sadness I can handle yea I think the actor/actress aren’t super popular yet, to be honest I didn’t know who they were until I watched this but I’ve now fallen in both the ML and FL ! (Especially the ML lol what can I say his visuals really on fire) I just looked
  6. No you’re correct the raw is up until episode 17 on duboku too which is where I watch. Basically youku the actual company that has the right to broadcast this drama has VIP episodes which is only up until episode 17 there too. But once we get to episode 26 youku I guess wants to earn money lol and is offering this special thing where I think if you pay even more money (assuming you’re already VIP member on youku? Not sure) you can watch even more episodes earlier than the VIP members I’m so confused why English subtitles are being so slowly updated is this drama not popular in Chi
  7. spoiler about ending in the book : but yea totally agree with you to be honest I’m low key considering not watching this show until it’s over so I can not be so sad watching the sad episodes not knowing the ending of the show but another part of me just can’t wait for each episode update haha also from the episode release schedule looks like starting episode 26 you can potentially pay to get “early access” so you’ll be able to see the last episode a week before even the VIP viewers... low key I would be down to pay for that hahaha but I guess 1 week isn’t that mu
  8. ahhh on your last sentence makes sense since in the book Si Feng always talks about how the past lives don’t matter only the current one does so I guess we can think that way too. I personally feel like your memories make you who you are anyway so since they don’t remember their past lives that well it shouldn’t impact their current life? Just my though idk haha
  9. oooh nice detective skills looking for ML mole! that makes sense! it's so confusing trying to decipher which parts of the trailers are which lifetimes ahhhh I hate watching him being sad and dying so many times this is going to be a tough drama to ride out with all the sad bits
  10. disclaimer my chinese reading skills is limited so there are some questions asked before that I'm also confused about but I will answer the ones I can in this spoiler tag so of course DO NOT open if you dont want to be spoiled, but also tbh I feel like the show is already kind of different compared to the book so maybe it wont be an actual spoiler haha : but also yea if this show has a bad ending i will feel so betrayed lol I will never get over it hahah the previews look SO SAD idk how im gonna survive right??? I feel like the book barely covered the sad parts that keep
  11. Please don't open this if you don't want to be spoiled!! But to answer JoyceDreamer's question....
  12. I am so happy to have found this forum because I need to rant about my love for this drama hahahhaa I can read chinese subtitles so I’ve watched up until episode 17 now. I understand not everyone here has watched that much so I will definitely not spoil anything unless you want me to lol I’ve also read the book and to be honest there’s been some changes that makes it hard for me to see how closely they will follow it until the end. But anyway love this drama and would love to talk to you all about it as it proceeds!!
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