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  1. Awe watching episode where Ming Lan is poundind drum snd Changbai is pounding on door Me thinks the king too is trying his best to help Sheng family by not allowing them to speak publicly in court
  2. Lol they better be nice to GTY Cause if he didnt save the emperor and end the rebellion his family would have been wiped ...but whose bringing up the past? Lol
  3. Lol i i think its rice. Its whatever was at that farmland where Gu sVed him when they sent assasins to kill him.
  4. All i have to say about the schemers from the Wangs, Bais, ED, SM, Molan and anyone against Mr and Mrs Second Uncle is BRING IT ON. Now that youve all gone before the emperor to plead your case you will all get caught in the web of lies you weave.. There is no turning back for any of them now and iim sure things will get worse before they get better for our leads but cant wait to see the two of them Rise up from the ashes. Love this show i think Gu knew all about Kang being released by Molan when she gave her clothes someone was watching, the not going ti see the emperor when he calls for him is all part of the plan best show on VIKI right now
  5. GTY Stepom should be aka, " The Puppet Master." lol I love this show. Anything with a strong female lead. I am so there. Ming Lan is my favorite though because she does it in that unassuming way that it just sneaks up on your opponent without them realizing it. Granted Concubine Lin is definitely no where near the scheming of ED and SM. Or maybe she would have been worse if she had a higher status. Anyhow I am starting to wonder if GTY Dad was so mean to him because he was already aware of how his step mom was and being mean to him was a way to protect him. Can you imagine if he was nice to him? She would have poisoned him already. Obviously in the end he didnt hate GTY Mom as much as we were led to believe in that he returned her dowry and ok for GTY to be marquis. Also trying to figure out what she has planned for SM.
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