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  1. Same. Being a fantasy drama targeted for younger audience I thought the filter actually works quite well. Also, as you said, isn’t XX character supposed to be the soft type. His character is never played as masculine or strong in previous adaptation anyway. In the 1993 version, he was even played by Cecilia Yip.
  2. I’m kinda glad Fa Hai is portrayed as being kinder in this version. He seems to have a soft spot for Xiao Qing. Hopefully his character remains consistent throughout the drama, but then wonder who would chase/catch Bai Suzhen then if he remains “nice”.
  3. Originally I was looking forward to the story after that engagement incident. But its just as boring not gonna continue watching this. Everyone just seems so annoying, including both leads.
  4. OK this is getting confusing again, because now I watched episode 21 (after Sima Rong was kidnapped and Zhao Yao made a deal with A-Wu), but LCL seems to be able to see the invinsible Zhao Yao now? Even Zhao Yao herself was surprised when LCL suddenly stares at her, she thought he can see her but he pretends not to be able to see her. How is he able to see her, is it from the necklace he gave her?
  5. 2 episodes have been aired (not yet subbed, but seeing it on viki, someone should sub it soon). watched the first episode and looks quite promising. Ju Jinyi is so pretty. The snake animation looks a bit weird for my taste (but better than the one in destiny of white snake, that tiny snake just looks weird!) but everything else is quite good.
  6. I think someone mentioned that this one gonna have a happy ending. I think in general modern chinese drama usually have ok - happy ending. Its the ancient dramas that usually left hanging or sad ending. Also, seeing how the story progresses so far (with about 20 episodes since the engagement incident), I think the leads have enough time to work out their issues and be together in the end.
  7. I’ve watched up to ep 19 (so my question might be answered in subsequent episodes), but at this point does LCY knows that ZY is a ghost/invisible during the day. He seems to know that during the day, he sees QZY and during the night its ZY, but its unclear whether he knows that ZY also wanders around him unseen during the day. I think Sima Rong sort of awares that ZY is nearby and unseen , but LCY doesn’t seem to know yet?
  8. Thanks for this. I was kinda confused because I thought he recognised her from her fighting movement but she didn’t even fight at that time. What episode is this? Did ZY finally gets her own body back or she still the double of QZY?
  9. I just started watching this, but I’m still confused, how did LCY figured out that QZY is ZY (zhao yao) during the fight? All she did was defending the attack, and its not like she made any move that could make him figure out that its her.
  10. @graceeedwardmom I remember in the older version (might be the 1986 one), ZM also confronted ZWJ about this fact. She also mentioned that if she wanter them dead, why would she sent the ship to the island to pick them up once she arrived in mainland. And ZWJ though she killed YL because he was going to marry YL (they had a promise when he was Aniu) and ZM was jealous because of that. Not sure if this point is brought up in this version, I need to wait for sub version. And then the main reason ZM drugged and abandoned them on the island was, he thought, because she wanted to steal the dragon sabre. Also growing up on deserted island with only his parents and XX made him very gullible. XX also believed that it was ZM who did this. With two of his closest/trusted person convinced him this, I cannot really blame him for blaming ZM. I think he is similar to GJ who blindly trusted his da shifu that HYS killed all his teachers. Off topic, but out of the trilogy, I love the storyline of HSDS the most, but the character ZWJ is the protagonist I least like. Until this version probably (I have to watch until the end whether my opinion changes). If I’m not wrong, I think that’s after ZM released ZWJ after he got caught by her family. ZWJ was wanted by Khan, so releasing him meant her family would be punished. ZM then shoulder all the blame and she was supposed to be executed.
  11. Weren’t they also drugged by poison belong to ZM? I think the bone weakening drug that ZM used to to drug all the pugilists previously was the evidence that made ZWJ thought ZM did it, because that drug belongs to the Mongol? Also I think it was partly because ZWJ knew ZZR when they were kids, so he is led to believe that in no way she could harm him. And I think ZWJ has a soft spot for her as well, because later when she admits her wrongdoing, he forgives her easily (whether its because of love or guilt towards her I’m not sure). Also Jin Yong said the the character of ZWJ is complicated and whilst he has great martial art skill he is not made to be a leader unlike GJ or YG. So I think To a certain extend he is supposed to be “dumber” than GJ.
  12. I actually like how ZWJ is portrayed in this version. Because as you said he seems to love 1 person instead of being so indecisive in the other versions (to be fair, I think Jin Young said he is supposed to be like that unlike Guo Jing or Yang Guo, but I still like it when he is more clear about the woman he loves). On ZZR, I always thought in other versions she is also portrayed as kind hearted in the beginning. It was her jealousy towards ZM that droves her evil at the island,
  13. Oh so he is her first love? I don’t know how she can forgive him after that humiliation though. I just hope the writer won’t do something dumb like she forgets everything he did and just forgives him. Her aunt is in the wrong but I don’t think she deserved to be treated that way. Hope things will get more interesting this point onward.
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