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  1. Why is noone seems to watch this drama, this is one of the best campus drama no clumsy, ditzy female lead and no manipulative jerk male lead. No uneccesary misunderstanding or annoying love triangle. I like how Qin Shen never force his feelings towards Yuan Qian. They both sort of know their own feelings, but they just don’t say it out loud. Their friends reaction most of the time is similar to my reaction when watching their interaction. Also unlike most campus drama, Yuan Qian is strong and smart. She doesn’t rely heavily on Qin Shen and can solver most of her problems by herself.
  2. I have mixed feeling about this drama. Highly anticipated because of the cast and the production team is the same as Yunxi. The beginning was good, the pace is fast, and the politic is quite deep. But I feel like the drama is too rushed towards the end, and some of the characters get very annoying. Though the ending is somewhat happy, I’m glad they don’t take another Yunxi ending, but I feel like the story regarding Duke An is just incredibly stupid. So all his hatred and anger towards Duke Xu is nothing but a stupud misunderstanding - and I even dislike how it ended for Duke An.
  3. OMG, I thought Han De Rang was a fictional character just to add story about love triangle. Looks like he is a real character. But given that in history, Yanyan x Mingyi son will become the next emperor, does this mean that they will eventually fall in love with each other. I actually like Mingyi, other than separating Yanyan x Derang, he has been very respectful and loving towards Yanyan. The one I couldn't stand is Wuguli. Since the beginning she has done nothing but whining all for the sake of her own love. She doesn't even consider nor grateful to what her sisters h
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