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  1. I really love all Zi Rui and Bai Ji, and now Meng Guo as well. They are all so funny Also rooting for Yuan Yuan and Su Mu now. At first, I dislike Yuan Yuan and thought she will become the antagonist in the drama. But turns out she is likeable and nice.
  2. I have confusion with episode 1: Han Suo was supposed to poison Qian Qian and he already add the poison into her wine? So how come Qian Qian only passed out after drinking the wine?? Also given the ending (from the snippet), does it mean Han Suo also somehow fell into the dream with QQ?
  3. The character Su Ziying was made by QQ to speed up the love arch between Han Suo and Chu Chu. The background story was that Su Ziying was saved by Chu Chu when he was young, so he is very loyal to Chu Chu and wants to repay Chu Chu.
  4. Looks like Chu Chu likes Han Suo for real. I think she was expecting Han Suo to marry her in the beginning as well, and then Qian Qian "stole" him instead. I'm glad they at least make the love triangle story very funny as well.
  5. Really love this drama. The plot is refreshing, the chemistry is really funny and the story is light, cute and funny. Given that there is only 24 eps (and we are almost 1/2 way there) I hope there won't be a lot of misunderstanding/draggy or have crappy ending.
  6. Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying have wrapped up filming for Legend of fei. Hope this will air soon
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