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  1. lol that would be a good set up for season 2 in that JH tries to stop WK from becoming RC and carrying on in that organization or she could pretend to join and stop RC if Dr. Yoon isn t RC
  2. Yes WK's real sister SK died as a result of their abusive step mother and I bet she is buried in that fireplace because of the step moms reaction as well as the fathers when Fake SK hide in said fireplace. I gathered that she was drown or got water boarded
  3. I just watched it RAW (mad that I got notified it was subbed but was already almost halfway done) and boy it was a good one! JH done became a hermit after EH died and buried himself in the RC case, he has good reason as he goes back to all his conversations he had with EH and realized that he was given some good bit of info that hinted to EH not being RC. ALso, glad that EH wants someone to stop RC because this person has gone to far and or is getting to bloodthirsty and power hungry. KMK (Boy 9 case) finally shows himself and is none to pleased to see the detective. The only two major characters that are effected by EH's death are WK & JH (who doesn't show his saddness to anyone but WK) SY & IT guy are all but happy and reluctant to dwell on the RC case, but Uri detective JH is not letting that bone go! So Ra and her mother are doing so much better with their lives and are happy. Seo Woks mother and sister , appear to be doing better, she's changed but looks to still be getting money from her dead sons death. (I don't agree with YTJ giving her money she should earn it the right way). If I understood correctly EH has or had a hyung and that Doctor Yoon was his mentor. (Which is confirmed by His wallpaper on his tablet, that I'll fated lighthouse) also, was asked by WK if he knew EH. Can't wait to see what was said between Doctor Yoon and JH, I sense that know that RC Doctor Yoon has been questioned by JH he's starting to rush along the Si wan case and now WK's. Judging by JH's reaction to what wk told him on the phone that maybe si wan did the deed and killed the father as he was strangled his wife? Or RC? But RC messaged her right after the call with JH. We finally get the beginning of WK's background with under going hypothesis and that rather creepy ballerina statue dancing magically by itself and I did not like how doctor yoons was acting during this time. Also by her asking SY and an older lady that appears to know her family and about what happens in the past. Which when she questions the 'mom' that turns out to be the aunt if I understood correctly and the mom went to a 10 at yelling at her and she collapses. I wonder what happened behind door number 3 as it definitely isn't coming open as hard as she tries. Has to be pretty bad if she's unable to breath :0 Woo Kyung has that crazy look in her eyes when the step mom slaps her which leads me to believe she was violent when she was going or her father or mother got that same look as well.
  4. Plot twist JH's crew are part of RC (jk, or an I ) or I've been thinking what if the guy that gifted them the underwear is part of RC (he could have used that as a way to see JH and co have uncovered and what not) it's a random thought that popped into my head.
  5. Omg just finished catching up on everyone's posts, loved everyone's thoughts, theories, opinions, feelings and reactions. I, too, she's a year for the poor broken Eun Ho but now this will help catch RC and co and shut down that site permanently. I would add my thoughts and what not to the discussion of many of you have already voiced pretty much what in think and reacted about last week's episodes. Life gets in the way and also i got hooked and spent my free time marathoning ' The Ten Deadly Sins ' a Chinese Drama with no subs (still 2 years later) But happy that tomorrow is a new episode!
  6. Just finished watching it RAW and boy it was a good! So much was unraveled about EH, the director and chairman. JH now isn't so hard on EH as he found out his backstory kinda pities and sympathize with him. Now the last minutes of the drama were so good as we see that CSK wakes up from her veggie like state and says 'Unni' and I get the feeling now that the director is locked up, he is going to do something to chairmen!? The vibes he is giving off when speaking to CWK on the phone says something to me and I am also getting the sense of feeling that EH has played us all as well the WK and co that he was indeed RC all along with non threatening self and outward appearance Also, I was surprised at the reveal that Step mother is also a victim of abuse as well at the bruise on her wrist and that the GDG appeared at both women's side.
  7. Just watched it subbed and boy is RC mad as heck! He went out of his way to send a message to the police and the world what a piece of trash the dog butcher was and it looks like CWK is getting a promotion and or a very powerful backer in her corner; the director is none the happy about it and Look whose around LEH who gives the director a look. In regards to Ha Na I was thinking the secrets was one thing and made me mad and then it was something else and I got even angrier :'(
  8. i like to add that SK can get help from her caretaker and or some staff at the nursing home , to make it look like she is still in a veggie state on paper and go about doing bad things and none is the wiser. (If she's in the collective organization that is.) I watched it RAW (even though it's already subbed after the fact I just finished it), I was always giving her sunbae the sideways glance when he is on the screen. It's always the ones your closest to that hurt and betray you in the end and he fits the bill. Like you suggested maybe he could have hypnotized Ha Na to as she was fixed on the ballerina twirling about, and her eyes were translike and he was just staring at her. The system is letting(did) Ha Na down big time, you got a detective and a child counselor saying that the poor girl is terrified of her dad and something bad can happen to her, it did and that is going to Jack her up when she older (she could have !multiple issues) I'm surprised that she could think to fall for help in her terrified state and call her counselor for help. It just sucks that the dad took her watch away as he knew of suspected that it was bugged/had gps installed or just the fact it was a gift from JH that he hates. I'm just glad that she found her watch again and she sent out an S.O.S alerting Uri Papa Bearish Detective JH Which leads me to JH in today's episode, his burst of anger and disgust at the fact that they are allowing Ha Na to return to her father (who she has verbally expressed her desire not to be given to her father) and you can feel and see maybe in his expression that he can be thinking that 'Hey maybe Red Cry has a point/the right idea's or He could see why RC does what he does. You can feel and see JH's walls breaking ever so slightly and coming down when He Na runs and gives him a big ole bear hug from behind. You can see the shock at such an action of a simple hug can can give JH the love and attention that he wanted and didn't receive from his mother. Ha Na hug's are life!!! And having CWK around helps him too Which makes me think that maybe JH didn't love love his ex and she was just something to fill the void of love he never felt. I think JH would make a good dad for Ha Na she adores him! I have to admit that JH, WK, ES and Ha Na would make a lovely family unit she loves WK too! plus plus all around I always give at how shock and surprised JH's IT teammate gets at his out bursts. That ending though has he like the richard simmons has now starting to hit the fan! Like I hope RC wouldn't actually hurt WK and Ha Na Right!? JH to the rescue. Also, please WK don't shoo GIGD away please! p.S this post took awhile to post due to internet connection :'(
  9. Just finally getting around to watching episodes 17&18 ; just gotta say that I hope Red Cry (Leader) isn't trying to separate Uri Woo Kyung and Ji Heon :'(
  10. lol I was thinking that JH's ex might be in the mix but to what end? Just to get CWK's Husband, Sun Soo, to ruin her career and life, to make her lose her unborn child? To get back at JH to make him suffer for more at him being the reason she's so bitter about the abortion or the loss of their child?
  11. with everything that's happened to her, everyone doubting and suspecting her and are afraid she'll insane/crazy and with maybe losing Eun So and the step mothers betrayal (who knows maybe her sister dies via red cry too) ; she'll actually snap and go after red cry herself. She might even just commit suicide by giving herself with the killer! Or maybe with the element that JH might die trying stop her, Red Cry targets him just cuz he is like the only one by her side and or He is blinded by his emotions for WK and for Red Cry targeting and setting Up CWK. Just a theory of many here..
  12. i think they didn't get all a few that weren't official members, they could've seen Red Cry in the photo but was not a highlighted c circled person that popes out; very chameleon like unnoticeable really.
  13. Another thought just struck me atm : what if that child in the green is still alive and is getting revenge against CWK ? OR could be a relative of the girl in the green dress? Or (ironically) CWK's past child counselor?
  14. This thought done struck me as I was reading a posting just now( via the fly on the wall) that what about her female assistant\Secretary) I forget did Ha Na say the gender of the person. She can sneak peek into her files as well...
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