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  1. How do you know they are not close? They’ve been friends for more than 8yrs, DL even mentioned in an interview that they give each other gifts for their respective birthdays. He even mentioned that their dads are close. They have a very good friendship, ofc in every fandom there are bad apples but it would help if fans don’t act soo posesssive over their favs & act like they know what’s right for them or who is right for them!!!
  2. Has anyone seen any of the emotional bts for Ashes of love? They were acted out so beautifully that I really want to see their raw emotions going through those scenes.
  3. Thank you @legend7sp, I always look forward to reading your translations! No news about them since the 1/11 festival in which his fans made a big deal about them sitting next to each other. I hope they don’t let immature fans get in between their solid friendship!
  4. I like JG but I am not convinced he can carry a drama as a lead just yet. I feel like he doesn’t have the charisma to play a lead role Also, for such a big budget drama can’t they get a top leading man for HJW??? The last drama she was paired w/ an idol turned actor. And MBC will pick this up? Lol Was hoping she would do a high quality cable drama or an indie movie. Her last two dramas have not been successful, I’m worried I really wanted to see her w/PHJ, since he was great in MTM!
  5. I was so excited for Prometheus until they casted JG. He’s s good actor but I’m not sure he has enough charisma :/
  6. I have watched all of them! Haha that’s why it’s a bit shocking to me to hear some fans claiming that she’s dating Conor. He’s super adorable & it’s her business of course but DW and her are just soo cute with the teasing & bickering! Opposites attract!
  7. I saw this interview where Dylan mentioned that he treats SY like his bro but later said that maybe it’s bc he doesn’t have a lot of experience with girls so he treats them like his buddies! I know its bad to ship but they are quite flirtatious and comfortable around each other during the bts
  8. Same! I watched the whole thing and didn’t feel that the acting was all that great, infact it was just serviceable at best . I liked the Japanese version a lot better as far as acting but there were also a lot of cringe moments as well. I love the current version bc itseems a bit more realistic in terms of the romantic development between the leads. There are a lot of hints that SC likes DMS, like how she can feel herself around him and how she says things like “it’s ok if no one else believes me as long as you believe me”. When pl say they do not see that SC likes him back in the current version, it is very perplexing to me. In ep 14 when they were both calling each other stupid was both hilarious and super cute!
  9. “Rather than the cheek kiss I was more into the moment before when she was holding his phone and didn't realizehe was basically hugging her from behind and he was just enjoying the heck out of it getting all close lol.“ I loveeed this scene, it’s so cute and the way he looked at her makes me believe that she’s the only one he loves. I rather have the slow development if it’s more organic that way.
  10. I like that it’s diff bc it would be so boring to see the same extreme bullying scenes over and over again. The drama needs to adapt to the current environment of its time and so I do not believe portraying extreme bullying would be very realistic. Also, i always felt that in every version, DMS begins his interest in her when she stands up to him by kicking him in the face, this is really no different than all other versions. He’s taken aback by her “fierceness” bc it reminds him of his cool sister, someone he admires. Im glad it is not a cookie cutter version and even more happy that SC’s parents are not shady like in all those other versions and F4 do not rely solely on their family’s wealth. I loved ep 12 bc it highlights how close the boys are!
  11. I totally get what you mean that you love/hate DMS all at once. DW is the perfect DMS imo! I can really feel how much he cares about her but at the same time, wanting to possessed her, which isn’t right and it’s something we hopefully get to see him work on in this version of HYD. He’s so handsome! I saw an interview where he was asked how he felt about SY and he says that he sees her like a brother but the next sentence he also says that maybe he doesn’t have much experience with girls and therefore treats them like his buddies! haha I think he is very smart and gives very interesting interviews. He doesn’t come off as someone whose fake so if I see news of him being either a pervert(like a certain co-star of SY) or fake I will be so sad lol I originally watched MG for SY and to all the haters who says she isn’t pretty/skinny enough, SY is super pretty and has a ton of charisma, which is quite rare these days with the current generation of C-actresses.
  12. I’ve seen a few versions of this and to be honest they are all quite bad but some more than others. I mean the plot is over the top regardless of the version, so let’s get that out of the way. There have a few complaints on this thread regarding the leads having no more than a few expressions but the current cast are mainly rookies and they are doing their best. The original MG cast barely had any expressions as well, and the BZ definitely overacts with her constant screaming. Jerry as DMS was very excessive and it was not believable at all how SC could be with him after all the bullying and assault (in one scene he slapped the s!?&&@ out of her). I’m thankful that the bullying wasn’t so excessive and DMS hasn’t smack her so far lol
  13. I think they took out the bullying bc it is a bit childish esp when this version takes place in UNI. Watched up to ep 5, I do not understand a thing lol except when the otp bickers and she says he’s soo “strange”
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