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  1. OK so my own ending is that RJH can't live in SK due to his family tradition. Then Seri will go to NK, open a franchise fried chicken. Then - Pyo Channel will be responsible for delivery. - Gwangboem is the brand ambassador - Eun_dong will be responsible for online order. - Mok Joo will be responsible for fanpage - Man Bok will be responsible for call enter. - Ahjumas will be responsible for stores. - Seung Jun will be beer supplier and Seo Dan gave her customer Fried Chicken Coupon as loyalty program. Everyone will be happy when Jeong Hyuk and Seri just sit down together, eating chicken, drinking their favorite beers and looks at the twin run playing games with grand parent. they will live happily ever afterrrrr!
  2. There is one solution for both of JH and Seri is that his brother already had a secret family under 11 Division, he had his own son and in the end, the son will come back to follow family career. Seri helped JH them to investigate the Military Director's team and they was all get caught. JH will be released for his piano passion. They all back to Switzerland for happily ever after.
  3. Thing i guessed the most (or maybe most of us guessed so) is that JH's dad arranged for her leaving. Then Dan came to meet JH, convince him to forget her. JH found the truth that his father is behind of everything that why he came to beg him. Seri is sent back to SK but look like she lost everything to her brother but she doesn't care about it anymore. JH found her in SK with helping from his father. He got the watch from Seri then need to come back to NK for final investigation. And Seri will come with him officially for a business deal somehow. Anyway, it's still a long way to go.
  4. It's sad to have no-drama this week. New Year is not as good as it is to meeee. Anyway, I believe one week off is enough for our Ri Captain has his recovery soon. But with my crazy mind, because he had the same time to be shoot with the most handsome guy Gwangbeom in team, I want to see a jealousy patient who wanted the most caring from Seri. Seri maybe busy to take care for Gwangbeom a bit, then she will receive another pout from him like when she dropped too many finger hearts. Haha.
  5. Count me innnnnnn!!!!! And her father should have some secret business with NK tooooooo!!!!
  6. Btw, if JH was shoot on his back, next Ep will have him HALF-NAKED right? I would like to see Seri says "not only your face but also your body is my styleeeee"!
  7. It's just BTS photo, so sometimes they are not focusing in acting much. But the costume is showing that he got well after being shot and still handsome in anyway. Hehe.
  8. So it maybe a train accident so they have to take a night out side. We call it dating right?
  9. I think the boy will be happy because she has a happy ending with Kwon Sang Woo.
  10. I'm wondering if Seri's father has secret business with NK, painfully if related to Hyeok's brother death. Then it could be a reason for him to come to SK for investigating. And they will meet up again. Btw, when she turned on her radar caller, maybe her team catched th signal and plan to take her back.
  11. Maybe another tornado will send both of them back to SK! Btw, long time no coming back to this SOOMPI forum but now I decided to land with this because of this drama love to see the tomato have babies soon!
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